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Comment Re:10% Ethanol (Score 2) 556

What do you thing pinging/knocking is? It is detonation of the fuel in a non-optimum premature way. I said simple version in my answer, not 100% factually correct version.

Comment Re:10% Ethanol (Score 4, Informative) 556

Octane rating of gasoline has nothing to do with the actual "Octane" content. The simple version is that it is a pressure scale at which the fuel spontaneously combusts. You can squeeze octane to very high pressures before it combusts, heptane on the other hand will spontaneously combust at very low pressures. On the octane scale, the pure heptane value is set at "0" and the pure octane value is set to "100". Therefore a higher octane rating in your fuel will reduce the likelihood of one of you pistons firing prematurely from compression a la "backfiring". I don't really know what the octane rating of pure ethanol is. But it has nothing to do with the amount of carbons in the chain.

German Copyright Group To Collect From Creative Commons Event 349

bs0d3 writes "In Leipzig, Germany, an 8 hour music/dance party event was organized to play nothing but creative commons music the entire time. A German copyright group called GEMA told the organizers that to be certain that no rights were infringed, it would need a list of all artists including their full names, place of residency and date of birth. After the event GEMA sent an invoice for 200 euros. They claim that behind pseudonyms some of their artists may be hidden and produce things that they would not earn anything from. According to German law, you are required to prove that an artist is not with GEMA. So even though GEMA probably does not have rights to any of the music, they are not required to prove that they do."

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 646

Sorry I forgot to add that much of the fructose that enters glycolysis actually ends up entering the chain below the reaction that involves PFK1. PFK1 is the major control point in the pathway and bypassing that enzyme leads to runaway metabolism of fructose directly into with little regulation to stop it pyruvate.

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 646

Fructose and Glucose are both involved in Glycolosis. The body can actually more readily use fructose for energy because it turns Glucose into glucose phosphate, then into fructose phosphate, then into pyruvate, and finally shuffled to the citric acid cycle. Its just that much of the regulation of this pathway is dependent on glucose levels.

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