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Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 252

Staring at the score a single reviewer gives is, IMHO, stupid, but taking a look at what thousands of people think gives a much better image of what it's actually like. On Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and the likes I always look at the user-score, not the critic-score, and pretty often the user-score more-or-less matches with my opinion.

Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 2) 258

I just select the tabs that I want to close in gang (either with shift or ctrl/cmd) and then close them either with ctrl/cmd-w or a right click. For me it would be very rare that I want to close all but a single tab.

But I admit that I'm weird. I still can't completely let go of Firefox because of Tree Style Tabs. Tabs on the top is madness! :)

Comment Re:Of course it's easy for Mozilla... (Score 1) 227

How do you know? It's entirely possible that the same vulnerabilities exist in different software doing very similar things. How do you know it's in the rendering engine and not one of the common libraries they use, etc? You don't, because no one has made the exploits available to you.

Comment Re:I guess /. still approves this crap (Score 1) 269

We set up institutions up like this all the time when the goal is a level of detachment from popular politics or cooperation across jurisdictions. In local government, they are usually set up as "authorities", such as the entities which administer the bridges between states (e.g. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Delaware River Port Authority, etc.).

More broadly, every single corporation in the US gets its charter from a government. What we think of as "private" are actually entities that exist only at the whim of government.

At the end of the day, congress could dissolve the Fed with a single law, and that's what is important.

Comment Re:Con or Confirm (Score 0) 248

Goodenough & Helena Braga surely know they were going to be painted bright orange as frauds without additional proof.

They surely know they had to follow up with a public display of a cell under charge, then discharge cycles with component weights and measurements to confirm the claims.

Anything else would be a lifelong purgatory in an engineering gulag of con artists.

When you're in your mid-90s a "lifelong purgatory" probably isn't that big a deal.

Comment Re:Speak password out loud? (Score 2) 54

They meant "mouthing the password," it's just poorly worded. There's e.g. the excerpt of "Third, lip passwords don't rely on speech recognition, meaning they can be used in noisy environments." in the article, which obviously wouldn't work if you had to actually say the password out loud -- the background noise would just drown you out. The system just relies on lip shape and mouth movement, not actually hearing anything.

Comment Re:With a non-stop stream of (Score 2) 320

I've had the pause and resume copy/moving come in handy several times. It's also much more resilient to network blips while moving things around thanks to that.

Directly mounting ISOs in virtual drives without needing PowerISO or other third party software is kind of cool.

I like the corner-snapping that windows can do now - I made a lot of use of the side by side and drap-to-top functionality, so the corner one is even better. Especially on today's big monitors.

Nothing earth-shattering, but nice little improvements. I don't actually hate Windows 10 at all, aside from the privacy issues.

Comment What's the point? (Score 4, Informative) 55

The official Orange Pi - images are total fucking crapshoot, being so bad they make even your mum's cameltoe look appealing in comparison! It's not the availability of apps that is the problem, it's the support for the boards and all of their features, including Mali-drivers, or the closed, undocumented WiFi-chips, and so on that is the problem! Xunlong ain't doing shit to help get drivers mainlined in the kernel, they just produce a shitty image that barely boots and then hope the community will do all the hard work for them.

So, what's the point with these "snaps?" How do they make the situation any better? Oh, they don't? Weeellll...

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