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I replied to this blog post, and personally interviewed KC, and discussed that in my first blog post on the subject. Here they are: Aug 3- - includes pics of the actual cards. Aug 13 -

Comment Re:I mean build, not use. (Score 1) 117

Actually, lahvak, good point. We did actually discuss a giant water balloon type slingshot for the camera modules. But that takes 3 guys to deploy, and would be another piece of equipment. We might test that out sometime, but for right now, we're concentrating on the one model to get all the electronics working, and have a good prototype. Branching out might happen later. Joshua

Comment Re:Where is the viddeo (Score 1) 117

The video works until you put it in the launcher. The metal barrel is a pretty good "muffler" of signal. Then it goes off. You do get video back, but our first, and so far only test, was a failure of powder. The brand new batch of powder we got was not bloody burning. Argh. We are going to be rebuilding the system and redoing it in the next couple of weeks. We do get video when we do static range tests, or walk the camera out a distance, and the camera we shot still works. So we're pleased with the G force test, albeit a lesser test than we hoped for. In other words, wait a couple weeks. Video to come. Joshua

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Josh Marpet here @quadling on twitter. Ok, few misconceptions. The launcher we are currently using is a Spike's Tactical 37mm launcher. It is smoothbore, and we don't need to stabilize it with rifling. Once it reaches altitude, it "turns over" and starts heading down. That's when the parachute deploys (standard model rocket parachute, no need to reinvent the wheel). So if you get hit by it, it's not hard. It's essentially drifting down. As for a keychain camera, I own several of them myself. Awesome little devices. Our system, however has live video. We don't store it on the camera. It goes to the receivers, using analog 5.8gHz wireless. There are short and long range receivers. Short range we are currently using is battery powered, integral screen, removable/replaceable antenna, and MicroSD slot for storage. Long range has RCA cables to hook up to recorder/TV/Projector. We designed it to be used by Airsoft, Ground Search and Rescue, and SWAT teams. We wanted a system that could be used with equipment they probably already had, and had training on, namely 37mm Flare/smoke/CS launchers. As for the NFA comments, absolutely true. Our presentation makes it clear that we used 37 mm since it is smoothbore, with no DD (destructive Device) tax, and the rounds would also carry no DD tax. An M203 goes for ~1500 or so. Without stock or attached ar-15. A full 37mm launcher with stock? ~600USD. Big difference. Oh, and no DD ($200) tax. Bigger difference. Hope this helps. I'll try to check back and answer more questions later. Joshua

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