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Submission + - SPAM: Greek Parliament Votes in Favor of Billions in Bud

erinpolerimos writes: "Greek politicians have voted in favor of $40 billion worth of austerity measures that were a precondition for Greece to receive international loans and stave off financial disaster. But as strikes take place across the nation and thousands gather in the capital Athens for a second day of protest."
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Submission + - SPAM: Gay marriage bill gets an extended run in NY

erinpolerimos writes: "ALBANY, N.Y. — After New York's Senate ended its session for the "health of members" following the latest marathon session on Thursday, the Republican majority plans to again take up a gay marriage bill that could be pivotal moment in the national gay rights movement.

Gay rights supporters have secured legal marriage status for same-sex couples in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and the District of Columbia, and are hoping a gain in New York will give them greater momentum.

On Thursday, Senate leader Dean Skelos abruptly ended the session just before 11 p.m. as his members were awaiting the printing of bills not expected until after 4 a.m.

When lawmakers return Friday they still face several other major bills ranging from a public college tuition increase to a landmark tax cap before they can consider making New York the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage."

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Submission + - SPAM: Lindsay Lohan Due In Court For Probation Violation 1

erinpolerimos writes: "Just weeks from completing her home detention sentence, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is due in a Los Angeles court on Thursday (June 23) after allegedly violating her probation by testing positive for alcohol.

According to TMZ, the 24-year-old actress tested positive for alcohol earlier this month and could be facing additional jail time if the probation department has its way. The gossip site reported that Lohan was tested twice last week for drugs and alcohol and that unnamed sources said she tested positive for alcohol on one of the tests and negative on another; both were reportedly negative for drugs. One of the tests is reported to have taken place after a rooftop barbecue party Lohan had at her condo for friends on June 12."

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Submission + - SPAM: Ten worst plane crashes in the world

erinpolerimos writes: "1. 1997: 583 people died after two Boeing 747s (KLM and Pan Am) collided on a runway in Tenerife in the worst accident in the history of commercial aviation.
2. 1985: 520 people perished after a Japan Air Lines Boeing 747 suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure and slewed into Mount Osutaka. To date, it is the worst single-aircraft disaster in history.
3. 1996: 349 people died after a mid-air collision in India between a Boeing 747 operated by Saudi Arabian Airlines and a Soviet-era Ilyushin-76 plane operated by Air Kazahkstan.
Russian passenger plane crash kills 44 21 Jun 2011
Russian plane crash: the Tupolev 134 21 Jun 2011
Russian plane crash raises fresh concerns about ageing fleet 21 Jun 2011
4. 1974: 346 people died in France after the cargo door of a Douglas DC-10 operated by Turkish airlines accidentally opened up mid-flight.
5. 1980: 301 people died in Saudi Arabia on the runway after a fire broke out onboard a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar and evacuation was delayed.
6. 1979: 273 people died when an engine fell off a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 operated by American Airlines after takeoff from Chicago.
7. 2001: 265 people killed after the tail fin of an Airbus A300 snapped just after takeoff in New York causing the plane to crash into the Queens neighbourhood of New York City.
8. 1994: 264 people perished after an Airbus A300 operated by China Airlines crashed during landing at Nagoya airport in Japan due to pilot error.
9. 1991: 261 people died after a Nationair DC-8-61 chartered by Nigeria Airways to transport pilgrims to Mecca crashed after taking off from Saudi Arabia when a tire failure sparked a fire onboard.
10. 1979: 257 people died when a McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 operated by Air New Zealand collided with Mount Erebus in Antarctica during a sightseeing tour."

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Submission + - SPAM: Rory McIlroy wins U.S. Open with record 16-under 2

erinpolerimos writes: "BETHESDA, Md. – Rory McIlroy never let anyone get close. Instead, this U.S. Open performance will go down as one of the most dominant in major-championship annals.

The 22-year-old pro turned Sunday’s final round into a coronation march at Congressional Country Club, smashing the Open scoring record by four shots on the way to an eight-shot romp."

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Submission + - SPAM: Donate blood simply by texting! 1

erinpolerimos writes: "On the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day on Tuesday, a doctor and an onfo-tech professional in Pune have joined hands to introduce Puneites to a unique, SMS-based ‘intelligent blood donor network’.

Potential donors can register themselves by simply texting ‘AROGYA BLDDNR’ to 919246356765.

Dr Rajeev Joshi, a paediatrician, and Uday Thatte, an IT professional of Hitech Medical Informational Services, have designed a system where they will be able to create a databank of blood donors based on their geographical area, blood group, age and sex. This will be shared with blood banks at a nominal fee.

Speaking to DNA on Monday, Joshi said, “I have had this idea for several years, but the right technology was never available. Today, with 70% of the population using cellphones, it was the most appropriate and cost-effective technology to tap to create the data bank of blood donors.’’

Speaking to DNA, Dr Dileep Wani, president of the Indian Society of blood transfusion and immuno-haematology (Pune chapter) said, “This technology is extremely useful for blood banks to reach out to donors.’’

Joshi said, “Though the information is stored on web enabled database, all precautions are taken to ensure security and secrecy of the information. Precaution has been taken that, after the donation, the donor can send a SMS so that he will not get a SMS in 3/4 months.’"

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Submission + - SPAM: Flights in Australia grounded for second day 1

erinpolerimos writes: "Volcanic ash from Chile has continued to disrupt air travel in Australia and New Zealand for a second day.

Airlines including Qantas, Jetstar and Tiger suspended their flights to and from various parts of the region.

Strong winds have carried the fine particles of ash from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile to southern New Zealand and Australia.

The particles have the potential to seriously damage jet engines.

New Zealand's national carrier, Air New Zealand also issued a warning that it may be forced to ground some flights if the situation worsens.

"We may well be affected later on today and tomorrow because if we can't exit or operate across the Tasman Sea and get to 20,000 feet before we enter into controlled air space then we will have issues in the next few days," said the airline's chief pilot David Morgan.

The volcanic eruption also forced cancellation of several flights in and out of Uruguay.

Copa and American Airlines both cancelled flights into the Uruguayan capital after authorities said they expected ash from the volcano to affect Uruguay's air space."

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Submission + - SPAM: The Tweet Effect: How Twitter Affects Rankings

erinpolerimos writes: "The advent of social media has brought a host of changes to the SEO industry, and online marketing as a whole. You would be hard-pressed to find a business with a decent online presence that does not have a Twitter account connected to their website, and at least one way to find that account.

Google and Bing recently alerted the SEO industry to the fact that they are using social media signals as a factor in ranking websites. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land wrote a post back in December 2010 talking about what social signals he thought the search engines are and will be using.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

We do look at the social authority of a user. We look at how many people you follow, how many follow you, and this can add a little weight to a listing in regular search results. It carries much more weight in Bing Social Search, where tweets from more authoritative people will flow to the top when best match relevancy is used.

Yes, we do use it as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings. We also use it to enhance our news universal by marking how many people shared an article...

Jen Lopez of SEOmoz also wrote an article called A Tweet's Effects on Rankings. In this article, she mentioned how Smashing Mag had tweeted about SEOmoz's Beginner's Guide to SEO. After this tweet, the Beginner's Guide to SEO page on SEOmoz jumped to #4 in the SERPs for "Beginner's Guide." The ranking has bounced around since, sometimes on the second page. At the time of writing this post, when logged out of Google and using an Incognito window in Chrome, it sits at #4 still."

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Submission + - Teenage Smoking (

erinpolerimos writes: "Teenage Smoking is one of the most talked about social problems today. It starts off as an adventure and burns out the lives of so many youngsters. Research says that more than three quarters of adult smokers tried their first puff as teenagers."

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