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Comment Re:Chinese people know... (Score 2, Informative) 326

The USSR didn't exactly want the Chinese Revolution to happen. The USSR was trying to rebuild after WWII and would have to defend itself and China in the event of another war breaking out as a result of the Chinese Revolution.
In fact, Stalin, as head of the Comintern, instructed Mao not to begin insurrection and to work with the nationalists in defense of China against Japan. Mao took half of that advice, forming the Eighth Route Army under Chaing Kai Shek's nationalist Koumintang, but left himself and Chu Teh (Zhu De) in charge.

Comment Re:Looks good but.. (Score 2, Informative) 638

I have a 2005-era Mac Mini. I love it. However, it's getting a bit slow, and the new ones are barely faster, and cost twice as much. Apple's getting harder and harder to defend these days.

Your 2005-era Mini likely has a PowerPC G4 (7447A) processor, with one core, running at 1.3 or 1.5GHz. According to MacTracker, the 1.5 averages a score of 822 on GeekBench 2. Even a bottom of the line (2.26GHz) Mini from late 2009 (as MacTracker doesn't have today's update yet) averages a 3056 with an Intel Core 2 Duo.

The system bus has gone from 167MHz to 1066MHz, L2 cache from 512K to 3MB.

If your current machine works for you, then it's a good machine. But compared to what you have the new model is significantly faster.

Comment Re:Blaming the tools, instead of the behaviour... (Score 1) 197

One press and all the way down you go ;-)

Ooh, look. Turtles!

Seriously though, most people don't know what an IP address is, and don't care. There are ways that this could be made easier (when you log in from a "new-to-gmail" IP more than a few times, have it ask you to label as Home/Work/Friend's House/etc), but means nothing to most people outside of /. It's just that computer-speak anyway and "I never need to worry because I've got this friend in Nigeria who's giving me lots of money".

Comment Bunch of Sun eqiupment (Score 1) 622

I've got some old Sun stuff around that still runs - 3 or 4 SPARCstation 1 boxes (1989), an Enterprise Server 250 (mid-90s), Ultra 60/Creator 3D (?). They all work, to some degree but some make better furniture than workstations right now.

For example, the Ultra 60 is covered with a tablecloth and is a side-table next to my couch. The tower of SPARCstation1 systems is similarly decorated and holds up a lamp. The E250 was mostly used as a heater in old apartments.


Submission + - Drupal 6.0 has been released ( 1

rDouglass writes: "Following one year of development, Drupal 6.0 has been released. Drupal powers a wide range of websites from publishing sites, non-profits, large technology companies, to rock stars and personal blogs. Drupal 6.0 has many new features such as OpenID support, better internationalization and localization support, a better installer and easier theming. Drupal is a PHP based product released under the GPL."

Submission + - Install Windows Vista Upgrade, without upgrading?

merdaccia writes: Monsters&Critics is reporting that a loophole in the Windows Vista Upgrade installation procedure lets a user install Vista without having Windows XP or Windows 2000. The upgrade versions cost about 35% less than the full versions, but installing the upgrade in this manner might violate your EULA. Still, talk about a genuine advantage...

Submission + - Windows 95 and Vista: Why 2007 Won't Be Like 1995

DECS writes: What if Microsoft threw a party, and nobody came? Despite its best efforts to create excitement for Windows Vista at release parties held in a variety of retail stores this last week, nobody seems to care about the product. Windows 95 and Vista: Why 2007 Won't Be Like 1995 explains why — just over a decade ago — things went very differently at the release of Windows 95, and what's killing Microsoft's party this time around.

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