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Comment Tech Hipsters (Score 1) 449

Oh I think there is a real group of hipster tech folks that not only take pride in open source and innovation, but there is serious coolness to it too.

If I could, I'd go full Wyoming and dump my computers, and smartphone and other such wastes of time and sanity and just run a small farm. Unfortunately for me it's contrary to how I make a living and the pay is too good to make a change.

Comment Flamebait (Score 1) 766

First of all "modern browsers are so stupid". Oh really? Sounds like a pebkac to me?

Network latency? Web servers that can't keep up? Inefficient javascript written by someone with introductory programming skills? Loads of clickbait ads and garbage? SSL handshake madness?

Sure blame the browser. Whiner.

Plenty of sites out there that load up instantly, or if you are storing all the content locally on SSD, it's crazy fast.

Comment Disney Recruiters (Score 1) 455

I got approached by a Disney IT recruiter looking to get my interest. I think 10 years ago I would have taken it seriously as a good opportunity, but I just laughed when I saw the invite. Nobody with real skills is going to take Disney seriously anymore. I won't work for any shitbag H1-B trash heap. Took a serious pay cut leaving Cisco. Those places only prove a few things. 1. Shareholder profits mean more than you do. 2. The management is douchy. 3. You won't be working with quality co-workers, just cheap ones.

So to Disney and your jobs: Fuck off.

Comment MacBook Pro (Score 2) 288

Seriously I love linux, but dealing with hardware issues is a PITA.

This is why I use a MacBook Pro. Ok, not linux, but unix. But there isn't anything I can't do on it that I could do on linux. It "just works".

But if you must, I'd suggest getting something a bit older. Nothing too new and fancy so that folks have had time to develop drivers for the hardware.

Comment Stupid phone (Score 1) 377

I really like iOS, but the iphone 7 is stupid. I WANT A HEADPHONE PORT. I also think a phone is horribly flawed if a case is required to survive a drop, which everyone will do at some point.

Make a thin and rugged phone with a headphone port. You have a winner to me. Otherwise I'll hang onto my iphone 6 for as long as I can and then go Android.

Comment Spend and still lose (Score 2) 184

You can spend glorious tons of money on security and still get hacked. The problem lies is the internet has no boundaries built in and folks are trying to hide information. If it's networked to the internet, directly or indirectly, that information can get shared. Period.

How to fix? Only information you're willing to share with the whole world should be on a system that is networked.

Comment Re:Voting Johnson, but not because I like him (Score 1) 993

Perhaps, but if you can't stand behind either of the two leading candidates then why vote for either. We should vote, but we don't have to be sheep about it. Vote for who you think is the best candidate, not who you think will win. Then at least you can have a clean conscience about it all.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 561

I've worked for an organization that specifically mentioned that they would prefer someone younger (20's), but at the same time they want someone with a Ph.D and 20 years of experience. -= Insert swearing here =-

The smarter places I've worked for realize that hiring experienced personnel that want to learn new things won't need to start with computer 101.

As an older employee, you can't rest on your past accomplishments. You need to respect all ages on your team, and focus on delivering future accomplishments commensurate with your salary. For example if you're getting paid 2x as much as some kid or H1B you better deliver 2x too.

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