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Comment so why weren't they doing this when.... (Score 2) 626

the other presidents did the same thing. It is funny that many of the past presidents did this same thing (90/120 day suspensions) Carter - iran, Obama - 120 day ban reagan - had one.

this is more of a political move by these companies and not real outrage over the policy. they don't like trump so even though multiple presidents have done it, and many more will do it.

Submission + - intercept Releasing NSA SIDtoday (

executioner writes: The Intercept’s first SIDtoday release comprises 166 articles, including all articles published between March 31, 2003, when SIDtoday began, and June 30, 2003, plus installments of all article series begun during this period through the end of the year. Major topics include the National Security Agency’s role in interrogations, the Iraq War, the war on terror, new leadership in the Signals Intelligence Directorate, and new, popular uses of the internet and of mobile computing devices.

Comment Re:Smart guns are a dumb idea (Score 1) 555

considering they save the lives of police more often why would you think that was a bad thing. it is more likely a gift to criminals and we would see more police deaths if they are forced to use them.

not to mention if it gets carried to the armed forced. electronics tend not to work well on the battlefield. what happens when a whole squads riffles go down at the same time?

Comment Re:Smart guns are a dumb idea (Score 1) 555

Ksevio said "Well there's the problem of police guns getting stolen and police guns being grabbed and used against the officers. Smart guns are a valid solution to that. Cars are much more complex (with extra points of failure), but modern smarter cars are much safer than older non-smart cars, no reason to believe the same wouldn't happen with guns." smart guns are a valid solution to cops guns being grabbed, that is until the time the cop needs to use the gun and it fails to fire because the power source dies and the electronics in the "smart" gun no longer work.right.

Comment Re: Gun Rights (Score 5, Informative) 535

though in most states, that is being amended to allow legally licensed parent to carry within school zones as long as they are dropping off and picking up. the restriction adopted in 1990 has been changed multiple times in the 25 years since then.

Submission + - Verizon Dropping data rates, but current customers have to call ( 1

executioner writes: n spite of Verizon Wireless’ recent boasts that it’s “a leader, not a follower,” a new announcement from the nation’s biggest wireless company shows that Big V is indeed following the competition down the path of charging customers less for their data plans. However, current Verizon subscribers will need to let the company know they want to save money (or get more data).
It’s a little confusing, so stick with us for a moment. Verizon MORE Everything customers who currently have monthly data allotments of 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, or 4GB will have an option on how they want to save.They can either get more data for their money by getting 1GB of additional data per month for no extra charge OR they can have their bill reduced by $10/month.So someone with a 2GB plan is currently paying $50/month. If they take the free data option, that goes to 3GB for the same price. Or they can elect to stick with the 2GB and their data bill drops to $40/month.

Submission + - Homemade RC Millennium Falcon Is The Drone You've Always Dreamed Of Flying (

MojoKid writes: Here's a dose of Rebel goodness to tide you over while you wait for the next Star Wars trailer. A drone enthusiast in France recently graced the web with a few videos of a self-built quadcopter with a shell designed to look like the Millennium Falcon. It's enough to make a Star Wars fan tear up. The drone features a blue thruster light, just like the real Millennium Falcon, and has bright front lights as well. Its creator, who goes by "Oliver C", has some serious modding skills. The shape of the Millennium Falcon presented Oliver with some challenges, but he has the balance more or less handled by the time the spaceship (or quadcopter) takes its first flight outside.

Submission + - Navy: More railguns and lasers, less gunpowder (

coondoggie writes: “Number one, you’ve got to get us off gunpowder,” said Greenert, noting that Office of Naval Research-supported weapon programs like Laser Weapon System (LaWS) and the electromagnetic railgun are vital to the future force. “Probably the biggest vulnerability of a ship is its magazine—because that’s where all the explosives are.”

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