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Comment Ooh, ooh, I got this... (Score 1) 360

"People who spend a lot of time visiting hospitals are more likely to die shortly thereafter, Slashdot scientists said on Wednesday. These 'hospital visitors' suffered proportionately more illnesses, ailments and injuries, CmdrTaco said. They also had a higher incidence of moderate to fatal conditions than normal people."

Sigh. I thought the point of research was to discover, inform and enlighten. Not just "research for research's sake".

- Edward -

Comment Re:Brilliant battery idea (Score 1) 897

This is going to be a little random.

A brillant battery idea, but it's not mine: Swap the battery rather than charging it in place. Replaceable battery modules can be swapped out quickly and recharged at leisure. Charging stations can have the infrastructure in place to robotically swap batteries in about the time it takes to pump gas. GPS systems can be programmed to route to swapping stations with an available battery for your vehicle. With reliably present battery swapping stations, road trips of any length become possible. It doesn't take a large surplus of batteries to make this work out given the statistical variation - and charging your battery with 220V AC is a good default solution. Forget 110V. That's not going to work. You're going to need more current than your typical wall outlet will provide.


I'll just comment on the batteries issue. Hot-swapping batteries to speed up battery recharge times is unnecessary unless you insist on recharging from a standard household plug/voltage. Also, you should not run your electrical car until battery depletion. That means that most of the time you will be doing a top-up charge, going from about 20% to about 70% battery capacity, which is quicker.

Batteries need some improvement but they are not the only electricity storage solutions. Capacitor based systems may ultimately be the future direction.

I have personal reservations about hot-swappable batteries. If it is possible for someone to do at home, somebody will try it. The prospect of a fully/partially charged battery pack being accidentally discharged by a weekend tinkerer is frightening. Anything that can release that much energy that quickly should be left to experts.

Comment Re:SUVs (Score 0, Troll) 897

The first half of you post had merit, but you lost it (and my interest) from then on. The following quotes are the problem:

- British/American enlightenment devotion to the Rights of Man
- inflicts Hell on Earth on its own citizens because they might think there is a mystical element to some forms of exercise
- hardcore socialist (chortle) Barack Obama(snicker)
- Second Coming of Karl Marx

Each of those statements is factually wrong and would be misleading even if intended as hyperbole. You were doing well until then, stick with what you know.


Submission + - Serve a page for every HTTP Status Code (all 57)

produke writes: "WOW, I served a page for every single HTTP Status Code and saved Headers and Content

There are 57 recognized HTTP Status Codes in the latest version of Apache. But chances are that you will only ever see or hear about 3-6 of them. Well I figured out a neat little hack by looking in the Apache Source Code that will let anyone setup Apache to send ANY HTTP status code for specific requests. I went ahead and performed the requests on all 57 of my special http status code spitting pages. I saved the headers and src for each one, so now you can use this page as a literal map for designing cgi, perl, and php scripts that have custom headers.. Now you will be able to find out what each of those 57 Status Codes do.. and copy them. All of this is possible if you have htaccess setup..
Emulation (Games)

Submission + - Sony and Nintendo Make the Emulators of the Year

Croakyvoice writes: Sony and Nintendo are the arch enemies of Emulation with both over the years doing their upmost to stop it, just ask the creators of Bleem and VGS. But this year both companies have released what are the very best emulators of easily the last year, Sony`s Full speed PS1 Emulator for the PSP and Nintendo`s range of emulators for the Wii.

Submission + - Open Graphics Round Table

cranos writes: "In this fortnights episode of Open Source On The Air, I sit down with three Graphic Artists who have based their entire work flow on Free and Open Source Software.

We talk about the state of the current FOSS graphics toolset, how this has affected things like barriers to entry, as well as discussing the growing interaction between the audience and the graphic artists.

You can find the full show here:"

Submission + - Robots for the Aging Population

QuantumCrypto writes: "University of Tokyo is exploring the possibility of making robots to be better servants. The researchers there are hoping to use these robots in the care of the fast aging population, as well as the sick and the bedridden. As a demonstration of their latest advancement, they showed off a robot that can serve tea. Interestingly, tea-serving robots have been around for 400 years."

Submission + - Thorium the Key to Non-Prolfieration?

P3NIS_CLEAVER writes: Nuclear energy has been proposed as an alternative to coal power plants that generating carbon dioxide and emit mercury. As we are seeing now in Iran, the desire for nuclear energy has created a gray area that places peaceful civilian power generation at odds with nuclear non-proliferation. An article at Resource Investor claims that thorium reactors can be used to replace existing reactors without creating isotopes that may be used in nuclear weapons.

Submission + - Adobe To Take Photoshop Online

Mr. Linton writes: "In this CNET article Adobe is apparently planning to take Photoshop to the web. From the article: "the hosted Photoshop service is set to be free and marketed as an entry-level version of Adobe's more sophisticated image-editing tools, including Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Chizen envisions revenue from the Photoshop service coming from online advertising.""

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