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Comment Stupid phone (Score 1) 377

I really like iOS, but the iphone 7 is stupid. I WANT A HEADPHONE PORT. I also think a phone is horribly flawed if a case is required to survive a drop, which everyone will do at some point.

Make a thin and rugged phone with a headphone port. You have a winner to me. Otherwise I'll hang onto my iphone 6 for as long as I can and then go Android.

Comment Spend and still lose (Score 2) 184

You can spend glorious tons of money on security and still get hacked. The problem lies is the internet has no boundaries built in and folks are trying to hide information. If it's networked to the internet, directly or indirectly, that information can get shared. Period.

How to fix? Only information you're willing to share with the whole world should be on a system that is networked.

Comment Re:Voting Johnson, but not because I like him (Score 1) 993

Perhaps, but if you can't stand behind either of the two leading candidates then why vote for either. We should vote, but we don't have to be sheep about it. Vote for who you think is the best candidate, not who you think will win. Then at least you can have a clean conscience about it all.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 561

I've worked for an organization that specifically mentioned that they would prefer someone younger (20's), but at the same time they want someone with a Ph.D and 20 years of experience. -= Insert swearing here =-

The smarter places I've worked for realize that hiring experienced personnel that want to learn new things won't need to start with computer 101.

As an older employee, you can't rest on your past accomplishments. You need to respect all ages on your team, and focus on delivering future accomplishments commensurate with your salary. For example if you're getting paid 2x as much as some kid or H1B you better deliver 2x too.

Comment Fast does not mean more usable (Score 1) 287

The Raspberry Pi really has no competition. Huge user base, excellent community support, multiple well maintained distributions, and a broad range of 3rd party supporting product. Everything else is just a janky niche product.

And if you really care about speed you'd use a full x86 computer.

Comment Re:What's DevOps? (Score 1) 166

This is the correct definition of a DevOp. Developers who have to do Ops, because there are none. Therefore a developer you try to code your way out of the manual slogging that is Operations.

It seems to have evolved to mean operations automation, but generally due to a lack of operations staff.

So tools like Chef, virtualization on an outsourced infrastructure, and heavy API use are not uncommon. Success usually requires folks who have operations experience and code skills. If you do it right, you get to sleep at night. If you do it wrong all the old graybeards laugh at you.

Comment Whatevs dude (Score 2) 109

The guy who is ran Cisco into the ground by off shoring and heavy H1B hiring is complaining about the US falling behind other countries? Really? Does he mean shareholder value? In my opinion this guy and others like him are a big part of the problem. If all the good jobs are being handed away because companies want to save money, then there is no incentive to pursue those jobs by folks who need to make a decent living in this economy. The only agenda he is speaking of is shareholder profits.

Comment Re:Running? (Score 1) 158

I've worked a contract once that sound just like this, but rather there was so much turnaround there was a constant brain-drain. Crazy old stuff. After rolling out, "Your stuff is going break and you'll loose all your data forever" the manager said that would be OK because he wasn't being allocated the funds he needed to fix it. I kept things together the best I could but eventually realized I was being set up for failure. I was going to be the scapegoat. So I updated my resume and noped the heck out of there.

Later checked in with a friend who was still down there and sure enough things were failing with no option for recovery. They eventually nope out too.

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