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Comment Re:High value items, use registered mail (Score 1) 155

I used registered mail to ship something to Canada and it just evaporated after it was picked up by USPS. No scans, no tracking information, nothing. USPS said the registration was invalid and sorry about your bad luck. I lost over $100 on that shipment with no recourse since USPS blamed me for the issue.

Comment Re:I'm okay with it being rented (Score 2) 157

* The inability to prevent Windows 10 from phoning home for reasons I'm prevented from knowing.

If you care, there's a great PowerShell script available that turns off everything that's known so far. We're going to include it in our deployment script on principle.

Comment Re:I might get crucified but.. (Score 1) 219

I was right there with you until I got my MacBook Air. Apple has really nailed the touchpad. It's far better than any other touchpad I've ever used. The trackpoint is good, but the touchpad done right is great. I haven't had a chance to use the force touch thing yet, but it seems to be an incremental improvement by the clear leader.

That said, the Mac keyboard is a distinct step down from the ThinkPad keyboard. If Lenovo could license the Mac touchpad, or Mac would license the ThinkPad keyboard, they would have my credit card on day 1.

Comment A hearty meh (Score 2) 700

I've used FTDI products for *years* and with just a very few exceptions have had zero issues with compatibility and performance. They are my number one supplier of USB to serial chips, and I still don't have any issues recommending them. Their drivers are very stable, and they work hard to make them for every platform. If they want to go after the counterfeiters, more power to them. Filing a lawsuit against a small shell company selling back-room chips pretending to be FTDI chips won't do any good. Brick a thousand shitty chips and things might change.

Comment That's not the story you should be telling (Score 1) 192

Like the electric company, yes, you should strive for 100% uptime. But that should be a footnote in your report. The main report should show how you have leveraged IT to lower costs in other areas, make the company more efficient, and you've improved the customer experience in a meaningful way. Stop thinking your job is to keep the computers running. Start thinking your job is to help the company run better.

What have you done outside IT today?

Comment Re:Amazon costs are relatively fixed (Score 1) 119

For this particular use case scenario, it would be better to skip the EBS disks and use ephemeral disks with instances that are spawned purely for the build and test, check their results back into the build system, and self-destruct. You could even request spot instances since the workload isn't particularly time dependent.

You're right, if Amazon goes down, you're down without much recourse. But if you've designed your system to use instances that are launched on demand, you just launch them in a different availability zone and/or region. The odds that *every* Amazon datacenter goes down at the same time are extremely low.

Comment Re:They should have gone with Python (Score 1) 387

Just because you've seen a porn, doesn't mean you know how to be a parent.

That's brilliant.

The whole debate over who's language is better is really a moot issue. Javascript can be coded faster than C in many cases because of its' relaxed syntax and foundation primitives. C winds up running faster (all things being equal) in most cases, with a few exceptions where the Javascript RT can optimize better. In the end, you just have to use the best tool for the job.

Comment Hotel Safes Problematic Too (Score 2) 66

I was just in a hotel last week and had put my laptop in the room safe. I entered my 6 digit code and locked the safe. Two days later, I tried to open it and it wouldn't take my pin. I called the hotel staff and a maintenance guy came to my room with a small 10-key pad that had an LCD display. He plugged an RJ45 cable into a port on the bottom of the locking device, entered 2468#, then 1357#, and the safe opened. After it was open, it flashed LO-BAT, so that explains why it lost my combination.

If it's as easy as having one of those pin pads, why even have the safe in the room?

Comment Re:Screw Oracle (Score 1) 98

The firmware thing was what caused me to start recommending other server manufacturers. The Sun hardware was actually really nice, well designed, and very stable. The ILOM was great since it was so tightly integrated with the hardware and yet completely out of band, and was included with the server at no real additional cost.

Then Oracle bought Sun and turned off firmware support unless you had an active support contract. That was a big *fuck you* to everyone who bought a bunch of Sun hardware and only kept support on a few critial units. I know firmware updates aren't free to make, but that's the price of good customer service.

Oracle, you've lost my business.

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