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Comment Nook Color Vs Nexus7 (Score 1) 415

I read a LOT. I have had a Nook Color since it came out. After a while, I saw there were ebooks cheaper on Amazon that I wanted to purchase through there and not B&N.. but I had a Nook . I also liked my phone (Galaxy Nexus) with Android, only I wanted a screen the size of my Nook Color. So, I got the Nexus 7 from Google. I can load Nook and Kindle Apps on it so I can read and buy from either B&N or Amazon, I received a $25 credit to Google Play from it, and I can also do more than I could do with my Nook Color. No regrets at all. If I had to do it over, I would buy a Nexus 7 again.

Comment Computer or TV playback, or both? (Score 1) 479

I have tried many different methods. I have had cable TV with just a receiver, with a DVR, a USB TV Tuner from Hauppage,, an external HDTV Antennae for over the air channels, Wii, Xbox, and via satellite and 3 DVRs.

At one point with the USB TV Tuner from Hauppage I enjoyed recording all of my TV shows directly to the computer, scheduling ahead, and playback via Windows Media Player as well as the Xbox streaming from WMP. To this day, that was my favourite way. I do not have it hooked up now mainly because I have a cable package requiring the cable box where as when I had previously used it, it was the basic cable not requiring a decoder box.

What I have ATM is 2 HDTV cable boxes (no DVR) and my Xbox. I was told I could get a TV card from the cable company to let me decode it, but I have not yet. I have not tried a mythTV box yet. I do like the idea though.

I like having the convenience of scheduling, recording onto my HD and playing back from computer as I spend a lot of time here. If I were to get a DVR, I would like one that you can record on TV A and then pause, record, playback on any tv in the house. (Centurylink has one like this called Prisim)

I like having netflix and WMP via the Xbox. I believe it is Verizon has a TV like app called FIOS on the Xbox. If I had the TV Tuner card (with decoder) to my pc... that would be the ultimate for me. Record on PC, playback via Xbox on tv and not have to pay rent for a DVR. I beleive same decoder card would work on a mythTV box also. Same principle.

So, you would need to determine how the TV is going to be used, if you are going to want to watch it on PC and or TV.. and which is most efficient and budgeted for the household.

Comment Canon Rebel (Score 1) 569

in 2007, I decided I wanted to get into Photography .. well to the extent of being able to hold a camera over a bug and get a larger photo. I went to extreme and bought a Canon Rebel XT DSLR. It came with a default lens.. and I bought a couple small things like a UV filter. It was easy to take photos with the auto and have them saved onto a sandisk CF card. I bought books, read and learned how to set it manually. It hasn't gone wrong at all and I have had some really intense photos that I have had printed and hung. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. I think the current Rebel is around $600-$700. I'm not a professional, I just enjoy taking good quality photos of things I see that I enjoy.

Comment new car time! (Score 1) 317

And now car manufactures want to give you more electronic conveniences in your car .. even if you dont take eyes off road, you can *still* be distracted by thoughts.. zoning out during a phone conversation (handsfree) or listening to messages.. to a degree, it may never be as safe on the road as it was before there were cellphones (maybe even before pagers too)

Course their were bag phones and satellite phones.. but the ratio of people having those was way less than ration of drivers to cell phones now.

Comment Back 'n up (Score 1) 170

textbook perfect example of why everyone should make a backup.

Hard to say where to draw the line though.. every day, every two days? ever 12 hours?? To each their own.

I just like seeing that there WAS a backup used here. I see too many people without backups used at all. Two days would be a miracle for so many people.

Comment Re:IT Guy ? (Score 1) 736

I can see that. Specially since I grew up forcing myself to say 'you guys' instead of "ya'll" like others around me.. i just never did like the word "ya'll" (like the fingers on the chalkboard thing) except when jeff foxworthy says it.

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