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Comment Re:Too much work (Score 1) 8

But at some point their own electorate will notice how staggeringly little they have accomplished with all the power.

Judging by history, that's one hell of a theoretical point far far into the future. Remember: abortion is still legal, gays can marry, and there was a black dude in the White House and conservatives keep voting Republican.

Comment Re:Too much work (Score 1) 8

Every once in a while - like every fucking day? It's hard to find a day that some conservative talking head isn't saying something derogatory about either Hillary or President Lawnchair.

Still cheaper than investigations and hearings, y'know, actual work.

If the democrats had a spine between them they would start calling out the GOP on neglecting the legacies of the people who died that night. Flag as Inappropriate

That is one bizarre sentence. You actually want them wasting their time just like you complained about the GOP doing?

Comment robots.txt indeed does NOT have value (Score 2, Interesting) 173

The use of robots.txt only makes the internet somewhat harder to search. I fucking hate it when some scientific publisher haplessly uses robots.txt, only to make search of their published content nearly impossible to find. Fuck that, fuck robots.txt and the train it came with.

Comment This will probably fuck with Zotero (Score 2) 217

In principle this could prevent me from writing my scientific manuscripts with Word. On the other hand, nobody forces me to use the newest version of Word. Kind of to probe a point (but mostly because I like it more), I use Word 2007 to author all the manuscripts we publish. There really aren't any compelling reasons for me to upgrade to the new versions of Office.

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