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Comment The vigilantes picked the wrong time and place. (Score 2, Interesting) 176

After The New York Times published an account [late in 2012] of a horrific rape against Alayna Macaluso in Steubenville, Ohio, an online vigilante campaign was started...the campaign targeted local officials who the vigilantes felt weren't prosecuting the rape investigation seriously because the alleged perpetrators were high school football players

In 2016, the vigilantes would have been given an imprimatur to destroy the town, as exemplified by the recent Stanford case.
The prevailing attitude at Stanford is that disputed consent only favors the woman, and that Turner's hometown must be made to pay for his actions.

If it was at a prestigious university, they'd not even need a rape case to destroy the person. Washington & Lee used Title IX to wreck someone's life.
The worst parts of it are that no crime occurred, that due process wasn't served, and that there was no legal charge - just straight intimidation.

Comment A PSA for incoming SJW's from social media (Score 1) 557

About the only message worth sending: Harden The Fuck Up (his words, not mine). They're from another well-known Australian that had more guts as a criminal than the entirety of the SJW population.
One could probably add the following:

Chopper: ..and this is Brianna Wu, a professional victim!
[Imitation Wu]: I'm transgender and that makes me special. Facts don't matter, since I can have my friends on Twitter call you a bigot!
Chopper: Here's a reply from the Abuse Department: Harden the fuck up.

Comment The SJW harassers of a feather flock together..... (Score 1) 557

In reply to an accusation against her, here are some of her SJW compatriots:

Janelle Asselin @gimpnelly: @Spacekatgal @slashdot do you have your bingo card ready?

Marcy-Not a Vampire @marcyjcook: @gimpnelly @Spacekatgal @slashdot That would take 30 secs to complete! It's going to be a mess. I think I need lunch before reading /. @Carfolio: @Spacekatgal @slashdot Is there an equivalent term to SJW for these privileged white male offence dispensers?

Kirby Carav @MumaKirby: @Carfolio @Spacekatgal @Slashdot Jackasses? @Carfolio: @MumaKirby @Spacekatgal @slashdot Nothing catchier? We need branding here ;-)

LaurieC @MsLaurieC 3h3 hours ago: @Spacekatgal @slashdot Yeah, because you know, there's nothing worse than hearing about how badly people who aren't me are treated!

Laura Genn @Reason2Write: @Spacekatgal @slashdot That word. Ugh. -_- Nazis were real and horrible. Their legacy remains. Don't call things that aren't Nazis "Nazis"!

Devyn Rodriguez @DevynRodriguez: @Spacekatgal @slashdot That comment section is a depressing example of people not getting it.

Swift Studies @Swift_Studies: @Spacekatgal well I think you are awesome

Ryan Robinson @Ryan_LR: @Spacekatgal It's a tough life being a man in a nanny state that won't even allow rape and murder whenever I feel like it.

Jens Scholz @jensscholz: @Spacekatgal @slashdot When i'm Godwined i'm usually pretend to argue a bit forth and after some time post this. "No, You hang up first"

Lindsay Felt @ArayaNexus: @Spacekatgal @slashdot Whelp. That didn't take long. You don't happen to have an estimated time it took to get to feminazi, do you?

Steve Paulo @StevePaulo: @Spacekatgal Gotta love the "I'll give you something to complain about!"-style threat at the end.

ToxicAudri @ToxicAudri: @Spacekatgal Many see you have an internal problem with your group and supporters.

Erik Montoya @emontoya42: @Spacekatgal @slashdot does the feminazi party provide awesome boots with the uniform? Cause really they should. #hottakes

Greg Downing @MightyGregDoge: @Spacekatgal @slashdot "I'm sorry, what? I stopped reading after you said feminazi. You kept writing, so I assume you apologized."

Jarred @smilingmerle: @Spacekatgal Does Frank know you treat him like the enemy?

Norah Williams @LikeIronLies: @Spacekatgal Feminazi stole my ice cream!

THE LORD HUMUNGUS @ChristopherRasa Brooklyn, NY: @Spacekatgal @slashdot Not being allowed to threaten to kill people every day: A forced nanny state.

Phoebe Washington @Feministphoebe: @Spacekatgal @slashdot just ignore the haters. You're an incredible woman.

Consider these people defenders of harassment, especially given that they've threatened more than they've actually been threatened (aside from staged incidents, nil). Such defense is not maintaining civility, but to defend a logically indefensible narrative from criticism. Shutting it up or blocking it won't make the painful truth any less true.

Archived at:

Comment So you support Brianna Wu, a known harasser? (Score 1) 557

Not if reasonable, SJW resistant, individuals (Cernovich comes to mind) have the financial clout to reclaim ground lost to harassers such as her, Chelsea van Valkenberg, and their enablers. It'd be interesting to wake up and see them lose editorial control of places, courtesy new owners firing them for harassment. That is, harassment of the kind that they accuse of others but commit themselves.

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