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Comment Re: Here is the support ticket (Score 3, Insightful) 177

Extortion is still extortion.
Even if the thing you are threatening to do is perfectly legal sans the threat.


Being an asshole is still being an asshole.
Even all was legally sound and the other guy could/should have seen your capability to screw him in the terms, securing and exercising that capability is a choice, and that choice can make you an asshole. It is perfectly legal to choose to be an asshole, but don't come whining to me or anyone else when you get called out. Those are the stakes.

If you actively piss off your customers or prospective customers enough to hurt your reputation, that is on you. It's your problem, and it's your fault.

Comment Re:in b4 a hundred "poor little angels" (Score 1) 220

They are leaving you alone. Noone is forcing you to use instagram. If instagram wants to be a safe place for their chosen audience, that is their choice.
It's a photo sharing service, for chrissakes. Not a debating forum central to the survival of democracy. Not a bullying-deathmatch server. Not your soapbox.
If you don't like it, find or make one that does what you want.

Your freedom of speech grants you the right to post what you like on _your_ site.
Noone else is obliged to host your whiny rants, listen to them, respect them, or respect you.

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 2) 198

The right question is why these devices need security in the first place. Why are they routable from the Internet?

Because they consume and produce medical information about the patient, which in turn need to be transferred to wherever the patient receives medical attention next, sometimes in a hurry.

The clearest case of this dilemma are the boring terminals used for handling patient records: Full and unhindered access is critical to proper treatment, but they also provide just about the most hefty lump of sensitive personal data you can find.

Comment Re:Except: it does (Score 1) 566

However, if you are thinking about murder, and you start imagining the needle is waiting for you.... Its a little different.

Yes, I can see it all so clearly now:

"Well, I plan on getting caught, so if that would get me executed I would never do it. But if it's just three times life of being raped every day in an American hellhole prison hey, why the hell not?"

Think you nailed it, there.
Fucking barbarians.

Comment Re:How is she legally living in Germany? (Score 1) 323

Pure speculation: If you're a notable security professional who hinders the feds for a living, you probably have your exit strategy planned well ahead, and it is no stretch of the imagination for that plan to include your friend's company abroad already waiting with the job offer you need to immigrate, and only too happy to welcome any existing clients you can bring along.

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