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Comment Re:"Sweeping Outage"??? (Score 1) 251

Congratulations for earning the "Eurotrash idiot of the thread" award. I didn't think a technical story like this could get the award, but you nailed it. Maybe you need to stop reading US websites. Read European technology websites, like, uh, I'm not really sure, but I'm sure they're there and a thousand times better than Slashdot.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 0) 314

Populism? What does this have to do with Donald Trump? The Fukushima disaster permanently ruined the name of nuclear power. I see we are unfamiliar with left-wing and environmentalist causes. The entire issue is dead as a doornail. Nuclear = bye-bye. You don't believe me, go ask them yourselves (and bring a flameproof coat, these people get REALLY angry about the issue).

Comment Re:Weddings? (Score 1) 550

Oh, and by the way, they ASK nicely for me to not take photos, I won't, and my cell phone is on mute anyway. Ask me to lock it up? That means you don't trust me enough to not use the phone when you asked me to. I really don't stay friends with people who don't trust me to honor their wishes. I'll look at whomever is saying I need to lock up the phone and say "no" - they insist, like I said, I walk out, and at this age, my gift, which is usually in the high 3 to low 4 figure check gets ripped up, and I go home. I will also tell them exactly what I felt in a nice letter, and like I said, tell their parent (who is probably the reason I'm being invited) exactly how I felt. Like I said, ask me not to take out the cell phone, no issue - tell me to lock it up means you don't trust me, fuck off

Really, as I said, it is more likely that I'll be ASKED to bring my camera, and if I know the bride/groom well enough I will. There is more than one bride out there who, in addition to the check, got my bill, and a "Paid in Full" written across it, and they have MY album displayed, not some other photographers

Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 2) 270

LOLOLololzzz. It is a privilege under socialism, to have your unneeded excess wealth siphoned off and transferred to people who can use it better than you can. Spread the wealth. But suddenly it's "let's cut off those freeloading bastards" when it comes to your own money. LOL.

Comment Re:The whole Bay Area (Score 1) 270

He said working homeless, not crazy drug-addicted unemployable homeless. Those are two utterly different things, but I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong suit since you went off on an unrelated rant.

I love how you are completely unaware you're complaining about immigrants ruining everything though. LOL. They don't care about your culture, they don't care about your people, they just want to move in an do whatever the hell they want. If those dirty people would just stay out of your City, everything would be fine! LOLolololzzz.

Comment Re:Compiling KDE 2.0 on Sparc (Score 1) 127

In which ways, exactly, was CDE a "piece of shit"? I'm curious to know the reasons. Can you give some?

I used CDE and it worked fine. You had a common desktop environment you could use on any workstation that Sun made, from the biggest to the smallest. You could go from vendor to vendor and still have a familiar environment that wouldn't get in your way, you could be productive immediately. AIX, HP-UX, OpenVMS, Solaris, even UnixWare. CDE was for work and it did that job well.

Oh, it was ugly? Well heaven forfend that an environment made for real work wasn't pretty. Good thing KDE came out, it certainly looked pretty. As you stated, dirt-poor performance but who cares about things like that?

And now that KDE is doing what it always did, look pretty at the expense of being good, you say it's lost its way? That the developers aren't doing what you want? You just stated that you value looks over functionality. WTF? Please to be explaining.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 200

The idea wasn't to boil a pot of tea. The idea was to get attention. And it worked spectacularly!

You have to think outside the box on these things. There is a kind of person who LOVES attention and will do what it takes to get it. Sure, everyone likes attention, but these folks feel empty and sad if they're not getting it.

Comment Re:Patriarchal Society gets a 'Come-up-ins'... (Score 0) 566

Wait, I thought discrimination on basis of sex was wrong. As in, nobody should do it and the entire idea should be erased from our culture as barbaric. The problem the whole time was that the wrong sex was being discriminated against? Why didn't we hear this 40 years ago?!?

Comment Re:I'll probably get modded troll but... (Score 1) 117

The kind of cancer he had was easily treatable by modern medicine. What happened was, Steve Jobs spent his entire life refusing to accept things and FORCED them to happen according to his will. Of course, this was all with human factors, things that he COULD affect. The cancer didn't give a shit about his famous reality distortion field, It spread and killed him and his alternative medicine didn't work for shit. Fun fact: what do you call alternative medicine that actually works? Medicine.

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