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Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 1) 48

more, the likes of Disney, Warner, HBO, and pals want it dead, and refuse to grant them content licenses. It isnt that they dont want to stream it to you, the media holders wont let them. Get it right.

Yes, and it's suicidal of them. There's no going back to pre-Netflix ways of distribution (unless maybe they make DVRs even more convenient and powerful, with remote sharing and stuff, which isn't something the advertisers particularly want to see happen) and nobody wants to maintain 10 different accounts to find stuff

Too bad, they're going to have to anyway. That's the model we're moving towards, and even if it fails, inertia will take us in that direction for some time. HBO and Disney in particular are both large enough to succeed with their own app.

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 2) 128

When I tell stories I want to be detailed; but I have learned that people don't want the full story and prefer summaries. Summaries so short that I more or less have to reinvent the scenario in order to get my point or question out and paid attention to.

No. If you are having this problem, either autism is a lot more subtle than I thought, or you are just bad at summarizing. I have noticed that most people are very bad at this. I am not very good at it myself; I have a tendency to give a whole lot more detail than is absolutely necessary, which turns people off.

Since it's not the complete truth; it's a lie

That is not how it works. Here's how it actually works: let's say you didn't do something because of some other thing, which was foisted upon you by some other person. When someone asks you what happened with doing the thing, first you just say "I didn't do the thing." Then they ask why not and you say "Well, this other person interfered." And then when they ask how, then you get to tell them the next part of the story: They interfered with "action". Oh really? How did they "action"? Well, they did this and this and this thing (only give the names of the things the did.) Then if they ask for more detail on those things, you give the detail.

Remember playing Ultima back in the day? You'd talk to an NPC and they would give you a sentence or so with some keywords in it. Then you'd use one of those keywords to get more information. This is how people actually talk! Well, to be fair, a lot of people don't talk this way. They talk like they do in J-RPGs where you get a wall of text (press X for more...more...more...) and that shuts people down because it is not particpatory. If I want a wall of text, I'll pick up a brochure.

Lying isn't black and white

Yes, yes it is. What you say is either true or not. That's black or white, period the fucking end. There are many, many ways for a statement to not be true, and only one way for it to be an unbiased description of what happened — don't say things which aren't true.

You have to interpret how much and what information a person is looking for.

That has nothing whatsoever to do with telling lies. If a story changes because you're summarizing it, you're shit at summarizing.

Comment Re:8% (Score 5, Informative) 89

sales people.
"important bloggers".
"influential people".

you have to look at twitters history from inception to today.

first off it was hacked together on pretty shitty codebase, which made scaling the service EXTREMELY expensive. they've since moved to different codebase that for some reason seems to be just as expensive to run. even back in the day when similar sized irc networks(to what size twitter was back then) were ran for _pennies_ twitters network was 100x more expensive to run. it's kind of amazing how they managed to do that and not have anyone tell them that their ideas were stupid and that they could have saved a lot of money.

basically, twitter _technical_design_ from day 1 was such that it could not scale to be profitable - which is kind of amazing since there were off the shelf products even back then that would have done it way, wayyy cheaper and with way, way more features.

actually part of twitters early rise was tied solely to american telcos way of screwing over it's customers. namely that you buy text messages as a package _and_ that incoming messages are part of said package, which let twitter send you info kind of free (for them anyways).

I think another thing that happened was that they hired 2000 sales people without thinking what they were going to ask those 2000 sales people actually sell (and if they had something to sell why the fuck they would need sales people to sell it anyways).

another big fuckup from twitter was that they missed their sales window - being unable to scale to profitability would not have been such a problem if they had sold out to ms or someone else 5 years ago, though even then it might have been hard to get a sum out to pay the previous investors - what happened between 5 years and today? well everybody knows already that twitter is just.. twitter. it's not the next facebook - it's the next myspace - and even dimmer buyers know that twitters tech is worth shit ALL NOTHING. for example, if their tech would scale at pennies then all the limits about message lengths and content, client apps and all that would be understandable - but it has all the downsides of a highly optimized system without any cost benefits of such a system.

and well.. another reason to the high headcounts is simply this: the more people work under you the more money you will get paid (out of the investors money). it was just a way to pump out the cash from the sinking ship. ...or to put more simply: it began as a fucking one liner message wall script for bloggers by bloggers who never bothered to learn anything else because blogs. it was just links to blogs with couple of comment lines. made with _blog_ technology. by people who for some reason ignored _all_ cheap off the shelf scalable methods to achieve the same fucking thing when they made it. and it got popular enough that said bloghipsters could manage to get enough funding to run it for a decade burning money all the way(and pocketing a lot of it in the process).

Comment Re:Technical OR legislative? (Score 1) 332

oh but the way to get router manufacturers implement the technical fix is the legislative way.

because, the article is about how they aren't doing it otherwise..

or how about this for a technical and legislative both fix.. mandate transparent http proxies on all connections and make half the protocols unusable and everything insecure!

Comment Re:Something's fishy (Score 2) 179

Have you forgotten the IMF ballout, the Winter of Discontent and later Maggie going begging for a rebate because Britain was the "sick man of Europe"? We were shagged before we joined the EEC, and I hope leaving it's successor doesn't take us back to those dark days.

Talking of this recent event bringing back manufacturing jobs is bullshit that some politicians -- especially on the left -- like to peddle, but in fact if manufacturing comes back it will more likely be automated. Anyway, this depreciation doesnt allow us to compete with China's labour costs, or any of its competitors now that it is getting too expensive. When the pound dropped after the 2008 financial crises, the relative side of our trade gap didn't shrink... it's not price that's preventing people buying our products.

If half the international banking industry leaves then we'll end up with a gap in governement finances that will cause them to make cuts more painful than anything George Osbourne did in the last six years, I can guarantee that a boom in exports won't cover this difference. And as the economy contracts the size of the interest payments on the goverment's debts will become the fifth biggest expense... finance industry wins again.

Comment No they do not... (Score 1) 154

People may want more battery, but they also have to choose between this and the safety of their person, their relatives, their car, house, or even the airplane they're flying on.

Wrong, every other camera maker delivers safe phones that don't catch on fire. They can have better battery life and a safe phone; just buy an iPhone.

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 1) 79

Well, yes, some of those peoples are still around, which matters to racists and fascists, who believe that races and peoples have rights and share collective guilt. None of those people are still around, which is what matters from the point of justice and liberty.

It was the peoples who owned the land. They were very much territorial. In some cases, land was owned by a smaller group like a tribe or tribelet. The land was taken from them collectively, so any redress must be to them collectively. You might not recognize the value of the collective, but they do.

The truth is that the land you currently possess was taken from the prior owners by force. It's quite possible that they or their descendants are still around, and if you actually believed that taking property by force is wrong, you'd give it back to them. You don't, but you sure to like to claim the moral high ground that you're not even vaguely close to approaching. There's no way you can in good conscience sit there and rant about property rights you clearly don't believe in, and also be taken seriously.

Comment Re:Hardware is so much better? (Score 1) 69

When I was a kid and turned on a BBC Micro, it was ready to use instantly.

And for its time, it was awesome. And today, a pocket calculator makes that BBC Micro its bitch. But the truth is that most of us never turn our computers all the way off, so it doesn't matter much what the power-on-to-usefulness time is unless we're experiencing a lot of crashes.

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