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Comment Re:Why move to hangouts? (Score 1) 68

Its because of the fact "Play" branding is used for more than just apps. They have the "Play Store", "Play Movies", "Play Music", and I believe a few others, too.

Brilliant. They all sound stupid and make people less interested in bothering with them. The whiteboard team who came up with this plan deserves a shiny new participation trophy, to put on the shelf with the rest of them.

Comment Re:Why move to hangouts? (Score 1) 68

Google seriously needs to stop this.

While they're at it, what's with the stupid "Play" brand? It's a app store, what's wrong with calling it an app store? Play should be a category of app, but in Google newspeak, an app is a kind of play. Google's branding makes no sense whatsoever, maybe consider reducing the hallucinogenic content in their smart water.

Comment Re:Lots of links to articles, phfft (Score 1) 234

If you take the inner loop and replace it with a function call that describes what the inner loop does, then your outer loop actually gets much easier to read...

Nice idea when things happen to factor that way. But often they do not, and the additional glue you need to factor out the inner loop adds more obfuscation than it removes. The takeaway is, just don't be mindless about factoring techniques.

Comment Re:Worth it (Score 1) 102

Under her, Yahoo nearly tripled in value, from about $16 billion to $44 billion.

Wow, I didn't believe that, but I checked YHOO's stock price and kamapuaa is correct...

That is entirely about Yahoo's windfall stake in Alibaba and has nothing whatsoever to do with good management by Marissa Mayer, quite the contrary. Factor out Alibaba and the truth emerges: Yahoo went straight down the crapper with Marissa Mayer at the helm.

Comment Re: First (Score 1) 159

I suppose when you're aiming for first post you don't have too much time to think of anything more constructive.

What, framing the discussion properly is not constructive? See, if Microsoft had ever genuinely reformed, then it would indeed be unconstructive to respond to Microsoft's potentially worthy initiative in such a perjorative way. But Microsoft never did reform. It is unnecessary to look any further than Microsoft's shenanigans with Windows 10 to be sure of that, just the tip of the iceberg. So, actually, "fuck Microsoft" is a lot more constructive than you seem to believe: it helps keeps us alert to evil intent, should there be any, irrespective of the possibility that there might really be none in this case. Not that I have the slightest interest in adopting Microsoft's development platform. I am perfectly happy and productive with the one I have now, the development of which is controlled by people I trust.

You Microsofties would be better advised to improve your behavior instead of trying to downmod the richly earned Slashdot cricticism.

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