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Comment Consumer router options (Score 1) 46

So when will we be able to have consumer grade routers that keep selected crwp devices on a separate network and generally restricted access? Is this possible with Tomato or an OSS firmware, either manually or automagically? To me I see this as the next step to informing and training consumers on networking, the first being adding passwords to their wireless networks.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

Storms here are more violent, with wind gusts hitting 80mph/130kph, and that rips shingles off. We don't get as much snow, but we do get ice storms that leave a layer of ice more than 1inch/25mm thick. Trees break under the weight and fall onto houses. We use asphalt rather than tile, which inherently lasts a shorter period of time. Think 20 to 30 years. Some old houses had slate-rock, and last as long as your tile, but can also break. Some roofs are literally wood shingle, and those are just disgusting and leak. Oh, and the materials for shingles has changed over the years due to environmental regulations, so that you can't get a real 50-year roof anymore. BTW, I worked in Germany for a month and a half. Beautiful country, but dang is everything expensive.

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