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Submission + - Should Games Be More Boring?

An anonymous reader writes: At Gamasutra, 'serious games' creator Ian Bogost is making the case that video games should be more mundane, particularly discussing of Nintendo' Brain Age: "It's certainly a very different kind of game from Halo or even Miyamoto's own Zelda series, games that allow the player to inhabit complex fantasy worlds. Instead, much of Brain Age's success seems to come precisely from the ordinariness of its demands." Would games become more accessible if they tapped into everyday things a little bit more, as opposed to spiralling off into fictional realities?
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Submission + - Save Jericho Campaign Shows Weakness of Old Media

GoCanes writes: "To the dismay of many fans, CBS canceled the TV show Jericho after just one season. The fans are reacting with an internet drive that seems to dwarf the famous original Star Trek letter writing campaign. They've acquired over 60,000 signatures on their petition in less than a week. Their plan is to flood CBS with packages of nuts, a reference to a sub-plot in the last episode. But perhaps this just shows how old media can't deal with new realities. Nielson ratings can't handle DVRs, web viewing, DVD sales, etc. The article suggests that perhaps the broadcast networks should start using their platform as a method to entice people into paying for content delivery."

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