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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 151

I have a 10 year old Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop with a "Ready for Vista" sticker on it running Windows 10 that says otherwise.

Indeed. It says that you did not read or did not understand the summary. This article is about mobile devices (phones and tablets) not desktop computers. Hence, the Android example and calling them "devices" instead of "computers".

Running modern OS's on old desktop hardware is not all that difficult as long as the components are popular and well supported (more obscure components may not have drivers available for modern OS's).

However, the same can not be said for mobile devices. Even a three year old phone may be officially unsupported and by five years it is pretty much guaranteed. By "unsupported", I mean that neither the preview or the current release will run. You can sometimes find hacked up versions that run on older hardware at the expense of stability, performance, and functionality. This is largely due to lack of driver support in the newer kernels for the components baked into the older devices. There is no option to chose your components wisely.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 151

No. This is what virtual machines are for. Or an older box you might have laying around.

Unfortunately, the older boxes don't generally run the preview or even the current stable. Short of physical damage that is generally why they are not primary devices any more.

Of course, there are people who buy a new phone every six months. I think they are crazy but they might be the kind of crazy who install preview versions of mobile operating systems.

Comment Re:SubjectIsSubject (Score 2) 103

Kickstarter has been around since 2009. When is a company no longer considered a "startup"?

Generally, that mile stone is the IPO. Dividends begin some years after that, if ever. Since they are paying a dividend now, it suggests that Kickstarter does not intend to ever go public. Uber seems to be following a similar plan. I guess they don't want the scrutiny and regulation that comes with being a publicly traded company. I can understand that but on the other hand, some of those regulations are there for good reason.

Comment Stock price pump (Score 1) 78

Because one share is not much (too little to sell, really) I think many costumers will end up buying more shares, especially since they already have a connection to the company (own what you know). This might be enough to pump up the stock price beyond what T-mobile could have managed by just buying and retiring shares.

Comment No, because E-bikes mostly replace bicycles (Score 1) 271

And not cars.

The day that E-bikes take over in the US is the day *after* the bicycle infrastructure get so good, the distances so short, and the attitudes so much improved that everyone would be riding bicycles. This is unlikely. And if, somehow it did happen, it would actually be kind of sad. All that work to overhaul transportation, and Americans would still rather sit on their ass and coast rather than pedal.

Comment Re:Men's interests might be more narrow (Score 1) 858

It could be that media that women's interests are wider, on average, or that an equivalent zone for men to the 'chick flic' hasn't been discovered. I don't know.

The male equivalent of the chic flic is the "action" film. But were talking about TV. Action is expensive to film thus we see less of it on the lower budget small screen.

Comment Re:Who the fuck cares? (Score 1) 197

These devices have not redefined the way we phone, nor have they blown us away with unprecedented speeds, or wowed us with extraordinary battery life. Each of these new phones is merely a marginal improvement over last year's model.

Why is no one saying the same things about PCs?

Because it is no longer news. PC's have been stagnant to declining for some years now. In the 80's and 90's PC's were the engine behind the electronics industry. That started to peter out in the 2000's so everyone hitched a ride on the mobile boom. Now, smart phones are cresting. Without rapid advancement consumers will delay purchasing new phones. Volume and margins will fall. Now attention is being turned to wearables and Internet of Things. There is still a great deal of uncertainty of either trend is big enough to keep the engine going. There is a lot of consolidation going on in the chip business right now.

Comment Re:[citation needed] (Score 1) 282

Color and sound were considered toys for a long time. You only needed them to play games. Real work was done on Green/Amber Screens

Affordable colour screens were toys for a long time. They lacked the resolution to display large amounts of data (mostly text) clearly. They were sharp enough for games but nearly useless for doing work.

In the same era, machines that had good sound lacked significant business applications and/or the ability to display 80 columns.

Sound never really justified its existence on work machines. It just became cheap enough that it did not make any sense to leave it out on machines that people did not expect to play on.

Comment Re:Happened to me (Score 1) 178

A friend loaned me a DVD of an old Italian Spaghetti Western, that was in Italian with English subtitles.

This is a film you can't get on DVD or any other way.

So, if you can't get it on DVD, where did your DVD come from?

Bear in mind that YouTube is available internationally so, even if you can't buy a DVD locally, that doesn't mean that there is not somewhere that the DVD is available and there your Youtube video does compete with the rights holder's product.

Comment Re:Watch and record me doing athletic activities (Score 1) 103

There are people with various tethered drone designs that are meant to track you but not sure the top down perspective would give you enough feedback?

Directly overhead would not be good but my understanding is that the more advanced "follow-me" drones can do quite a lot better than that. I envision a drone flying maybe 10 feet up and perhaps 30 or 40 feet down range. They do face tracking to keep their subject in view.

Comment Re:Watch and record me doing athletic activities (Score 1) 103

A wide-angle fixed position camera would give you a massive amount of feedback very simply and with minimal cost. Maybe relocate it from straight to curve to transition between the two between runs, but it'll cover enough of the run to provide some solid feedback.

Going beyond that a fixed position camera with tracking software and automatic zoom. A drone is largely overkill when you're on a simple oval (which is my assumption, given speed skating).

I sort of see your point for ice speed skating or even indoor inline but what I do is outdoor inline speed skating. Ovals exist but they are not common. Most participants skate on roads and trails. My main training ground is a four mile stretch of road that is close to traffic every Sunday. If the camera were no on a drone, the only place left would be on my head. From that location, any angle wide enough to cover the region in question would capture dramatically distorted images.

Comment Re:We do multiple jobs (Score 1) 282

We used to pay people to do things we do now: pump our gas, do our laundry, etc. Not only do we work our job, we do jobs other people used to.

Who is "we"? Servants are only practical for everyday tasks if there are people far enough below you on the economic strata that you can afford to pay them. If, in that earlier time, *you* were the servant then you did not have any servants for yourself. India is like this today. People at the level of the typical Slashdot poster do have people do their nuisance tasks. That is because there are a great number of very poor people willing to accept the assignment for little pay.

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