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Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 2) 259

"The problem with immortality is that it's boring."

(There's an episode of the original series where a man gives up immortality to be with the woman he loves....)

I've been saying for 25 years now that I may not wanna live forever, but 70 years or so is wayyyyy too short.

I could live a few thousand years eating cheeseburgers and chocolate.

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 2) 168

The EU could declare it discriminitory to exclude those sites and impose fines or whatever else is necessary.

Which should get overturned as not wanting to pay for something you don't want can hardly be called discriminatory. In other words, it is not discrimination, in the evil sense, to decline services because you don't wanna pay their fee.

Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 2, Insightful) 378

Many on the left love protectionism...except when they don't.

The FDA is no prize -- by being so tightfisted, they prevent politicians from having to explain why a drug hurt people, but this ends up delaying new drugs (and generics, as TFA shows) that trivially causes a lot more harm than they save being overly cautious.

But you know, a death or two in front of the camera is a tragedy the likes of which 10,000 offscreen because of delayed drugs is not.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 682

It is because we burned all that that we sit here with 2016 technology not dying of different diseases and injuries and infections and feeding many multiples of people per acre than they did.

I have no desire to slow this progress. We would literally, and I mean literally, be better off in the year 2100 or 2300 with risen seas and 2100 or 2300 tech than lower seas and 2050 or 2200 tech.

People in the mid 1800s slamming on the brakes, leaving us with year 1890 or 1930 tech would be no friend to humanity.

And no, you can't have your cake and it too. Business doesn't care why it is hobbled. Hundreds of century long economic experiments showed that over the same time period.

Comment Type 50 wpm or 200 scenarios mashed per minute (Score 1) 123

Screw this shit. 99% of PC games are already console games, ported. Stupid button-mashing idiocy.

Who the hell is sitting in design rooms slamming their fists on the table demanding people switch buttons to mash every second, half-second, quarter second? Faster faster faster! Mash, switch, mash!

Comment Re:What event? (Score 1) 526

The worst confidential info "scandal" was when she gave the order to send talking points for the day...

So, you either don't actually know what SAP material is (in which case you're being willfully ignorant on this topic and should stop expressing opinions until you read up on it), or you DO know, and you're just being another liar in the service of a liar.

Comment Re: User friendly (Score 1) 314

Yes, all four are doing it wrong, along with the many more who haven't posted and all those who gave up with Linux because the sound doesn't work properly. Fucktards every one. Linux doesn't need people like that.

Really? I haven't had a sound driver problem in over 10 years on Linux.

The people who keep waving this non-issue around should be providing some backing information, cos it sounds like they are making up complaints about something that was solved a long time ago.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 526

Yeah, because the FBI knows nothing about gathering information, amirite?

The FBI can only gather what's given to them, or what can be forensically recovered. If she blew away 30,000 emails, and they've got under 20,000 of them to look at, there's some they couldn't get. It's not really very complicated.

Comment Re:What event? (Score 2) 526

seriously. What event? Aside from the scandal itself what, exactly, did Hilary do that was a) a criminal offense and b) revealed in the emails?

The emails revealed that she was incredibly reckless in handling classified information - some of it SAP-level stuff so sensitive that it can't even be talked about when it's 100% redacted, content-wise. People lose their careers and their liberty over such carelessness. And we're now seeing evidence of pervasive corruption as her family was enriched while their family business sold access to her while she was in office. So, you're either simply not paying attention or (more likely) you know all of this and are a Shillary.

While I'm on it, which is it? Is she a fool who couldn't run an email server or a Machiavellian genius who successfully evaded the FBI and an entire political party's attempts to bring her to justice?

False dichotomy.

She's had a long career of throwing underlings under the bus or having her party cover for Clinton Machine mis-steps. So yes, incompetence (but mostly arrogance). And no, she hasn't evaded the FBI or congress ... she's still hip deep in the mess she created.

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