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Comment Re:Result of brexit? (Score 1) 153

Each part sold by an ARM licensee is royalty income for ARM and a lost sales prospect for Intel

Except for the 99% of ARM sales that are in markets where Intel doesn't sell a competing product.

Intel doesn't sell a competitive product, you mean. Intel certainly tried to break into the mobile market with Atom but was largely defeated by ARM. Looks like competing from where I sit.

Comment Re:Only as safe as the sandbox (Score 1) 167

Java isn't supposed to be able to get out of its sandbox without permission, yet it's the source of many vulnerabilities. Why would we trust Rust to be any safer?

Maybe because Graydon Hoare designed it, the same guy who did Monotone, the ancestor of Git. Something about the Sun/Gosling attitude to systems design, seems like a lot of lather and little substance.

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