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Comment Re: None of this matters, it has no headphone jack (Score 1) 324

You don't understand because it doesn't affect you. I use lightning to charge and the jack for audio in my car, a 328i, and this is the only combination that works well.

I don't understand how this benefits me. Ultimately, Apple does a lot of things that have no benefit for me. They lost the grip. Just looking at the awful remote for AppleTV...everyone in my family has troubles with it. Interrupts movies all the time. There are so many things wrong with Apple design they should start tanking as a hint.

I am slowly accomulating for a complete move. When the iPhone 1 came out, they hadn't ask me, but it was exactly what I wanted. These last phones are a shame, even with the amazing technology they have they are a huge shame. Phone doesn't last a day, screen cracks (requires full LCD change) - everyone I know cracks this phones once or twice. People with 16gb can't do anything at all.

I even had to switch from Mail to Outlook iOS. That is embarrassing Apple. You are goong to tank because you are just riding Jobs shadow, but it's so blurry now that you don't know how far off you are.

Comment Re: Congrats Linus (Score 0) 110

Likely, for Linux to be good, it needs to be good. How Linus is, and how he operates, determine to a large extent what Linux is. In other worlds, you need to encourage Linus to keep being himself to preserve Linux - he can't be some other politically correct moron and still achieve what he did. Just like Steve Jobs, Einstein and many ither geniuses, just learn to accept that you cannot get it both, and for good reason. Btw, I really like how Linus leads, a lot. Should be worth 75 Hardvard case studies if not more.

Comment Re: Could this account for the missing mass? (Score 0) 105

If we could miss entire huge galaxies like ours in the amounts predicted in these findings, I'd remain very skeptical that we can be sure we have accounted for all mass within a galaxy. Also, how galaxies move in relation to other galaxies would be slightly affected if the have huge amount of material between them, that we haven't detected yet other than "noticing some invisible mass must be within the to explain their interactions through gravity".

Comment Re: Funny humanity (Score 1) 105

It may very likely also be that "dark matter" tries to explain what was left unexplained from what we can observe and measure, and in doing so, explains things that are a result of other things totally unlike any kind of "matter that doesn't look like matter at all and only interact through gravity" bs. DM is the equivalent of the best Greek models trying to explain elliptical orbits with circles and circles within circles - a kludge that doesn't work.

Comment Re: Take that dark matter! (Score 0) 105

Planets aren't "visible" and if you find very dense (or extremely more prevalent) very dim objects, you indeed explain the missing Mass. The models that "call for" Dark Matter are based on observing light and then estimating mass, and finding out there's not enough mass to account for the orbits of things (which act as if unviable mass was there).

All the Dark Matter theories are for crooks and incredibly ignorant scientists that will believe in that bs just as some people believe in paranormal that has never been once proven to occur.

Comment Re: Take that dark matter! (Score 1) 105

This part may be explained by a competing theory ("complimentary"?) to Dark Matter most common models, that says that gravity behaves differently when it becomes very very low, which explains a large number of other things that Dark Matter only explains by using the right parameters (i.e. That Dark matter doesn't explain at all).

Comment Re: As a C programmer (Score 1) 315

You should be less ignorant and recognize that while you where still learning to lay stones the Indian where inventing positional notation, and they also have some of the brightest mathematicians of all times, including geniuses of the scale of Gauss or Newton. Second, you should see companies like Facebook that built empires out of sloppy code in things like PHP. More importantly, if the task requires memory management, anybody can learn it and like anything else, 90% won't do it well. No news.

Comment Re: As a C programmer (Score 1) 315

Same applies to written English. In the past many people didn't need to write at all. Today, due to SMS and social media, written communication has skyrocketed. However, and in spite of "the horror" it's useful to them.

Same with programming. Many people can change their lives a bit by even learning basic programming. The good programmers will observe this as a surprise, but the reality is that it is expected ANDNKT A BAD THING. Especially if those with bad writing skills are rejected from journalistic positions and those with basic programming skill are not hired to do complex stuff only the best (or the proficient) can do.

Comment Re:Cost Increase...for customers (Score 1) 595

They are no longer making my life easier in many regards, and for that, they deserve to start to dissapear. Even if it takes them 15 years. Maybe Elon Musk should be summoned to Apple to steer it in the right direction. Almost all the innovations are coming from App Developers, and users are now immersed in a bad quality of life cycle due to Apple. Instead of more battery life I get a phone that needs a case and if the glass shatters it costs $300 to fix, now I can't use my favorite jacks. I still have products and Apple gear with the older connector (which I like more than the slimmer one).

I wish them well, and have many apps on their platform. But I have no love for them. That has been gone after the past 3 years. I don't see them caring for people. I don't see them making the right choices, sacrifices (sometimes jobs would make an unpopular decision that was the right things very apparent and very soon). All the latest launches, decisions and things their are doing - or at least most, make little sense to me.

Comment Re:I've watched as the iTunes UI deteriorated.. (Score 1) 462

I think companies like Starbucks do this. Grande is the small coffee? Tall is not the largest but medium? What is Venti? The have their own ordering language. Yet, they don't keep changing it. Renaming things and ingredients and changing the visual of the stores.

Apple is at the peak of its sucess. I adopted iPhone when every single colleague mocked me as immature, and rated the product as a toy. Blackberry was for real executives. Pardon me? Today, iPhone still has many upsides but it has very little differentiation. Actually, I see Apple as a company that considers ways to restrict me, lock me, block me. They go after the apps that made iOS a success, like Pandora, illegaly bundling its service andcross selling it and pushing it at every possible place. They are Dirgital bullies. They change the interface to sell more. Design choices are to maximize revenue and content sales.

I look at my phone, and see them imitating Android, or copying things like Pandora. And every app I own that I use the most is not Apple. I use Office 365 (how can Apple email app be so atonishingly bad and limited?) i use Kindle which wors great across any platform. I use Netflix (for the kids), 3 or 4 games that are also on Android, Pandora, Spotify, Waze, Google Maps, Skype and maybe 5 other frequently used apps like LinkedIn or twitter.

There nit one single interesting thing aboit Apple in my phone. Yet, the UI made me feel different. With that gone, my love for them has reached a low point of "I ise it because swtiching is annoying". But i M at the boundary and if pushed a bit further, I will leave them. The horrible UI that makes rhings harder, less intuitive, illogical....I am sorry Apple, I am ready to dump you the moment you push me a little further north. Now regarding Starbucks, keep my Venti ...Venti. And keep the ambience a joy and cheerful. And I'll keep paying $5 for coffee.

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