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Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 566

I need to use cruise control just to stay out of traffic court - I'm a lead foot if left to my own devices.

My strategy is to pass as quickly as possible to find the next "hole" in traffic to settle into. Sometimes that means my speed varies as I try to maintain my position in the hole and people who I passed end up passing me. I figure as long as I'm over in the right lane, it shouldn't really be a problem for people to play leapfrog a little bit. I feel much safer not jockeying around in the clusters.

This strategy works not even a little in moderate to heavy traffic, in which case I simply get in the left lane and go as fast as possible, which if I'm lucky is 5-10 over the speed limit.

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 1) 172

I'm sorry if I'm being dense to a joke, but are you serious? They don't need to sample you personally to get a pretty good idea of what people's habits are. A few thousand ought to do it, and there are hundreds of millions of Americans. The chances of you being sampled are minuscule.

Comment Re:Windows 7 and 8 (Score 1) 399

I'll admit that 7 is better than XP, but not by enough that I would have bothered to upgrade if they hadn't discontinued support. It makes me wonder if one of these Windows clone operating systems won't eventually get good enough that I won't bother running Windows proper at all. If there was an OS that was feature-compatible with, say, Windows 2000 and also supported modern hardware, why would we bother with this proprietary crap?

Comment Re:Waste of effort (Score 2) 98

I've literally never seen a person talk on their phone in the theatre. That's the kind of behaviour that would get your ass kicked out... Is it an American thing?

Probably, yes. People do text on their phones a lot these days, probably a lot more than talking on them.

It's certainly not a thing over here. People do turn their phones off or silent and they don't play with them during movies.

Reserved seating? You're kidding, right? I've never, ever, ever, ever seen a theater like that in my many decades of theater-going.

Most theaters over here do reserved seating. As long as you buy the tickets a couple of hours or days ahead of time you can choose what seat(s) you wish to occupy.

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