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Comment Re: Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 1) 274

That's really my greatest fear right there, as I'm coming into my mid-40's. I've been a developer/individual contributor my whole life (since I was a teenager, actually). It's been made abundantly clear to me that there's no room for me in management in any capacity; whenever I've so much as dipped my toe into a management track, I've been violently pulled back into technical roles - although I must admit I've always been more than happy to go because I hate managing and love programming. But man, I have a lot of years left before I'll have enough saved up to retire, and two kids that still have to go to college...

Comment Re:Inherent contradictions within leftist ideals. (Score 1) 274

pay very well.

Actually, as far as I can tell, they don't - even though banks and insurance companies are risking actually going out of business if they can't find people to maintain (or port) their ancient mainframe COBOL applications, they're still not offering more than about $50K/year for these jobs.

Comment Re:BUGS (Score 1) 340

COBOL is simple. It is also relatively limited. This makes it easier to track, troubleshoot, and maintain.

That is the theory. The fact is, because even trivial things are awkward to do in Cobol, every Cobol program that lives more than a year promptly turns into a gigantic mind sucking unmaintainable pile of toxic sludge.

Comment Image processing (Score 1) 111

When I started my PhD in image processing, I was given an 80-column, 24-line text terminal to the department microVax (approximately 1 MIP, shared between about 40 people). I was lucky, and got one of the good ones, it had an amber phospher :)

Seriously, the only place to see the results of the algorithm was on a shared display downstairs in the lab - which was in high demand. I ended up doing a lot of terminal-style graphs (mine wasn't a tektronix terminal, so I only had text-like characters) to prove an algorithm worked before actually seeing it.

And now I look at the technological ability of my freaking phone, and I wonder at just how far things have come in 30 years or so...

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