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Comment Re: AI -- FAR more hype than substance (Score 1) 210

True, but the advances will be in algorithms. The problem with AI is that it couldn't do things that impressed us because it coukd no see, read, talk, sense, walk, mive and itherwise get a good enough representation of the world. Google was birn with an algorithm. Recurrent NN in architectures that are recurrent are gradually learning and reusing other networks, combined with the ability to process informatiin abiut the world in usefull representations are advancing fast. If you look at evolutionary methods, it seems to be the case that at some point, we'll create some rules that just converge to intelligence. We are waiting for it to happen. Until then, we'll have Robo-Copies that can do anything better than us, but that get stuck all the time and don't generalize well.

Comment Re: Colossus (Score 1) 210

Agreed. But an AI first moves may be to hide what it's about to do, which will be own control of its value functions and other key safewards (whuch will be amazing trivial), then find a way to amazingly simplify the algorithms (huge boost eithout any hardware change), then huge replication (like a virus that spreads and hides, it could make itself distributed and hidden to all but itself) and then it woukd start ways to access and process orders of magnitude more data, and then start learning things we don't reprogramming itself, and then planning actions in the world.

Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

I can easily ditch my VISA for Mastercard...very VERY easily. The are commodities. I can't switch from iPhone for Android for payments without a HUGE mess in my life. It's a captive market. Apple is leveraging the network effect to reduce competition to 0 on their platform, unfairly and limiting my choices. Just like they charge 25%+ of every piece of software sold on iOS, they could change from 0.15% to 5% whenever Mastercard and VISA are out of the game. This can easily be seen with things like spotify, that have NO OTHER choice but to charge more on iOS. Does this price difference make me switch? Not yet. I am still bothered by how Apple can be a dictator, and isn't forced to allow competitors to compete with them in the platform for things Apple doesn't want to share.

The SECOND I can ditch iOS for something I like (Android is still not exactly what I want) I will.

Using Apple pay is validating Apple's bully attitudes and abusing practices and the banks are not dumb.

Comment Re:I hope Apple Pay will die (Score 1) 289

Why not allow other Apps to access the NFC device? Why does it lock itself, that if you liked to make calls with your phone, then many kinds of new things can only be done by Apple? I am increasingly annoyed by Apple greediness and how every singles cable is always broken, how the phones always need cover and insurance, and by the general attitude of the company.

Comment Re: Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 917

We don't know who's the next einstein. If AI makes work not important for our race, we should change our rules. Nature wasn't invented with the assumption that every pine and flower be productive. It was designed so we could live and evolve. We also don't know where [insert your most admired person ever in the world] will come from. We should also not endanger the planet too much. That'd be the only reason for suggesting having fewer "offsprings"

Comment Re: Stupid (Score 1) 1042

That's totally lacking in creativity on your side. If we can bring an exctinct species from om software (dna/rna code in a computer) to real life, and an AI can break iut from the sandbox world into executing outside it, then jt's not impossible to "break out". I don't see how that's impossible.

Comment Re: Makes perfect sense (Score 1) 377

Wireless is not the way because I do 't eanto charge anything else. It's so annoying to run out battery. I have e hiw battery left fe hasn't improved and that Apple doesn't care.

I can immediately notice bluetooth audio quality, instantly, and also battery drains much faster which is a big issue. I is also another moving part that can make security worse.

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