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Comment Re: User friendly (Score 1) 316

Yes, all four are doing it wrong, along with the many more who haven't posted and all those who gave up with Linux because the sound doesn't work properly. Fucktards every one. Linux doesn't need people like that.

Really? I haven't had a sound driver problem in over 10 years on Linux.

The people who keep waving this non-issue around should be providing some backing information, cos it sounds like they are making up complaints about something that was solved a long time ago.

Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 1) 407

heh, my office is in a renovated building that usedta be an old hospital ward. I walked into the toilet, slid the lock shut and then the light started buzzing and flickering off. I turned to the mirror and thought, if I see a ghostly figure wearing a hospital gown behind me I'm gonna be in a whole lot of trouble.

Comment Re:Wah! (Score 1) 407

And heck, I'm one of them. Lots of critics hated Coneheads and Mars Attacks back in the day, and I confess, every time I watch either, I laugh my ass off, so fuck the critics on those ones.

This is why I like to speed read thru the critics write-ups on a new movie then move on to the audience reviews on RT. It's not that hard to determine that a movie is better than the critics ratings imply if plenty of people make the effort to write something intelligent sounding and descriptive of the things they appreciated most about the movie. In this particular case there are plenty of good recommendations to watch it. I can't understand how that bunch of fans got so upset instead of just getting on RT and writing up their own reviews in intelligent language with proper grammar, so the rest of us could see that it appeals to intelligent people. Grunting munters who can only express themselves by ticking some checkboxes on a petition web site don't impress me nearly as much.

Comment Re:But it's still Windows 10 (Score 1) 375

so it's still a mobile UI forced onto a workstation OS?

In regular day-to-day use there is not very much different than win 7, altho the file explorer has been improved. I could be a little biased cos mostly I use Chrome and Steam on my desktop, tho I do occasionally use visual studio as well. A bunch of icons on the taskbar give me much the same set of tools which I use at work on win 7, so I don't rely on the win 10 start menu all the much, but it still isn't hugely different than a number of different interfaces I have used on Linux window managers, so didn't make me squeal and hide my head like some around here suggest.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 1) 375

Oh and the number one reason i will never go to windows 10 on my home PC is the way in which it was pushed out. I lost all resepect for microsoft when they used windows update to deliver and trick people into installing windows 10.

Actually there were quite a lot of people who know exactly what they are doing with their home PC, and know which version of OS they want to run, and were not tricked at all. Do you class yourself among those who are so computer-illiterate and unaware that they cannot read the most basic information and instructions about their equipment? Maybe you are right in not trying to keep up with technology.

Comment Re:Three Space Indent! (Score 1) 523

I also like to have my editors set to display the tab characters, in a very low contrast color, so there are visible lines for each level of indentation. There are several add-ins for Visual studio to draw colored margin lines for each level and/or type of indentation, but I find them overkill and prefer the visible tab chars.

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