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Comment Re:Expanding on this: (Score 2) 78

You hit the nail in the head!
non-standard modules is a big no-no, motorola is also trying to get a modular phone going with moto z, but the modules are made by them, and only work it that phone, so they are hard to come by, expensive, and you cannot use them after an upgrade or if you change phones. I was really excited by project ara, but then google for some reason decided that changing the screen and chipset would not be possible and then, for some reason, created modules that were pretty useless like a tic tac/pill holder (why???) and the modularity became a gimmick.

Comment Re:What benefit are we missing? (Score 2) 277

There is no benefit, is just people being ignorant and/or not being able to do math. Solar panels, even when installed in a great place at the recommended angles and directions take a pretty good amount of time to pay for themselves, because they are quite inefficient at converting solar radiation to electrical power, when you remove the optimum installation angle, the self cleaning that this angle provides, a thicker more opaque glass to be able to handle traffic going over it, the scratches and dirt that will build over time, and other factors, the overall efficiency drops dramatically and you end up with a solar array that is crap and a road that is horrible.
To me is like the food trends, like detox, for the ignorant they sound plausable and even great ideas, but to anyone in the field they are clearly a scam or a delusion from a crank.

Comment Wait until... (Score 2, Insightful) 277

They find out that installing those panel on the side of the road at an angle will greatly increase the power output, and that you don't need to keep cleaning the panels, and that with nothing to interrupt the sun light and effectively turn off sections of panels, they can also increase the power output, and that without heavy vehicules running over and screating the panels, they can have constant power output for the lifetime of the panel, and that you don't need to interrupt traffic everytime a panel gets damage and kill a whole section, and that.....

Solar panel roads are just plain stupid.

Comment Re:Specious security argument (Score 1) 51

Not even that, the way people generally circumvent content protection is not filming the screen, is using HDMI splitters that remove the HDCP in the process and use a common HDMI video grabber card to record, it is surprisingly easy and not that expensive.
So they have reason to worry, but IMHO they should embrace it, stop spending huge amounts of money trying to create content protection schemes that simply don't work and make the life of people who actually spent money to consume more difficult, and accept that there is this cost of lost sales that will never go away. If they want to spend money to try to get piracy (hate this term) to go down, do it on campaigns that shame people into paying for the shit they consume, and specially invest even more on make consume said shit dead f***ing easy.

Comment Re:Great, an Apple car. (Score 1) 133

I think it is more likely it will only have one door, and as they are probably developing an electric car, it will use a different standard that will only work with apple approved filling stations (imagine a YUGE magsafe connector), people will try to use dongles and adaptors just to discover that it needs a chip to initiate the power transfer.
The voltage will be 314.15 Vac at 271.82Hz, which will be pattented and nobody will be able to use unless apple gets a cut. The car will be made entirely of magnesium to be lighter, even though it will catch fire with the smallest of accidents, the design will be minimalist, no stering wheel (it is autonmous remember) but when it gets lost or can't park because GPS signal is crappy Cook will say you are using it wrong.
And to top it off, it will use apple maps exclusively, so you will always be late as it will take you to the wrong place everytime.

Comment Re:What is KDE Connect? (Score 1) 30

KDE connect to me was very useful when my HTPC keyboard died, I used my Nexus 10 as a keyboard/remote control.
It also integrates with amarok so you can control the music, shows messages as notifications on the desktop and can even transfer files (although this works only sometimes with me).

Comment What is happening to google? (Score 1) 74

Management is going awry at google, creating several projects than canning them all, getting products that people used, liked or even loved with a passion like Reader and Talk and just getting rid of it. Make moves to unify everything just to separate a few months after, make great hardware and just neglect it or change in a direction that consumers don't want (no vanilla Nexus, really google, really??)
Something is rotten at google, I think there is a lot of back stabbing and rug pulling that we are not seeing that is affecting the final products.

I'm really afraid that any day now they will touch Gmail and Search and will start a down spiral so steep that the crash will be inevitable.

Comment Re:Driver may be foolish, but (Score 1) 277

I came here to say exactly this!
The fatal accident in Florida I can by the excuse of weird contrast situation for the camera in conjunction with speed above the limit and the truck starting crossing without proper distance to incoming traffic, but there is a video of the crash and it was in great light conditions, at low speed, with the other vehicle stopped (and with proper warning signals) and with enough space to all sides! That's exactly the kind of situation a assistance system should have avoided!!!
If I was driving with the autonomous system on, with attention to the traffic and my hand on the wheel I WOULDN'T have moved my hand, because I would be sure a system like this would avoid the other car, and I completely agree with the owner bashing Tesla because they advertised it as being the best thing since sliced bread and now are back paddling saying that it is his fault for not having his hands at the wheel... totally "hold it wrong" moment for Tesla here.
Looking at the video what seemed to have happened is that the autonomous system decided that keeping inside the lane was more important even if there was not enough space, or it just did a bad calculation and "thought" that it had clearance.

Comment Re:Porn (Score 2) 643

That's bullshit!
It is like saying that sitcoms are poisonous to friendships because it creates in people a expectation that all their friends should have great one-liners every 30 seconds or so, and people are getting depressed because there is no laugh track in real life to your own jokes.

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