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Comment Re:Hit them back (Score 1) 783

If it were possible for anyone and everyone to avoid paying taxes, I don't think anyone would mind.

Actually, if it were possible for everyone, the powers-that-be would close or change the tax loopholes. The rich and powerful cannot be so without poorer/weaker people to support them.

Central governments and taxation are the only things that make our modern society viable at all. Drop that and we're back in the stone ages.

Comment Re:Hit them back (Score 1) 783

Tell that to the majority of the world population who's lives and resources we have been exploiting for hundreds of years to get to where we are. People with no redress to any form of legal protection, political representation, education or any means of getting out of the situation they are in. F*ck you buddy. You are a prime example of what is wrong with this planet: selfish, ignorant, misinformed, intellectually lazy and morally corrupt.

Comment Re:Was this story a mistake? (Score 5, Funny) 120

I've noticed that Timothy has been banning me for days, even weeks, at a time; because I exposed him as a Jew years ago. See the last article and other Israel-related articles on his watch as proof. Years ago, he made the mistake of posting in a discussion his trip to Israel.

See you all in a month. It's been good knowing you.

Let me clarify to you why you get banned:

I've noticed that Peter has been banning me for days, even weeks, at a time; because I exposed him as a Physicist years ago. See the last article and other Physics-related articles on his watch as proof. Years ago, he made the mistake of posting in a discussion his trip to the Tevatron.

Comment Re:wrong for the last few thousand years... (Score 1) 468

also, santa is your parents. You're welcome.

If santa is our parents is that through immaculate conception or self pollination? Also, where can one become a formal initiate of this interesting new religion? Does it involve hot chocolate baptisms? If it does I'm seriously considering converting from Pastafarianism

Comment Re:Not sure how to interpret this one (Score 1) 468

I checked and saw:

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An astrological website gives you an appropriate and to the point piece of advice designed to help you out with a very specific problem you actually have and still you complain? Time to take your winnings and leave the table, I'd say.

Comment Easily solved (Score 1) 185

From TFA:

When you are a reading a straightforward sentence, or a paragraph full of tropes and cliches, you’re almost certainly relying on this ventral neural highway. As a result, the act of reading seems effortless and easy. We don’t have to think about the words on the page.

But the ventral route is not the only way to read. The second reading pathway – it’s known as the dorsal stream – is turned on whenever we’re forced to pay conscious attention to a sentence, perhaps because of an obscure word, or an awkward subclause, or bad handwriting.

Well that says it all, doesn't it. If you want people to remember what you wrote, write something interesting that doesn't consist of tropes and cliches and therefore motivates the reader to pay conscious attention. If you insist on writing something inane full of tropes and cliches, publish in Bad Handwriting Sans, throw in an obscure word or two and several awkward subclauses or maybe you could translate the entire thing into linear B.

There are good reasons for activating conscious attention and bad ones. A good one is that the information presented has intrinsic value (presents new information in the broadest sense). A bad one is presenting information in a way that fools the brain into thinking there is intrinsic value while all there actually is is a messy way of presenting information that does not warrant that kind of attention.

You can imagine what people will do outside of a laboratory when confronted with the second type. They will pay conscious attention for two paragraphs, notice that what they're reading is a badly written text full of tropes and cliches and stop reading it altogether.

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