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Journal ellem's Journal: Replying to JEs 6

I don't seem to be able to respond to JEs! Punishment for spending time with Multiply? Hmmmm.

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Replying to JEs

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  • Turn off the University of Michigan Testing Discussion system and you'll be able to reply easily.

    Speaking of Michigan...

    The Ohio State and Michigan football teams recently had a bet this football offseason - the Michigan football team, upset by losing 3 in a row to Ohio State, challenged the Ohio State football team to a weekend competition - Ice Fishing.

    So, Lloyd Carr, Michigan Coach, and Jim Tressel, Ohio State coach, each selected 5 players to go Ice Fishing with them, and they headed out to the ic
  • Look a the left side of the screen where the widget is where you can set the threshold for the comments. The "reply" link is there...
    • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
      • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
        Yeah that would be punishment for using Slashdot, not Multiply.

        • Or the punishment for opting into the beta testing of the Discussion system. ;)

          Those of us who chose not to participate apparently can reply like we always could before. I haven't even seen the floaty menu thingy that everyone keeps talking about, and I suspect that is for the same reason.
    • You can't get rid of the widget now, either.

      I hope that /. get an option "remove floating widgets" and put the buttons in the page, where they should be. Shame, because I like most of the new system...

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