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Comment Google+ Partner (Score 2) 310

Google should start a partnership program for Google+ like they have for Youtube. Popular bloggers should get a percentage of the ad revenue based on the number of people who have added them to their circles times the number of posts. Or maybe better based on the total number of +1s they receive in a given time period.

Comment Re:Great! But does it behave? (Score 1) 62

I think the safest way to assure it doesn't harm humans is to make it light, small and not very strong like Asimo. There's no need to have an industrial strength robot doing the dishes or cleaning the house. If it can lift 10kg (a bucket of water) it's powerful enough for most household tasks and too feeble to do much damage even to children.

Tesla To Build a Rapid-Charging Station Between LA and SF 215

thecarchik writes "Earlier this year at the official launch of the 2012 Model S Sedan, Musk said that Tesla was planning on installing ultra-rapid charging stations along major arterial freeways such as the I-5 between Canada and Mexico, but declined to give specifics. But in an official Tesla earnings call last week, Musk let slip where the first of these ultra-rapid charging stations would be: somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, even by the shortest route, the distance between the two cities is nearly 400 miles, meaning that an equidistant SuperCharger would be no use to owners of Model S sedans with smaller 160 or 230-mile battery packs."

Business 2.0 Says 'Boycott Vista' 756

amyandjake writes "Business 2.0 has a story about Vista's delays, the amount of time wasted by Microsoft bringing Vista to market, and the fact that it doesn't seem to have any compelling features for upgrading. The last paragraph of the story says 'Boycott Vista. Keep your old Windows XP PC around. Don't buy a new one. That's the only way we have to let Microsoft know Vista is an overhyped, late, and pointless update to XP — a perfectly fine operating system.'" Relatedly, torrensmith writes "Paul Thurrott is at it again with his seemingly never-ending supply of information about Windows Vista. This time, he discusses the things he dislikes about the program, in the article The Dark Side of Windows Vista RC1."

ASCII World Cup 52

Richard writes to tell us that the web is bringing you the next step up from watching those world cup matches in high-def. As the self-proclaimed "best, most ridiculous, most redundant graphical implementation of ASCII", brings you the 2006 World Cup live via your telnet window.

Comment No content (Score 1) 119

I've played the beta for 2 weeks @ 4 hours/day (IAABT). DDO looks great and is well made but I can't recommend it because of an utter lack of content. After the beta I had a level 7 and level 6 toon, having played every dungeon to boredom. Hard core players maxed out their first character in less than 2 weeks.

During the last week of the beta the hardest part in starting a party was deciding what to do: noone cared anymore which dungeon to go to.

You may want to read the beta reviews at meID/163 before spending time and money on this dud.

I'm very disappointed.

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