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Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 426

Read the update at the end, basically makes the entire story bunk.

Here is the update, in its entirety:

Update: White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Monday afternoon that Trump was briefed on North Korea in a sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIF — a portable, secure area.

So basically, Spicer is saying, "You gonna believe me or your own lying eyes?"

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 883

If you want this to be apples to apples, we need to send your employer a packet of everything you've said taken out of context and pressure them to fire you.

I would encourage you to do so. In fact, I would beg you to do so. While you're at it, cc: my mother-in-law, please.

It's so funny that the people who are complaining because people don't get Pewdiepie's "kill all Jews" joke are the same ones who screamed with horror when someone said, "gamers are over".

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 883

He literally made a video about how the media would frame someone as a racist and those were examples shown.

Pewdiepie as social commentary. This is why nobody takes you seriously.

We're perfectly aware of how bad optics work, Ratzo, you're not enlightening anyone there. How else could we apply your own standards to your own posts?

You are welcome to pull your sponsorship of my posts.

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 883

Instead we have the WSJ taking clips out of context from his video on how the media takes things out of context (!!!) and sending them to his sponsor to get him terminated, along with a coordinated media campaign.

"Kill all Jews" is taken out of context. Wearing a nazi uniform and watching Hitler videos is taken out of context.

Who knew that Pewdiepie required so much context?

The fact is, that Youtube is a visual medium. Images matter. When someone makes comedy videos and that contains signs saying "Kill all Jews", there are going to be problems if you are looking for big mainstream sponsors. Genocide is a sensitive issue with Jews. Go figure.

Comment Re: Death To All Jews (Score 1) 883

"Old media" is doing so well right now because people are figuring out just how bogus "new media" really is.

Breitbart's numbers are falling, and the "mainstream media" numbers are soaring. From the New York Times to CNN, MSNBC, all on an upward trajectory. Attacking the messenger is a well that's going dry very quickly.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 883

I read the headline and the first paragraph. Which is all most people read, and all you need to see to understand the narrative the WSJ was establishing: that PewDiePie is shilling anti-Semitism, and therefore is an anti-Semite.

Again, I suggest you offer us a quote from "the headline and first paragraph" that establishes that Pewdiepie is an anti-Semite. In fact, I'll make it more than a suggestion. I challenge you to offer a quote from the "headline and first paragraph" that does anything like that.

And remember, "shilling" for anti-Semitism does not make you an anti-Semite. Some people, some very well-known people in fact (think "White House") are shills for anti-Semitism but probably don't really have any conviction one way or the other. They're just opportunists who thought they could make a few more bucks from pandering to anti-Semites, like Pewdiepie.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 883

Are you actually too stupid to understand media manipulation or are you just pretending to be?

Your response to the previous comment got me thinking about how many of the people here who are having conniption fits over the Wall Street Journal and Disney and Pewdiepie have even read the WSJ article.

You admit you didn't, but you have based your entire opinion upon it.

Did you ever think of the possibility that you're the one being manipulated by media?

Comment Re:FCC can't help ... (Score 1) 205

So you agree the WSJ is out of line for smearing him as one?

I don't care about pizza so much as I'd love a Chicago-style hot dog. I ordered one at James Coney Island out by Timber Oaks and they put barbecue sauce on it. On a Chicago-style hot dog.

Houston has some of the best food that I've ever had, from Tex-mex, barbecue, taco trucks, Alfreda's Soul Food, Punk's, etc. I went out to Killen's to have ribs and they were so good I wept. But for some reason they cannot make a Chicago-style dog here.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 883

I did see the end of the "death to all Jews" clip and he's clearly horrified by it.

So horrified that he made it part of his "comedy" videos.

I don't have any clue if PDP is an anti-Semite or Nazi. The issue is that he has some very bad judgement and bad taste. Why is it such a shock that a company like Disney might not want to be associated with that?

You understand documentaries about the holocaust are there to impress upon people how bad it was

Did you just compare Pewdiepie videos with Claude Lanzmann's Shoah?

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