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Comment Re: Limited power to change working situation... (Score 2) 348

I have had this at the office for the past six months and love it. I know anecdotal and all that, but I switch between standing and sitting a couple times and have felt really good since getting this. I seem to have eliminated the mid afternoon sleepiness, and now I'm also much more tired when I go to sleep at night so can't make it through an episode of anything on Netflix. Feeling more energy through the day and sleeping really well through the night.

Comment Nothing is new (Score 1) 805

Since before there were cell phones, a subset of people have generally been rude and uncaring about their behavior in regards to those around them. As I now have an infant to care for, I am acutely aware of those around me and do not wish my child to disrupt anyone's dinner at the local sit down eatery, or wherever. There are people who don't care how loud their child screams and/or causes a scene, and this was the case before mobile phone were ubiquitous. I usually pick up the child and move him away from those enjoying their dinner or activity if there is a period of fussiness and/or noisiness. I treat my mobile as gingerly as a child, apologizing for any noise or disruption and excusing myself if something is pressing. However, the use of a jamming device is an even higher level of rudeness, and I see it as the equivalent of someone else attempting to discipline my child for me. Regardless of how poor I may be at it, it's still my responsibility. It's difficult to go around smacking everyone in this world that you may find rude or insulting without recourse. And there's still such a thing as asking someone politely to knock it off.

Submission + - HTC Buys $40 Million Stake In OnLive (

donniebaseball23 writes: Cloud-based gaming firm OnLive continues to gain steam, as IndustryGamers reports that HTC, a premier manufacturer of Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones, recently purchased a $40 million stake in the company. OnLive had already previously hinted of its intention to expand to smartphones in the future. The service already has the spectator application OnLive Viewer for iPad on the market, with another version coming for Android tablets in the future. Onlive also announced at CES 2011 that it would integrate its streaming service into home electronics manufacturer Vizio’s entire product line.
America Online

Submission + - Real Geeks Don't Tweet (

An anonymous reader writes: In a survey of more than 1,000 Geek 2 Geek members, Twitter, the popular social networking and microblogging site, was rated unfavorably by more than 3 out of 5 who had an opinion about it. On a scale from 1 to 100, Twitter's overall rating was a poor 38. By contrast, Facebook had an overall rating of 63, with more than 70% of geeks reporting a favorable opinion.

Many other sites were rated much more favorably. Two sites, Google and Wikipedia, tied for top honors with 96% favorable ratings and 88 overall. At the bottom of the list was AOL, with an 8% favorable and 14 overall rating.

The second most popular search engine, Microsoft’s Bing, was far down the list, with 33% having a favorable opinion and an overall rating of just 35.

The survey asked people to indicate their opinion (if they had one) of various popular sites. The choices were "highly favorable", "favorable", "unfavorable", and "highly unfavorable". Scoring was based on a scale giving 100 points to a "highly favorable" rating and 0 points to a "highly unfavorable" rating.

Sites included were:


The entire survey results can be seen here


Submission + - Scientists reverse old-age symptoms in mice (

hlovy writes: It's not exactly the Fountain of Youth yet, but if you're a mouse--and the equivalent of 80 human years old--at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, you can thank a group of researchers for making you "young again." Never mind that you were genetically engineered to age prematurely. Your human handlers managed to reverse this and you went on to live a perfectly normal mouse lifespan.

The new research, which appears online in the journal Nature, represents the first time that age-related problems have been reversed in animals.

Submission + - Cinnamon + gold salts + water = Nontoxic nano (

An anonymous reader writes: Gold nanoparticles are used in electronics, healthcare products and as pharmaceuticals. Despite their positive uses, the process to make them requires toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals, leading some researchers to worry over the environmental impact of nanotechnology's growing presence. Now a University of Missouri research team has found a simpler, and non-toxic method to achieve the same end product: Use cinnamon instead of poisons. Better still, the resulting nanoparticles have an inherent anti-cancer property thanks to phytochemicals released by the spice in the production process.

Submission + - Fox Sues Woman for $15M for Hosting Leaked Scripts (

eldavojohn writes: A number of sites are reporting that PJ McIlvaine is being sued by Fox for $15 million dollars. McIlvaine, a screenwriter herself, appeared to be collecting scripts available online and hosting them in a Media Fire repository for other screenwriters to learn from. Fox doesn't see it the same way and alleges that some of the scripts were for movies not yet out saying in the suit that McIlvaine did "interfere and trade off of the costly and carefully designed creative processes that produce finished works ready for public consumption. They harm the fans who do not want their enjoyment of a movie or television show to be spoiled by knowing the story ahead of actually being able to watch it." The Long Island woman did apparently host a script of Deadpool, an unreleased Fox comic book movie. According to the hefty amount, it appears that even sharing copyrighted scripts hurts movies in Fox's mind. Will lady justice agree?

Submission + - Copyright Lawsuit Factories Suing Each Other (

An anonymous reader writes: There have been various copyright lawsuit factories popping up all around the US lately, filing thousands upon thousands of lawsuits, identifying people and then sending them "pre-settlement" letters to get them to pay up. The most notable one in the US is the US Copyright Group, which is now involved in a legal spat with competitor Media Copyright Group. Media Copyright Group is in the same business... and US Copyright Group thinks its name is too similar, so it sent a cease and desist letter. Media Copyright Group struck back with a lawsuit asking for declaratory judgment that it does not infringe. Considering how much these companies copy each other already, it seems rather amusing to see them now going to court against each other as well.

Submission + - IT Security Salaries Expected to Rise in 2011 (

wiredmikey writes: IT security professionals in the United States can expect starting salaries to increase in 2011, according to a new salary report released today. The guide suggests larger increases in base compensation expected in high-demand segments including information security related positions. According to the report, companies are hiring security professionals to help foil fraud, prevent network breaches and comply with new regulations, to keep confidential information safe and secure.

The salary guide also notes that in addition to specific job-related skills and capabilities, businesses are looking for professionals with credentials such as CISSP, Check Point Security Administrator (CCSA) and Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) — these certifications are often a ticket to a higher salary over standard experience and skills.


Submission + - Recently Discovered Habitable World May Not Exist (

sciencehabit writes: Two weeks ago, U.S.-based astronomers announced the discovery of the first Goldilocks planet circling another star: just the right size and just the right temperature to harbor alien life. But yesterday at an exoplanet meeting in Turin, Italy, Switzerland-based astronomers announced that they could find no trace of the prized planet in their observations of the same planetary system.

Submission + - IRS servers down during crucial week (

crimeandpunishment writes: A planned server outage turned into an unplanned glitch for the Internal Revenue Service, and it comes at a very bad time. The IRS planned the server outage for the holiday weekend....but today they couldn't get the system back into operation. This week is the deadline for filing 2009 tax returns for taxpayers who got extensions. So far it's not having a huge impact since the shutdown only involves the updated version of the e-filing system, and most programs used by large tax companies like H&R Block will default to the older version. There's no estimate on when the system will be back up.

Submission + - Microsoft's WP7 Gamble -- Are Apps All That? (

CWmike writes: Microsoft's design and strategy for Windows Phone 7 is about as different from the iPhone and Android phones as it gets. In an app-happy world, Windows Phone 7 is app-light. And rather than luring you in with all the amazing things you can do on your phone, Microsoft lauds the ability of Windows Phone 7 phones to have you spend less time using your phone, not more. It's a big gamble — and it just might pay off, argues Preston Gralla.

Submission + - How are businesses using Facebook et al?

futuristic writes: How are businesses (particularly software services) using Facebook and similar social media? Is it changing anything? How does the Facebook presence mesh with the corporate web site? Have any companies tried, and bailed on their social media presence? What companies have the most effective Facebook site? Are customers looking for, and depending on companies having a Facebook presence? What do consumers/customers expect in a business Facebook presence?

(slashdot editors — thank you for considering my question and if accepted, please feel free to massage into a sensible request. I search over the past few months for a similar question with no luck....I'd appreciate the link if the question has been presented. Thanks. )

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