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Comment This would be a great idea if... (Score 1) 202

This would be a great idea if it was on top of the road or by its side, doing this on a road is stupid!
Solar panel efficiency is not the greatest when pointing directly to the sun, with a high transparency and CLEAN glass on top of the silicon, being completely horizontal, with a opaque glass (because tires need to adhere to it, so it needs some texture), and that gets dirty with time will be just pointless.
And there are other factors that makes it even worse, the panel are connected in series, due to the low voltage generated, then in parallel, but if light on a panel is blocked the voltage of that block drops significantly and the series of panels practically drop off the circuit, and in a road you basically have this constantly!

To make it worse, the features this bozos said could be integrated in the panel are ludicrous, like LED signaling or deicing... they simply didn't do the math or a delusional, LEDs have a hard time beating the sun light in broad day light at a distance, even if directed to your eyes, and you know what is capable of using the sun light very efficiently to mark the ground? paint! And don't get me started on deicing, do they have any idea how much energy it takes to melt ice? phase change consumes a immense amount of energy, and do that to millions of tons of ice is much more energy inefficient than just scoop it to the side of the road and wait for higher temperatures to melt it.

Comment Re:Still confused by Allo (Score 1) 171

I'm confused by google, I really REALLY can't understand their messaging app strategy.
They had a great, easy, fast, and ubiquitous app with Gtalk, it had an open protocol, integrated with several third party software, had a simple and effecitive desktop client, then, out of nowhere they decided to do hangouts... ok, it added video and some other bells and whistles, but it was worse, it was separate from Gtalk in the begining and just pushed people away. Then they decided to stop supporting gtalk and tried to push everyone to hangouts, which actually pushed everyone to whatsapp, which had better features for mobile, then they starting messing up with hangouts to the point of mine stopping working on mobile network, I could only send or receive messages over wifi (to this day I don't know why), and now, out of nowhere again, they lunch not one, but two SEPARATE apps, that pretty much did the same as hangouts.... and literaly nobody is using, I couldn't even bother to download to check it out, because of what they did previously.
They shot themselves on the foot by messing with software that had a large userbase and instead of building up on it, completely missed the boat on groups, made the interface worse or created a parallel application thinking people would flock to it just because... google.

Comment Re: 100 times as long as the kernel, I wonder why (Score 1) 184

Oh, chromium these days is the worst on gentoo, it takes even longer than libreoffice, and a new version seems to be out every week, on my computer it is taking 1h20min to compile, firefox is a breeze at 15min.

sometimes I postpone building chromium, just because it hogs my machine for so long, and it is not a bad one, I have a core i7 3770K with 16GB of RAM.

Comment Ignorance (Score 2) 147

I live in Rio and the Olympic games should not have been held here, for several reasons, but Zika is not one of them.
The summary is phrased in way that give the impression the guy is a medical doctor, when actually he has a doctorate in law, and although he writes for the health review, he doesn't have a medical research background.
Zika has already spread pretty much to everywhere that has the mosquito (aedes aegypt and others) and the olympics will not cause much of an impact, specially because it will happen in the winter, when the mosquito borne diseases almost disappear, because the mosquito population drops sharply due to the smaller amount of rain. And by the way, Rio is NOT the place with the highest amount of cases of any state, of either Zika or microcephaly.
Further more, Zika is a very mild infection for the great majority of people infected, with most (~80%) not even being symptomatic, and did not grabbed the headlines until Brazilian health and safety authorities connected the increase of microcephaly cases to Zika infections.
The only risk for the guests is if they are women, pregnant or planning to get pregnant at the times of the games, or if they fuck everything that moves (in that case, call me ^-^) and the risk of getting pregnant can be easily avoided by either not coming (as suggested) or by simply using anti-conceptional methods.

Comment Re:Nuclear Cost (Score 1) 351

according to this page solar MWH in UK are in the 125 to 180 pounds range, and that Hinkley Point C MWH price would be sold at 92.5 pounds, but to me something seams fishy.

Another thing, at this price point, and assuming 100% availabily throughtout the year, the plant would earn about 2.5billion pounds a year, so it would take at least 14 year to get a return on investment, not taking into account fuel and other operational costs, pretty bad IMHO.

As I said on the red site, I still think solar or wind with a battery (molten salt or other technology) would still be cheaper and with as much availabily, and maybe greater power output.

Comment Re:Impromptu Poll Question: (Score 1) 267

5! use it all the time since introduction.
It actually lowers my memory consumption as it does not load all the tabs I've got opened and give me better subject management, you know, youtube in one, news in another, blogs in a third, and "educational" sites in a another one.
I was kinda pissed because of the removal but at least we've an add-on, just hope they fix the appalling graphics performance, is slow as shit and is finiky when resizing the group windows.

Comment Re: What data did they want? (Score 1) 83

It maybe distinct but it hasn't offices in brazil, but its parent company, facebook, has and it is the next best thing. I don't agree with locking up the executive, because he has nothing to do with it, but facebook was just ignoring the orders, so the judge, in its weird logic, just ordered to get someone high up in jail to show he means business.

There is another issue that, since the "marco civil da internet" (internet civil framework) companies like facebook and whatsapp were supposed to keep the data in servers located in brazil, so the excuse that the data is not here is a violation of that. But according to some news outlets, whatsapp doesn't have the messages, barely the contacts, so they couldn't give that information anyway.

As the said by the GP, this is not a fishing expedition, is a court order in principle based on a investigation with evidence and should help get information about a drug cartel's network. So it is a complicated issue, kind in the same way like San Bernardino case, it is a balance between privacy and justice.

Comment Down an offshore oil well (Score 1) 143

For a long time (decades) I see solutions like old salt mines such as Yucca mountain or other sites for long storage being suggested, but for some time I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to just turn the waste into small chunks (glass or cement) and shoot it down a failed/deactivated offshore well.
Those wells are very, very deep, altough they can get pretty thin at the bottom, they are quite wide for the most part and could store a great volume of material. It would shield us and most of living beings by a big having layer of rock and water and has the added bonus that, if someone wanted to steal it to make a dirty bomb or something, it would require a drilling rig, which you cannot find laying around and is expesive as shit to operate.
Would it be feasible?

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