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Comment Apple (Score 1) 47

It is absolute madness if you do not recognize the steadfast refusal of Apple to adopt Flash, along with the ensuing rise in the number of people who used phones and tablets to browse, as the #1 cause of The Fall of the House of Flash.

Flash had other problems sure but it persisted and grew for years with those same problems. It was only wen someone came along that took user experience and security seriously in a way that was popular, that Flash finally met its long-overdue demise.

Comment Re:Simulator...interface is garbage (Score 1) 315

While sims are mostly faithful to their airplane type in the air, on the ground and landing, it isn't the same.

Certainly. Nor at any other time, unless maybe if you've got a very good motion simulator. That's how it is for driving, why would it be fundamentally different for flying?

There are small differences between the sim and the real thing that throw off landings.

Things like tarmac condition? Wind eddies? Windshield smudges? Temperature's effects on tire performance? Presumably, sooner or later the sims will model all these things, as well, and then some. And then it still won't be the same :)

On the other hand, simulator experience seems sufficiently relevant to the current discussion. It's enough fun when the runway is flat and straight, if you ratchet up the inclement conditions. Now make it round and curved in two dimensions and watch the fun begin!

I haven't even flown a sim in ages. I have yoke and pedal controllers, maybe I'll finally desk up so that I can use them.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 315

The runway is banked, and the angle of the bank is proportional to the radius. Anything moving along the runway, at any speed, should naturally stay on the runway. Slower objects will roll towards the inner, flatter area, and faster objects will zip around the high rim.

The word you want is not banked, it is curved. Unless you say it is progressively banked, but that's solely an unnecessarily loquacious means of stating the same precise thing. But that's just another undesirable added complexity. Now if you don't touch down at the correct lateral position for your airspeed, you're going to have to deal with the runway trying to either dump you off the bottom, or squirt you off the top.

Comment Re: Internet Rape (Score 2) 426

I am just happy that none of the hot topic governmental decisions or actions do not effect me.

Of course they do. Trump is sure to expand visa programs after claiming that he would diminish them, for example. He's stepped up programs that cause people to hate us, which creates more terrorists. Under his watch, congress is selling out our data. I don't know how you imagine these things don't affect you, but get ready. You'll soon see that they do.

Comment Re:Austin 16 minute commute? (Score 1) 243

the 35

Nobody local calls it that except the immigrants from out-of-state.

I started calling it that after I heard locals calling it that. It was over ten years ago, though. I haven't been to Texas in ages. The only thing I miss there are some exes. Not all my exes live in Texas, but some of them do.

Anyhow, you do point out the only way to get such a short commute in Austin: move to the corner of town near where your work is.

And that's precisely what I did when I lived there. And people shit themselves because I paid $1/sqft. Hilarity.

Comment No you cannot (Score 1) 426

You can choose to use or not use Facebook.


You can choose not to use the Facebook UI or to register with them. But you have no easy way for them not to know who you are as an entity, and what you do. You know how there is a Facebook "Like" button on every page? Yeah.

That is doubly true of Google... or anyone that runs a large ad network.

Comment How can they not know? (Score 2) 426

How does Facebook and Google see that I binge-play Elder Scrolls Online an entire night?

Because they see your "signal" go dark for the night and you talk about it on some service later that Google can see (i.e. they know now). Or maybe the company that runs Elder Scrolls just told them since there is nothing stoping THEM from selling your info.

Meanwhile if you had played over a VPN your ISP would know nothing. They are literally the only service it's actually possible to keep in the dark, yet you want to make a fuss about what they can see.

Comment You can, who does? (Score 1) 426

You can throw up speedbumps to what they can see, and limit the sharing quite a bit.

Do you?

I know how to do that - but I do not.

Do you think even 1% of non technical people do anything like that?

For 99.9% of ISP users it doesn't matter if technically they COULD POSSIBLY limit tracking of someone like Facebook or Google to be more limited than your ISP - in practice there is no difference.

Because they tried price discrimination once, and it blew up on them badly.

Ha Ha they offer dynamic pricing all the time, even now. Some "blow up".

I see this all-or-nothing bullshit all the time.

Now THAT is some grade A dripping wet irony.

Comment delusional. (Score 1) 54

I don't really understand why in such a scenario the rest of the carmakers wouldnt just ramp up their electric efforts.

because tesla does nothing particularly cheaply or effectively.

also.. tencent got swindled. 1.78 billion for a 5 percent stake in an operation that is not turning steady profit is a PRETTY SHITTY DEAL, just ask microsoft. the salesman musk needed that money to keep the train rolling.

but thats besides the point that daimler could copy whatever model tesla has as succesful profitable model in a year. theres electric bmw models ready to scale up in production that are cheaper than teslas.

previous tesla models have been competing mainly with upper market bmw's - and even with those teslas have been able to compete due to tax breaks. the previous teslas have all been stupidly expensive - and yet tesla has failed to turn that expensive price into profit TRANSLATING into selling EXPENSIVE PARTS AT BARELY THE COST for several years.

that is, I am very skeptical of Tesla managing to sell _anything_ for under 30 000 dollars at a profit and you have to remember that such a car would still be competing with bmw's on price once you add the tax that most of the world has on cars.

right now it's still basically "do I buy a tesla, an upper range bmw or a lower range ferrari" - and the two latter ones let you tour through europe without stopping.

Comment Women even better off in industry (Score 2) 403

I calll bullshit. There's a HUGE difference between positions in education and in industry and commerce.

Outside of the educational community, the desire for companies to hire ANY technical women is massive. You can for sure gat an interview at any tech company if you are a woman. You will be 99% sure to be made an offer if you are at all competent (and sometimes even if not, the power of quotas).

I have a friend with a daughter who is a CS major, and she was offered extremely well paid internships with a large signing bonus at every single company she applied for (ten or so I believe). She is pretty skilled but currently only in Python.

I say that not to say it is negative but just to speak the truth about how things are, because so many seem to think it hard for women to find tech jobs once they acquire skills and they are scaring away young women from a gold mine with a very rich vein.

To be frank it's not hard for any competent male to find tech work either, but loads of large companies have diversity quotas and they are absolutely desperate to fill them which gives women a huge advantage...

Note that his ease of hiring is utterly separate from the conditions they may find once working there. Outside of Silicon Valley women are usually treated well and as equals, in most California companies they will probably face horrific abuse and discrimination (which is where the myth that tech women are mostly mistreated in companies comes from).

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