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I solved the Mooninite mystery!!!!!

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  • Go Sox!

    Frankly I think the whole city is still sleep walking after Peyton F. Manning brought the Colts back from a 21-3 deficit;-)

    • Well, he came from Tennessee, so you know he's good at whatever he does. That's how us Tennessee boys are. ;-)
  • Okay, real-life Bostonian here. (Ugh. How did THAT happen?)

    On the one hand, yeah, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the different between a jury-rigged lite-brite and a pipe bomb. I winced every time I heard the police commissioner say that this device was "bomb-like" in appearance. And yes, there was waaaaaay too much ado, and I suspect even a bit of spite, not unlike the way if you make a joke about a bomb or even about terrorism while in a security screening line, you are going to have one LO
    • Okay, so I'm all over supportin' the safety of my city, and then I read this quote from our AG (when describing these devices):

      "It had a very sinister appearance," Coakley told reporters. "It had a battery behind it, and wires."

      So does my Gamebody. It was a sheet of dark plastic with some LEDs, fercrissakes.

      A judge all but tossed out the case, saying the hoax law requires proving "intent to commit a hoax", (which is a pretty hard standard-- who wrote this law?!).

      Then I heard the guys accused of perpetratin
    • by RevMike ( 632002 )
      I have to agree 1000%. The most important way to achieve good security is for everyone to be vigilant about anything that seems out of place, odd, etc. The public and the responders did exactly the right thing. The public alerted the authorities and the authorities took their jobs seriously.
      • There's vigilant, and then there's fucking stupid. We're about 1 step away from this:

        Lackey: Sir, I have concerns about your latest order...
        Head of Security: Concerns?
        Lackey: Yes sir. You ordered the bomb squad to detonate a device mounted to one of our bridges.
        Head of Security: Yes! It's electronic and has blinking lights on it! It's a bomb.
        Lackey: Sir, that's our Terror Warning Sign. Those blinking lights are used to write messages warning citizens when the terror threat is high.
        Head of Security: S

        • by ces ( 119879 )
          Man SNL or Mad TV has to totally do this sketch!
          • by metlin ( 258108 ) *
            The Daily Show should! I can totally see Jon Stewart just ripping these idiots apart. What a bunch of morons.

            Do not attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity - stupidity of the BPD and the officials trying to hold on to a stupider story.

            Come on, doesn't anyone have a sense of humour anymore?
    • There's a difference in a bomb that they WANT to be noticed (like the radio bombs) and bombs you don't want to be noticed. IF I were a ter'ist and was going to put a bunch of bombs all over the city under bridges and wanted to set them off all at once... I would NOT put LEDs all over them.

      And come ON! can we get some people in power that are smarter than a mentally challenged sugar glider?

      • And come ON! can we get some people in power that are smarter than a mentally challenged sugar glider?

        TOTALLY with you there.

        Regarding the LEDs, note that (according to the accounts I'd read) these were found during the _day_, starting at about 8pm (when the LEDs wouldn't be as visible), and at a distance, i.e., "Gee, what's that black thing doing up where nobody's supposed to be able to reach?".

        I watched the news conference and they were more convincing at first glance, WITH THE BATTERIES OFF. I wanted to
        • The arguments I've heard from people supporting the city officials, and my counterpoint are:

          - All the devices were on bridges and other places that terrorist would place them to cause maximum damage with multiple simultaneous explosions.
          - If they wanted to set off multiple simultaneous explosions, why would they put blinking LEDs on them so they were highly visible?

          - I've seen the show, but city officials didn't have the luxury of knowing that these were characters on an animated TV show.
          - With the int

    • by ces ( 119879 )
      I might agree with you, except it took TWO WEEKS! for the cops to notice the damn things. Lets also not forget that panic didn't ensue in places like Seattle, Los Angeles, or even New York.
      • That's because the officials in the other cities took the (imho) obvious preliminary step of examining the devices before they sent their entire city into hysterical action.

        I think I read that in New York, one bridge was closed for 45 minutes while they investigated. That seems to be a much more reasonable way to do it.
      • Comparing this to what happened in all the other cities assumes a lot of things, not the least of which that all the people who placed these gadgets were doing it all the same way.

        I myself didn't see a SINGLE one of these gizmos, and I'm generally on the lookout for nifty hacks (I'm quite fond of them and spot them all the time). I'd be a little less forgiving if I'd actually seen the things myself for the past two weeks, but the news story was the FIRST I'd ever heard of them. And nobody I know had actua

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