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Comment Re:One of the advantages of Linux (Score 1) 433

The high precision timestamps in Rsyslog, specified in RFC5424 are not epoch seconds. They look like 2011-12-02T04:31:39.171878-08:00 and yes that's microseconds. High precision is essential for multi-source, high volume collection and analysis. It allows you to see the actual order of events when they're coming in from multiple hosts like a large pool of webservers. But hey, if near enough is good enough for you...

Comment Re:Your kidding, right? (Score 5, Informative) 585

The asshat who wrote the first study sited in TFA is a shill for ExxonMobil. The article hinges it's entire premis on the results of the second scholarly work which is a month old draft of an unpublished, unpeer-reviewed, unproven idea for an econometric model to analyze policy effects on on safety (translate: probably not even close to accurate). In fact, the article states as it's first line "Research confirms that increasing fuel economy standards does cost lives on the road.", as if this is proven fucking fact now. Stuff like this on slashdot makes me want to punch people in the face. Few bother to question or even read linked articles but love to go all modern jackass on meta shit that doesn't even have anything to do with the subject.

Comment Re:Pricing!! (Score 1) 302

That's bullshit and easily checked with a search. US consumed 138.5 billion gallons of gas in 2010. While Exxon Mobile made profits of $30.46 billion on $383 billion in revenue. Why are so many people compelled to be apologists for big business. I bet you believe that rapist really loved you too. I suppose it's possible that they made on $0.02 per gallon and made up the rest on t-shirt sales to corporate fan boys.

Comment No cable. Just Roku and my laptop (Score 4, Insightful) 697

I will never pay for cable or dish or watch broadcast tv again. Roku streams Netflix, Hulu, even Aljazeera and Democracy Now to my TV. Device only cost $60. You don't need a DVR when you're watching on demand. I also watch tv and movies on my laptop, which enables me to sit outside and drink and smoke. Roku has tons of channels and you can even create your own.

Comment Re:as always depends on the person (Score 2) 557

You should change that to "...never go to college for FREE". It's true that if you test poorly the government doesn't give you a free ride. You can sill pay. Heck you can even come to the US on a student visa and attend ITT. You would be better off buying a few books, a good laptop, attending local programming user groups and trying to work on open-source or mechanical turk projects.

Comment Re:Not as long as it's done in a crippled way. (Score 3, Interesting) 297

Exchange started out not support SMTP or even TCP out of the box. You had to buy a special enabler that came on a separate floppy. Exchange had it's own crappy protocol but now supports IMAP4, POP3, LDAP, NNTP and IRC (go figure). It used to have WebDAV but now a soap api. NTLM became kerberos. AD's LDAP started with their own schema but now includes iNetOrg. IE used to suck but now, not as much. Sony memsticks lost to MMC All cell phones will one day just use a regular USB cable

Comment Re:Bye-bye! (Score 5, Interesting) 997

The ford motor company set a 48 hour, 6 day work week because, as Henry Ford said himself, for social justice reasons but it was really to reduce an extremely high turnover rate. This wasn't the whole picture in practice though. He didn't invent the assembly line either. Ford Motors wasn't even the first to use it for auto manufacturing. Ford is not a hero. He was a CEO.


A "blockade" has been considered an act of war for hundreds of years. Only the UN security council can say what is legal or illegal. A resolution could call for sanctioning Israel for the blockade but would need to be not vetoed by any of the Security Council members in order for it to be "illegal" (whatever that means), in which case Israel could be "legally" blockaded by UN sanction. You could say that it's not illegal because the US says so. It has nothing to do with law and everything to do with military power and money. At any time, any country that wanted to trade with or come to the aid of people living in Gaza could do so and it would also be "legal". Turkey could go to war with Israel claiming that the blockade is illegal and their actions against the Turkish flagged ships was piracy and it would be "legal".

Of course no country will directly aid the Palestinians as long as the US backs Israel. I do feel sorry for both sides of the conflict. For the Palestinians because it's hopeless for them and for Israel for the day when the US is no longer willing or able to back them. So many problems could be solved if they found a peaceful resolution.

Comment Re:citation needed (Score 1) 420

I apologize for assuming you were from the US. I'm really curious what is with all the hate against Chavez from your perspective? Not the part about how he's censoring stuff or acting like a dictator. But what about his policies is so offensive to you or the significant part of the population that support a coup would seem like a good idea?

Comment Re:citation needed (Score 5, Interesting) 420

That didn't happen. It was faked by the TV station that was actively taking part in the coup attempt and picked up by CNN, et. al. to support the US position on the coup.

Now I know you're saying "that just wikipedia" but maybe read the cites. Or do a google search. Educate your self. You might find that the US government has done far worse in acting out foreign policy goals... And publicly acknowledged it: Almost as bad as the Brits.

But I understand your need to deny anything that the US does that could be construed as bad since this might force you to take personal responsibility for your own life.

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