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Comment Re: BK = BLACKLISTED (Score 1) 606

The "solution" is easy, but additional setup reduces adoption. When adoption is harmed by lack of safety they will rapidly address it to still be able to hear everything that happens in your car, home or wherever your phone is. In here, they will just make you add a voice fingerprint. Just like your thumbs have a unique pattern so does your use of voice. This way, they will block things like this injection, and they will also have a HUGE benefit: they can record and transcribe not just what was said ir heard, but also who said what. While there may be stronger and weaker implementations of voice fingerprinting, this is so the case with any other security mechanism. And very quikly Facebbok may have an edge, as these ID features become socialized: ej. You coukd create a fingerprint, and your friends may give you rights to do some functions while on their property. Say "open the door once", play music (if in a party). So this "authenticator" will be able to track a person's actions across ANYTHING that listens. Scary? It's kind if the same as in authenticating using Google for third party services, or giving apps (or friends) some rights. The only thing that can slow down adoption or challenge this scary future (too much power and an eye and hear following every person all the time) is when we start hearing actual cases of abuse of this power. At sone point the privacy issues will lead to the creation of new political parties, but in general you'll learn to live knowing anything you say or do will be recorded and proccessed in realtime for profit or power.

BK is only guilty of opportunism and accelerating voice fingerprinting for house-hold / consuner use.

Comment Re: we don't know enough (Score 1) 126

Will to act? We are programmed to gather food, water, mating, etc. AI is programmed to not need anything. There are algorithms that set their own objectives too. If we turn them off, is akin to someone turning off "time and space". Surelly, you can't do anything about it. It's in our "metaphysics" realm, like it or not.

Comment Re: The media get it wrong AGAIN (Score 1) 126

Short sighted. The critical route is that systems that can decide better than anybody else will be owned by a few large corps. The current economic system will make these corporations own 99% of all resources. You won't be able to outsmart this corporation in any way. They will anticipate most everything, economically, politically, legally, etc.

Comment Re: Post in this comment if you're sick of AI stor (Score 1) 126

The fact that there is a lot of hype and hyperbole and plain lies does not undermine the fact that there are a huge spike in applications that seemed impossible 10 years ago.

And the current "learning systems" show huge potential and will change the world in less that 10 years "strong-AI-or-not". The fact that a computer can win pocker against the beat humans is a glimpse at a world where very strategic decisions with uncertainty and partial information will be mostly decided by computers. And a huge amount of tactical will be a computer's choice without any human intervention.

Comment Re: Robot Safety (Score 1) 126

An AI is data that can execute. It's impossible to contain it if really smart. It could leak by emitting sound, light, any kind of signal and escape to any ither place that can store and compute. Juat loke you can't "turn off" a worm o a well designed botnet...it's out there, and possibly everywhere

Comment Re: Weak or strong AI (Score 1) 126

Stron AI is ...what? In the past 10 years, we made huge progress in many key tasks only possible by humans. The human brain has 100 billion neurons with around 1k-10k connections each. We may very well be on the verge of what seems like true intelligence. Or rather, as we progress, we reallize how little intelligence is required to do things that previously was thought to require intelligence and intuition. Like playing Go, or Poker. We might just be a huge statistical machine in the end

Comment Re: Oh wow! (Score 1) 126

You have no clue how this AI or SI will be programmed. We don't even know the mathematical properties of current Reinforcement Learning approaches that use policies and value nets with function approximation, and we have little clue of even why they work at all- and you cannot imagine that maybe, or most likely, we'll not be able to "program" much here, and they will have a mind of their own. And it will be much less difficult to enfoce thatno single soal releases a cersion that is not Limited by whatever means -free to do as it lokes.

You think of AI as "code" but a large part of intelligence is reacting to huge wealth of data - and the inside is very cryptic- just like what happens in an individual brain. A huge deal of it is massively recursive and non linear.

Comment Re: I see Apple watches being worn in public place (Score 1) 406

Why would people "hate" it? It's largely irrelevant, puts electromagnetism in your wrist 24/7, requires one more thing to charge, looks "funny" to me, and I have never desired it, even if FREE. However, I reslly like my iPhone (an Android would be ok too, but I like iOS better). It is extremely suspicious to see the maker of iWatch to be having to point out hiw it's a worldwide success: it's not at all. A good product? Maybe. No maker is losing sleep over it. They may fear Apple TV and iPod and iPad only. But the problem is not the iWatch, but the fact that Apple has not done anything or even tried to do anything with anough balls to question a bugget market. The last time I though Wow, was with the ipad 2 release. Since then, we have a billion form factors for iPhone and "lock in" ..."ecosystem" prodcuts that want to draw a fee circles around their "captive market".

I am ready to leave Apple any moment another company pushes forward like Jobs did, bringing something that makes me reconsider how I achieve things.

Even simple thing like "Echo" are more innovative. Amazon serms to be innovating in many fronts even if they don't create huge new ideas, they try innovative things every month. Apple is just extrapolation of Jobs vision like a linear regression. When the market takes a turn, Apple will not be ready, and they certainly ain't leading it anymore.

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