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Comment Re:Same As Before (Score 1) 362

19% market share for an OS that has been free for a year is fucking pathetic.

Linux wishes it had that market share.

Linux (anthropomorphism?) has 80% of the mobile market which is considerably larger than the desktop market. That said, it's true, Linux still does want to be on your desktop, to liberate it from M$inions, to serve you, to give you back ownership of the hardware you bought, and generally to be sickeningly altruistic.

Comment OneTab +++ (Score 1) 158

Do people not know about this extension? Nothing better than sucking 20 tabs into a nice group you can label and get back to later. It's the only thing that makes the bloated chrome useable.

Btw side note why isn't Chrome blazing fast at this point? I mean so fast you can't believe the pages loads before you noticed? Is all the code really that far abstracted from the metal? Shouldn't it be leak proof and ultra low memory no matter how badly behaved a webpage is? Can't a company worth half a Trillion dollars make a better browser?

Comment Re:I'm going to throw up. (Score 1) 39

If all you're looking for is an efficient, yet capable eSports gaming card

eSPorts gaming card?? The inane desperation is strong in this one...

Whoops, you're sounding a bit out of touch there. Dota 2 International 6 prize pool now about to pass $19 million. More than 1 million online and playing right now.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

Not only that, but a 70 inch screen 8 feet from the sofa appears larger than all but the frontmost seats of a large theatre. And surround digital sound with decent speakers is readily available at consumer prices. Cameron is just off base about the relative quality of the big screen experience. A private Imax theatre still beats it, sure, but that's a rare beast usually involving a long commute in a big city and more often than not somebody's hairdo will be included in the visual experience. It is obvious to everyone except old school Hollywood that the big screen is rapidly going the way of the drive-in theatre.


You Can't Turn Off Cortana In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (pcworld.com) 353

Microsoft will release Windows 10 Anniversary Update next week. Earlier this week we listed some of its best features. PCWorld is now reporting about a major change that may annoy some users: once you've installed the update, Cortana can no longer be disabled. From the article: Cortana, the personal digital assistant that replaced Windows 10's search function and taps into Bing's servers to answer your queries with contextual awareness, no longer has an off switch. The impact on you at home: Similar to how Microsoft blocked Google compatibility with Cortana, the company is now cutting off the plain vanilla search option. That actually makes a certain of amount of sense. Unless you turned off all the various cloud-connected bits of Windows 10, there's not a ton of difference between Cortana and the operating system's basic search capabilities.

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