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Comment Re:Shuttleworth seems like a real tool (Score 1) 191

I did the same thing a few years ago. Mint was the best of both worlds: It had all the parts of Ubuntu that Just Worked, but it kept GNOME, and even let you choose between GNOME 2 (Mate) and GNOME 3 (Cinnamon). Gets the job done, and on my HTPC, the kids can't tell the difference.

Comment Re:Summary is unclear (Score 2) 191

Sometimes it goes the opposite direction: We'll offer you X if you resign, but that offer is only open for Y days, after which you may be lad off with no severance.

So then you have to decide whether the severance for resigning is a better deal than unemployment, which you'll only be eligible for if you are laid off.

Comment Costco bargain (Score 1) 326

Dell XPS8700 from Costco (they sell XPS8900s now). Two actually; my son saved his money and bought one too. I found that I could only save about $100 doing my own build with the same components, and it was worth that to me to have a warranty and place to take it back to in case it broke.

i7-3770; not a 3770K, but this is an appliance, not a gaming rig, so no overclocking needed. 12GB RAM, 250GB SSD main drive, three 1TB secondary drives, one for Windows, one for Linux (Mint 18 Cinnamon under VMware), and one for backups.

Two-port KVM for this and my work computer, since I work from home. ("I got yer open plan RIGHT HERE, pal!")

Watch the prices in your Costco ads, and when the machines go on sale, which they do a few times a year, grab one.

Comment Scrabble FTW (Score 1) 637


Tournament Scrabble players memorize lots of words, often without knowing their meanings (I don't know the meanings of the four seven-letter acceptable words above). Makes for cool passphrases for LastPass et al.

So for those who understand the maths, is the above passphrase harder to crack than the 20-random-printable-character passwords I have LastPass generate for me?

Comment Re: Never use Linux as a desktop (Score 1) 76

My daily driver runs Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon under VMware 12 under Windows 10. All of those have been stable enough that the only unplanned reboots are due to power failures longer than what the UPS can handle, or me attaching flakey hardware (i.e., my own damn fault). That's way more stable than Windows 95 ever was. Not to mention Win95's propensity for forced reboots ("You have moved your mouse. Windows 95 must be restarted for this to take effect. Would you like to reboot your computer now?").

Comment Re:"Cents per gigabyte" (Score 1) 272

Mine was for an AT&T 7300, aka "Unix PC". I worked at AT&T during those years; there were 6300s everywhere. If you knew the right people and were on good terms with your boss, you could get a 7300 on your desk (until they discontinued them, at which point all the employees snapped them up at a deep discount). I remember that the biggest 6300 full-towers practically needed a pallet jack to lift.

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