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Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 2) 198

The right question is why these devices need security in the first place. Why are they routable from the Internet?

Because they consume and produce medical information about the patient, which in turn need to be transferred to wherever the patient receives medical attention next, sometimes in a hurry.

The clearest case of this dilemma are the boring terminals used for handling patient records: Full and unhindered access is critical to proper treatment, but they also provide just about the most hefty lump of sensitive personal data you can find.

Comment Re:Except: it does (Score 1) 566

However, if you are thinking about murder, and you start imagining the needle is waiting for you.... Its a little different.

Yes, I can see it all so clearly now:

"Well, I plan on getting caught, so if that would get me executed I would never do it. But if it's just three times life of being raped every day in an American hellhole prison hey, why the hell not?"

Think you nailed it, there.
Fucking barbarians.

Comment Re:How is she legally living in Germany? (Score 1) 323

Pure speculation: If you're a notable security professional who hinders the feds for a living, you probably have your exit strategy planned well ahead, and it is no stretch of the imagination for that plan to include your friend's company abroad already waiting with the job offer you need to immigrate, and only too happy to welcome any existing clients you can bring along.

Comment Why strap stuff to your body? (Score 1) 359

Ok, so the wristwatch was more practical than the pocket watch in its time. But once I realized I carried my time-telling phone at all times anyway, I was relieved to ditch the damn steampunk contrivance, and never looked back.

When a smartwatch can fully replace the smartphone (probably combination with ambient computing) it might stand a decent chance in the market. By then they will probably have solved the bulkyness as well.
But until then, smartwatches will remain a niche product, because for most people they simply don't add enough extra value compared to the phone you will still have.

And my bet is it will take a good while still to come up with something to compete in value with decent screen space for the way most people (will) use their portable smarts. Looking forward to see what it looks like, though.

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