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Submission + - Is DRM Really Over?

nandemoari writes: The Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, is infamous for its prosecution of regular folk for downloading and ripping music onto personal computers. However, now it seems that the organization is willing to admit that their most notorious form of copy protection, DRM, is dead. During a recent interview on the subject, chief spokesperson for the RIAA Jonathan Lamy remarked, "DRM is dead, isn't it?" Lamy was heard to add that efforts to protect artists in the future would be free from DRM. Let's not write off DRM just yet, but it's clear from the fallout of that Jammie Thomas-Rasset debacle — where a single mom was bombarded with $1.92M fines for downloading a dozen or so tunes — that Digital Rights Management is too intrusive for a public comfortable with deciding for itself as to how it will acquire music.

Submission + - First New Nuclear Reactor In A Decade On Track.

dusty writes: "Plans to bring the first new U.S. nuclear plant in a generation are on track, on time, and on budget according to the Tennessee Valley Authority. TVA had one major accident with a coal ash spill of late, and one minor one. The agency has plans and workers in place to have Unit 2 at Watts Bars, near Knoxville on line by 2012. Currently around 1,800 workers are doing construction at the plant. Watts Bar #1 is the only new nuclear reactor added to the grid in the last 25 years, making both reactors at Watts Bar our latest additions. From the article: 'TVA estimates the Watts Bar Unit 2 reactor every year will avoid the emission of about 60 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions linked with global warming'."
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Submission + - Desktop Linux: does anyone care? (zdnet.com.au)

ramboando writes: There's been a lot of fanfare about Linux replacing Windows on desktops but we've yet to see all but a few vendors offer Linux as a pre-installed option. Dell offers Ubuntu, but only in the US, and Acer notebooks are being pre-installed with Ubuntu it on Singapore. Initially they decided not to sell it in the UK, but have now flip-floped on their decision and said it will be made available.

ZDNet Australia talked to several manufacturers, and industry experts to find out how long we'll have to wait.

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