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Comment Re:Three Space Indent! (Score 1) 523

I also like to have my editors set to display the tab characters, in a very low contrast color, so there are visible lines for each level of indentation. There are several add-ins for Visual studio to draw colored margin lines for each level and/or type of indentation, but I find them overkill and prefer the visible tab chars.

Comment Re: Isnt AVG free? (Score 1) 104

No, they dropped the premium version and 'upgraded' us all to their free advertising end point some time ago. At the same time they read about material design on the web and replaced a really good looking mobile app with a childish cartoon 'upgrade' and removed a bunch a features. I was not impressed.

Comment Re:I agree down with the DMCA (Score 1) 288

Expecting U-tube to police their network for copyright infringement is like expecting Ford to prevent their cars from being used to rob banks.

Heh, from what we have been hearing in the news lately, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody in America tried to sue Ford for something that has been done with one of their cars.

Comment Re:I agree down with the DMCA (Score 1) 288

Their problem is more likely related to all those people loading up high resolution copies of an artists entire album, then labeling it with "I do not own this content, I am putting it here for educational purposes only".

There does not seem to be any effort by youtube management to discourage these posts, both they and the account holder responsible are happy taking all the hits from people happily using the content, and nobody seems to care that the artist is receiving nothing for it. Sure we can all point out that if the artist had made the same content available then maybe we would be viewing their channel and they would be receiving the advertising benefits etc, but that does not make it any less scummy for people who have no rights to the music posting it on their own accounts and making it freely available to all.

I can't understand how so many people posting here seem to think that the artists are the bad guys in all this. They have to pay for food and somewhere to live just like the rest of us. Many of them have to get by with equipment and facility costs etc in the preparation of an album which will not be returning any income for them until after they have completed it and sent it to market, during which time they still have the cost of living to think about. Don't go pointing at the mega-success bands using cash for toilet paper(*) and assume that all artists have achieved that level of income.

*this example may be fictitious

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 262

Insurance is supposed to be for people who are not in good health.

If that was supposed to be funny I missed it. Insurance is about taking money from as many people as possible, whilst paying back out as little as possible. Where do unhealthy people fit into that? Oh, on that side of the accounting columns. Take your sick ass and leave friend, before you start thinking about making a claim. Don't care if you been paying us for 15 years without claiming nothin, you sick now.

Over reacting?

Comment Re:You're making up contradictions that don't exis (Score 1) 274

As we saw from the debacle around forcing systemd into Debian, systemd may make the maintainers' lives easier, but it absolutely ruins the Linux experience for the users.

I think your broad, all encompassing term "the users" is based on a whole lot of assumption. I never even noticed when Debian made the switch over on my desktop system. I didn't have any fiddly custom-configured services, it was all pretty much auto configured by Debian installs and updates. I didn't have to scream like a little girly and run around banging into walls until my ears bled, I just kept on using my computer.

Personally systemd never bothered me at all, and made the /. outrage seem ever more bizarre as the complainers got more an more carried away.

I usually have a spare box running FreeBSD, mainly something to do in times of boredom. I have had to spend much more time researching config files, tweaking and breaking FreeBSD until I got it right, even for seemingly quite simple tasks. Definitely a lot more complicated than just having Debian install what I want in a working state.

Comment Re:Started with the C64, of course (Score 1) 515

Yep, I picked my way around the C64 manual, learning new commands one by one and putting them to use.
After that I played around with assembly a little as well, but I never had access to any good educational material for the C64 in that area.
Then I did a year of training which included COBOL and Pascal, but never used either of those for work, tho I did tinker with Turbo Pascal for a while at home.

Comment Re:Upgrade (Score 2) 982

What would you call some one who says OS X lacks features compared to Windows? Or that either Linux or OS X are unstable? Maybe just insane then.

If somebody thinks OS X lacks features, then obviously that person looks for specific features in an OS which they did not find. Maybe they look for different things than you do.

As for unstable, that is terribly subjective; was the person using Linux in a development mode? Did they try to configure and compile everything or install a clean ready-to-run distro? I have had my share of unstable and crashing Linux boxes over the years, it's not unheard of. Nowdays I stick with a distro release classed as "stable" for my main desktop, but maybe run up a fresh testing release in a VM when I have the need to play with it. There are so many options that yes, you can have a bad experience with Linux. Your choice if you wave your hands in the air and proclaim the entire Linux range to be broken, or shrug your shoulders and try a different distro to see if you have an easier time with it.

Comment Re:Upgrade (Score 4, Insightful) 982

A person does not have to be a shill to simply have a rational look at an OS and see that a whole lot of the bullshit being spread around the internet about it is just nonsense. Also, spouting away about shills every time you see somebody say "hey windows 10 is ok", makes you look a little silly.

My desk at home is crowded with my windows 10 PC, a Linux box and a FreeBSD system. I expect that quite a few ./ people (the older and experienced portion maybe) have more than one operating system in use in their daily lives, and are not scared of experimenting and trying things out. These people are quite capable of comparing Gnome 3 with Windows 10 and saying what they think. Stop wanking away about "shills" every time you see a statement you don't like on here.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 982

Upgrading from Windows 7/8/XP/Vista to 10 is a no brainer: NO FUCKING WAY!!!
Removal of certain features, cloud integration, idiot menus/options, cortana, live tiles, forced updates and the list can go on.

You read all that on the big scary internet?
I turned off live tiles, don't have cortana active, have no cloud integration cos I didn't want it, haven't noticed any missing features, ok, so you got the idiot menu bit partly right, but the start menu is still fully usable.

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