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Comment Re:The only Reasonable Solution. (Score 1) 196

Imagine if they got the wrong sperm AND egg; which is entirely possible since it was in-vitro. Using this theory, the clinic could be held 100% financially responsible for the child until age 18!

I won't discuss whether this is right or wrong. But let's assume the clinic is a business. When you run a business, you want to get paid for your cost, plus some profit, and if there is a risk that you make mistakes, you add the probability of a mistake times the cost of a mistake. if there's a one in thousand chance of a million dollar mistake, then the cost goes up by $1,000. If people don't want to pay the $1,000, then they can't get the goods.

Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 2) 78

If a device can be bricked simply by hooking it up to a network, but buyer is too lazy or ignorant to check before buying, then buyer deserves what he gets. If buyer does his/her homework (and finds device is vulnerable), but buys the product anyway, then buyer deserves what he gets.

If a hacker causes massive damage, and is too lazy or ignorant to check that he or she might be jailed for causing that damage, then the hacker deserves what he gets. If the hacker does his/her homework (and finds there's the risk of jail time) and causes the damage anyway, then the hacker deserves what he gets.

Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 1) 78

Intent is often taken into account, for instance carrying a knife isn't illegal unless you intended to use it for illegal purposes - you might be intending to use it for cooking etc.

You could argue that by bricking these insecure devices, you were attempting to prevent other more serious crimes from taking place.

Comment Re: If he gets busted... (Score 2) 78

People buy such devices because they're cheap, if the device gets bricked they won't know how or why it got bricked just that it stopped working... They will either get it replaced under warranty (if there is one), or just write it off and buy a replacement (cheap devices being unreliable is no surprise to anyone).

Comment Re:Potential to be quite the powerful lawsuit! (Score 3, Insightful) 79

There is also the matter of what is done with the information. Is Google seeking to manipulate the choices of children regardless of the psychological harm that causes those children. Peer pressure is the marketing tool of choice, using peer pressure damages children, those who stigmatise others and the victims of that psychological attack, the penalty applied to children for the parents failure to buy the products demanded by adults with degree in marketing and psychological. That would be child abuse upon a mass scale. Even in parents consent to the information being gathered, I strongly doubt they would accept psychologically trained professional adults manipulating children to feed the greed of those adults, with total disregard to the psychological impact upon those children the Goolge's trained professionals are preying upon. Not them alone of course, M$ and now even the ISPs are also looking to psychological prey upon and manipulate children.

Time for a complete ban on collecting information about minors and targeting them with marketing, a complete across the board ban.

Comment Re:It will go unnoticed (Score 1) 89

If it is anything like the bullshit windows desktop boots, they can bugger off. Ohh, look I can see my desktop, what the hell, can't launch any applications not a one, some time latter staring at empty desktop, whilst all the delayed start services start up, ohh look, I can now actually use my desktop. M$ does so many shitty things when it comes to marketing.

Big advantage of Chrome, all required school work apps are there ready to go free. Personally I would still go cheap Linux notebook of what ever flavour and especially SteamOS (they could steal a real march on M$ with game designed to run on a SteamOS book).

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 302

The poor do not live on water front with the exclusionary intent to deny others access to that waterfront. The poor also rarely own their homes, so moving not that much of a hassle.

At an estimate we are talking 2 metres of water rise and mitigation is impossible unless billions is spent. Want to preserve you exclusionary waterfront property, pay for it, put it on stilts and ride a boat to work. You bought there, your problem, it's not like you weren't warned a very long time ago, 18fucking96. Want to get paid, sue those who lied about it, don't expect the poor to pay for the excesses of the rich yet again.

Comment Re:Moral Crusaders (Score 1) 73

Well fine, this should cheer you up. By far the majority of people, children especially, will lie when caught doing something naughty. From denial, to blaming someone else, to claiming they weren't intending to do something that was that naughty. If you want to compile statics make sure the report states, the lies people and especially children will tell in order to try to minimise the nature of the offence they have been caught committing. No statistics on that, just common sense.

Comment Re:Idiotic school IT admins cause trouble. (Score 1) 73, what happened was a network security amateur was trying to convict a person of a crime committed by a mac address. No lawyers or courts or anything required, simply, go to that page, format and print it and tell the idiot to wake up to themselves. Hard copy required because obviously the fool does not understand computers.

Comment Re:Microsoft Has An Odd Obsession With The Cloud.. (Score 2) 67

I don't think Windows as an OS is just dying, I think in their arrogant stupidity M$ are killing it. They seem to have this whole destructive management circle jerk going on, where the customers are stupid, gullible idiots who will accept any exploitation what so ever and who are not entitled to any privacy what so ever and ever worse, all small and medium businesses should have their proprietary secrets opened up to M$ for exploitation.

Think how badly M$ has performed, they had a massive lead over Google with MSN and they blew by being arrogant arse holes with whole page ads and web searches for the first bunch of pages being irrelevant ads. The turned a desktop GUI into a mobile phone GUI to try to force sales of mobile phones. Some of the OSs they released were bug ridden and awful, didn't care. Customers have complained again and again about invasions of privacy and M$ doesn't give care, just forcing it in deeper and deeper and deeper.

It's like they have gone full blown stupid, instead of making smart changes, they are stuck in a management circle jerk, doomed to follow the Lotus eaters to oblivion.

Comment Bigger Hacks (Score 2) 49

So the neocons hacked the US government and started a war over nonexistant weapons of mass destruction, penalty, zero. The banksters purposefully ran a scam to inflate profits and their bonuses whilst cheating customers and investors of billions, penalty, zero.

The Russian broke the law, hacked computer networks and copied credit card numbers, which he then sold to criminals. Those criminals did the stealing, fraudulently using those insecure numbers. Compared to those other crimes with zero penalty, what is going on. I was surprised there was no claim of refusal to help or it appears any effort what so ever to get those criminals who used those credit card numbers (makes the whole thing stink of politics). I would have liked to have seen a reduced sentence, say minus a month for each prosecution the defendant helped to gain against the criminals who used the credit card numbers, or at the very least that effort made. Perhaps the Russian government would have cooperated but no politics seemed to have been the focus.

It seems a major opportunity to track down more Russian criminals was wasted, stupid as.

Comment Re:Wow... this is so 1990's except nobody cared (Score 1) 122

Why donated, what you speak of. Your university hires people to teach, instead of teaching all of the time, the university board tells them they 'WILL' produce that work and the university will own it. Universities will tend to hire those people who produce the best work, motivation provided and work produced, nothing done for free.

Comment Re:Ironically (Score 2, Informative) 285

Read this and then say you are jumping for joy at the thought of consuming soy protein isolate and soy protein concentrate, hmm, i can imagine the taste and goodness of the high temperature acid bath. Soy protein isolate not a food any more, just the cheapest possible molecular chain you can get away with calling it food. If there was cheaper worse shit they could get away with calling food, they would. Personally I read that article and it sent a shudder down my spine and made me nauseas to think of some of the crap I have eaten. Here read about your 'food?' for a change If you think that shit is healthier than chicken, you are an idiot.

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