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Comment Re: Er (Score 2) 192

We honestly need to expect a certain level of competency from people.

No. We honestly need to expect a certain level of competency from ENGINEERS. People are allowed to be stupid. Way back in the days of the first air-brakes, they used air pressure to apply the brakes. What happened when the system failed and air pressure was lost? The brakes failed. Nowadays you design a system where you need air pressure to REMOVE the brake. Now if your system fails, the brakes are applied - orders of magnitude safer than no brakes. Electrical devices are grounded. Commercial jets can fly with only a single engine. Etc.

Fail safes are necessary because the universe and people don't always co-operate. So when the shit hits the fan, you try to kill as few people as possible. Just hacking something together and throwing it out to the public isn't good enough - that's irresponsible design. If a guy kills himself with your product you need to be able to show that he went to extreme lengths to do so.

Comment Re: Er (Score 2) 192

I can see how the car could fail to see the rig since it sits high off the ground and might appear to be clear, especially when the trailer color is gray.

No higher off the ground from the side than it is from the back. I still think their algos needed serious amounts of work before being released. It's 2016 not 1916, there are consumer safety laws now, you can't get away with "it's your own damned fault, you were doing it wrong" anymore. Not as much, anyway. Yeah I know the driver has a big role in the blame game, but if you were allowed to get away with that then nothing would have safety features. Got caught in the industrial machinery? His fault for being a dumbass and putting his hand there... doesn't fly anymore.

And hiding under a technicality "oh he clicked an agreement and agreed to become a tester for our experimental software". OK. How many hours of training did he receive? What do you mean, none? The state rests.

Comment Re: Er (Score 3, Insightful) 192

and slows or stops if the vehicle in front of you decelerates.

But not, apparently, if a brick wall suddenly appears in front of you. Yes I agree that "autopilot" is a horrendous choice of name because "auto" and "automatic" imply autonomy, no matter how many clickthrough EULA's you shove in front of someone. I'm all in favor of Tesla but Musk should have realized that people can be really, really, REALLY stupid and this system needed to be idiot-tested a lot more before being released. I don't think an EULA or even a signed contract will save him when people have died.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 84

But you're assuming - or THEY are assuming - that every place that bitcoin came from is from a wallet in a country subject to their silly law. What can they do if the trail is from a wallet that was created in Panama, for example? Prove that Panama to me is an illegitimate transaction AND that I actually own the wallet in Panama. Trivial to set up with VPN's and/or friends/relatives who are actually outside your country. Again, politicians fail to realize that their laws are limited by geography whereas the internet knows no borders.

Comment Re:One unsaid goal is to ease confiscation (Score 2) 84

You bet. Because every year we have more and more restrictive bank regulations (to the point where it's now difficult to move your own damned money around from account to account or asset to asset), yet there are more drugs, more laundering and there is more terrorism. Makes you think those laws were never intended to go after criminals in the first place.

Comment Re: drone ship landings require a lot less fuel? (Score 1) 103

I have the front panel of the VAX 11/780 used to render that scene hanging on my wall, but I got to Pixar after that project. This year and last I've contributed some designs that will fly on a FEMA satellite, and a long time ago did a little work to support the Biosciences mission on the shuttle.

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