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Comment Re:More ambiguous cruft (Score 0) 514

Ahh, the perfect example; overconfident with less than two seconds thought before posting.

          First, for all, I would point out the usual caveats; to differentiate between what one thinks, feels, knows or believes and realize that others may not. Secondly realize that money and time spent create the illusion that one knows something from second and third hand hearsay obtained through "educational" institutions.
You see, no one really KNOWS anything without first hand experience and complete samplings over time and state. You must really be an originator to know something, otherwise you only believe it which turns professing knowledge into actually proselytizing belief.

One thing that I have experienced from the sampling of a decade of /. news is: Science is not a science. Let me explain. Participants over a decade sampling period have shown over and over , through random news sampling that; even the foundations that we have built on turn out to be wrong in previously rock solid places, inaccurate, inefficient, let alone discoveries inside the basic realms of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc. Outside forces of politics, personal gain, personal belief, ambition and career security muddy what we are told to consider fact.

The more you learn, the less you know and right now we all got shit. Anyone with any optimistic bullshit from here is to be considered a complete dumbass.
This IS still the dark ages, we have merely adjusted to the low light conditions. Science is still mostly bullshit.

Comment Re:What exactly do you mean by "Fraud"? (Score 2) 786

The whole situation of it all, doesn't escape me. Look at a bigger picture. Perhaps there are a lot of scientists getting slagged. It may have nothing,something or everything to do with claims stated here. I am willing to explore the nothing or something of it, though.
What reasons can we find by wringing our memories of the events of , shall we say, the slashdot age?
1.Science tainted by money.
2. Science tainted by politics.
3. Science tainted by idiots.
4. Misled, mismanaged,misinterpreted research that misses the mark.
5. Broad misconceptions by an ever more distrustful public about the quality of bullshit now coming from the founts of Politics and Religion and now Science.
6. Bad timing
7. Good timing (we can't have that! REGULATE IT!)
8.Self affirmative hubris about infallibility of accepted assumptions based on findings of less enabled generations accepted as the norm by throngs of sheep.
9. Perpetual motion, zero point, cold fusion of snake oil that makes the media ahead of actual progress.
Finally 10. The Geeks seemingly stereotypical inability to interpret the fruit of social situations readily enough to figure out who he is pissing off with his findings/words/opinions and further his work by dissecting the politics of his environment in a lit room with both hands and a map.

Science isn't exactly out of this particular Dark Dis-information Age thing. Too much, too little , too late, two cold beers, please.

Comment Re: Humans are oxygen sinks (Score 1) 363

Accepting compromise and further dilluting what we have with Repubmocrat mis-management is no solution.
Support comes from anyone who hates the political party from the left or the right. They only have to see it is the same creature.
But nothing will keep you from being an idiot. How were your parents related?

Comment Re:How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1) 420

Quit making phony excuses. They have no puppet strings, no one controls their choices, but for themselves.
No one forced the neck of a bottle down their throat. It IS A CHOICE and the courts will always see it that way. In fact the only people who don't see it that way are those who profit from the false assertion; drunks and liberal behavoralists who have about as much credibility as a Puerto Rican wart healer. So, WRONG ANSWER.

          Someone who impaired themselves with ALWAYS be at fault. Therefore, we eliminate the problem through culturecide. We kill off the drunks as they cross the line to dangerous. Before would be better, but we have to give them a chance to destroy innocent lives before we turn them to useful fertilizer. Therein lie the drunks just chance. You wanna hear something stupid? Record and play back your bullshit.

          Sounds to me like you default to whatever cartoon drama your brains can handle.....

Comment Re: How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1) 420

Jane you ignorant slut, the calibration must be set to rid the roads of self chosen hazards to save the innocent. That's lives, not some self-reserved right. Get your priorities in order before you come swinging your liberal hemorrhoids around here.

You know what's really cool? We mail in our votes at my house and my wife lets me fill out her ballot. I vote twice!

Comment Re: How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1) 420

So far, along with mystified researchers in Marijuana states, you are unable to prove that marijuana ingestion leads to unsafe driving. Google it.
Let me get this straight, you're gonna hop-a-cunticle on my cock, sucker? God ,you public school grads will just service anything that moves, won't you?

Comment Re: How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1) 420

Yup, that is some tech that would help.
Nope, it's o.k. to sacrifice the incompetent in MOST ANY circumstance.
I don't recall any constitutional print that read that we have to sacrifice OUR rights to protect some personally reserved right.
For instance if I reserved the right to stand outside bars, sorting out the unable to drive, disabling their abilities with extreme prejudice and then charging them for my time; I would have to defend that right by retreating at the first sign of those come to oppress me, and run from the cops.
Some just don't understand reserved rights.

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