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Comment Re:Big Floppy is scamming you (Score 1) 612

The earlier 400/800k Mac disks couldn't be read on a standard PC floppy controller due to the GCR format that used variable speed bits. No amount of software could change this (though there were some hardware solutions from third-party floppy controllers to entire floppy subsystems)

The later HD floppies could be read just fine on a PC with various software packages to read HFS. They moved over to using standard MFM encoding for their HD drives.

Comment Re:What about electrical, plumbing etc? (Score 1) 315

It can also depend on whether what you're doing is considered repair or installation/upgrading. I replaced my own hot water heater last year and my ex-wife and her grandmother spent a lot of time being worried about permits and such. Basically as long as I was replacing like for like it was considered repair and I didn't need anything special. If I was going to upgrades, say convert to a tankless water heater, I'd have had to pursue more.

There are also methods in place in some places to have your work inspected and signed off on by a licensed person for a much cheaper price than having them do it. My boss rewired and finished his basement himself and just had to have an electrician come out and sign off that it was all up to code.

Comment Re:Lightning is cheaper (Score 1) 124

A couple years ago, my ex-wife wanted to stream from an iThingie to HDMI, and when we looked it up the adapter to do so was a kind of shocking $50. A whole Apple TV was $65. So we ended up just buying an Apple TV and getting a lot more functionality for not that much more money.

Still wasn't 4k.

Comment Re:Goolge needs to ban carrier builds and let peop (Score 1) 212

This varies by phone. Non-AT&T phones that support the proper frequencies should work just fine on AT&T with LTE. There can sometimes be some drama getting the APNs set up just right, but it's usually not hard. Also, some features like HD Voice or VoLTE may or may not work depending on the rom and software support - those usually need a stock AT&T or AT&T-derived rom, but it may be possible to install one on an unlocked device and make it work.

Comment Re:These guys called me last week. (Score 1) 212

I read an article that was admittedly about Spam scams, but I'd imagine the same would apply here. They're intentionally designed to be off-the-wall and unbelievable. That way, they know anyone they rope in is likely to be gullible enough to go all the way and fall for it without much problem. They don't want to try to make something super-believable that will cause smart or smart-enough people to question it and spend a bunch of time researching, because it wastes their time when they drop out.

Unfortunately, this often means elderly folks get the worst of it, though apparently college kids are getting hit too.

In fact, here it is

Comment Re:Dumbest rivalry ever (Score 1) 37

I'm not sure exactly when/how it triggers, but the first time I tried running Chrome when it wasn't default on a brand new Windows 10 install I got a popup that extolled the virtues of Edge and I really, really should give it a try. Pretty please, etc. Dismissed it and made Chrome default and haven't seen it again.

Comment Not the first time Office led to published errors (Score 1) 349

Back in the day, old versions of Word only had "co-operation" in its dictionary, and would autocorrect "cooperation" to "Cupertino". This sounded like one of those urban legend things until I searched Google Books for some common constructs. You'll find hundreds of examples like the cupertino of and Cupertino Between (has some real uses but most aren't)

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 3, Informative) 236

It comes and goes in cycles. For awhile I was getting several a day from the same company shilling security systems. I finally got them to stop when I worked my way through their system getting farther and farther along each call until I managed to get a tech dispatched to an abandoned house not far from me. They stopped calling at that point.

Depending on what I was doing at the time, I also enjoyed just letting them ramble on for awhile about their spiel, then give them an address in Canada or Australia or something. Really pissed them off.

Nowadays they're almost all initially handled by an automated speech thing (albeit some are scary good) so it's harder to have fun with them.

Comment Re:Downloading? (Score 1) 211

I guess I was fortunate that I always lived in pretty big cities back in the day, so I never had a shortage of local BBSes to call. Although I did cause some family drama that I still get reminded of to this day when my little sister broke her wrist at gymastics and spent several hours in the hospital alone because I had the phone lines tied up and had *70'd despite being told not to.

There are actually a handful of dialup BBSes left that I still call now and then, and long distance is no longer a problem with Google Voice. It's fun.

Comment Re:Downloading DOS shareware (Score 1) 211

I don't usually do the "internet pedantry" thing, but I have to correct you to Telix. ;) Only because I still use it pretty often for various geeky things that aren't all that interesting and I have a lot of very fond memories of it. It was one of the very few shareware applications I registered as a kid - I didn't have a lot of money but I got a lot of use out of it.

Comment Re:What browser? (Score 2) 119

I remember it from years and years ago as an IE shell for 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 that provided a lot of functionality that IE6 just didn't have - tabs, ad blocking, popup blocking, etc. It was hugely popular at the company I worked for at the time because we had an ActiveX IE-based CRM that required us to use IE, and it allowed a lot of features. Looks like they call it "Maxthon Classic" now.

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