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Comment Re:Should I care? (Score 1) 316

The problem I have is I cannot find many local retailers that still stock DVDs or BluRay. Those that do seem to be clearing their old stock and don't get much new release stuff in. Another thing I once expected, that hasn't happened, is re-releases of old TV series on bluray, as one disk could hold quite a lot of episodes, in their original format. There are a lot of old favorites I would like to add to my overcrowded shelves.

It is quite disappointing that so little is being released on bluray or DVD, and the availability of both new and old releases was pathetically small long before Netflix came to my country. Regional locking makes it risky ordering disks online as I need to trust that the disk will play on one of my devices.

Maybe DVD availability is different for you murcans, but from NZ it looks like the premise of this article has things backwards.

Comment Re:No Man's Sky (Score 2) 99

But its a fantastic study of how long your perseverance can push past your dwindling curiosity.

I particularly like the non-repetitive realism:
You are on a very cold planet and will shortly die, unless you get under some overhanging earth and into the shade, where the planet is *less* cold.
You are on a very radioactive planet and will shortly die, unless you get under ground, where the planet is *less* radioactive.
I haven't got to my 3rd planet yet, but I expect it will be a very hot planet, where you will shortly die, unless you get underground, where the planet is *less* hot.

And why are there "sentinels" flying around getting pissed at you for mining? Presumably the player is trespassing on pre-claimed land and stealing the mineral resources of another race. So they are promoting theft as adventure?

I should stop over-analyzing this.

Comment Does it introduce the player to the fun? (Score 1) 145

1) First impressions can determine how much effort people will make to learn a new game interface and take the time to get familiar with game modes and strategies. A basic tutorial mode or introductory single player mode is usually the thing that draws me in and carries me thru to trying the multiplayer modes.
2) After that there needs to be ready access to servers with people on them. This is always difficult before a game has gained popularity.
3) Community feeling and friendliness towards new players is probably the most crucial aspect in determining if first-time triers are going to come back, and whether the game community will survive. I have enjoyed quite a few multiplayer games which for a time had huge numbers of followers, but when "elite" players started to feel that newly joined people should be treated like useless wankers, instead of being encouraged and guided, those communities dried up pretty damned fast.

Still, before any of that matters, marketing and exposure have to get the product into people's awareness, and as you say, the reviews can ruin a good product release.

Comment Re:Sounds like a hack (Score 1) 183

They must have a trove of credit card data in there.

No, they don't store the whole number. On the purchase page it says Do you want to use the credit card ending in "***77", so they only store the last two digits!

heh. settle down, it was a joke.

Comment Re:Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 5, Funny) 121

A FreeBSD-user since early 90-ies, I can only chuckle at the problems in the Microsoft world...

Heeey I was tricked into typing

freebsd-update upgrade -r 11.0-RELEASE

And guess what? instead of updating my X-windows it changed my FreeBSD version!!!

Now all my drivers, erm, just work and my UI looks just the same!

Comment Re: Duh. (Score 1) 403

Q: How the hell do you screw up making a grilled cheese sandwich?

At this, I question your own critical thinking skills...

I think the key point you are skipping over here is "a cook in a burger franchise". These typically feature a fixed menu and fixed set of ingredients, and usually have a very well defined set of actions to follow between taking an order and handing over the finished product.

You would expect a minimal amount of training was given to new young employees, but usually you will be disappointed when you find yourself being served by a team of sad looking students.

Comment Re: Can't wait to return to my home, Linux! (Score 2) 64

I have to agree with this. It is getting a bit silly, people repeatedly spouting all this bs about win10 etc. In everyday use win10 is not all that much different than 7, and is not too much more unstable. OK it has some disappointing crashes with the start menu and such, but often this seems to occur when it has started doing updates and needs to reboot/complete some changes. Yes it seems poorly managed at times but it doesn't justify the continuous over-reacting and bitching we see here. I am not a huge fan-boy and have been running a Linux box as a secondary PC, and sometimes as my main/only PC, for prolly 20 years at least. If Linux supported all my favor games plus a toolset I was able to use for my software job, sure I wld dump Windows, but enuff with the FUD and complaints - this is Slashdot and most of us can make up our own minds about which OS we like or hate.

Comment Re:inflammatory no ? (Score 1) 50

I guess my main problem was with the wording. Saying this guy "fixed" an "injured" monkey is all just a little to sugar coated for my liking. Lets just say when we have prepared a specific test-case, so people who don't think things through so well can be made aware of the actual circumstances.

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