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Comment Re:That was kind of the point (Score 1) 457

= = = One concept that certainly didn't translate from the book to the film was that serving didn't necessarily mean toting around a weapon. It meant putting your blood, sweat, and tears into service for society.= = =

Of course, if "society" decided to undertake an interstellar war of indefinite duration after you signed up for, e.g. the research station on Pluto, you were stuck for the duration. And not able to vote (for example, against continuing the war) until you were discharged, which would be... after the end of the war.


Comment Re: Good, then we can scrap that stupid f-35 (Score 1) 325

Yes, the fact that you still owe on the bonds does not change the forward-looking analysis which ignores sunk cost. So if the forward-looking decision is to abandon, you abandon. Then you figure out how to make your bond payments. For example, I'm paying taxes to pay off bonds for a project that a number of municipal electric utilities bought into that failed; its been 7 years and we only have 23 more years of taxes to go.


Comment Re: Good, then we can scrap that stupid f-35 (Score 2) 325

= = = Sunk costs doesnt mean tou payed the loan off yet. = = =

That's a point that I've seen some otherwise very smart economic/business analysts misunderstand. If you're $2 billion into a project and your analysis determines that the best course of action is to terminate it, then doing so is optimal. But unless you also file for bankruptcy your organization is still on the hook to repay the $2 billion of bonds that you issued to finance the project.


Comment "Consumer" demand, my bottom (Score 1) 99

Some researcher's speaking aspirationally. There are a lot of dogs not eating the dogfood. Whoever wanted these thin devices done just now on the consumer's dime is having a sad. Automakers, perhaps?

Anyway, this consumer demands a usable off-screen keyboard, easy to get to all 95 ASCII printable characters plus Enter, Tab and Esc. And not having on the order of a watt of microwave power mere millimeters from my BRAINS trying to talk to a BTS a kilometer or more away... this does NOT make sense, not even on Endor where carnivorous Wookies threw Ewoks into the radio link paths for entertainment and snacks. (note: not canon) Also, industry-standard connectors.

Comment Re:Stay out of the way (Score 4, Informative) 169

= = = Stay out of the way and let the people sort it out. Government interference always makes things worse = = =

Actually, in its response to the FERC's requirement to develop plans for geomagnetic events the US provision-of-electricity industry explicitly said that preparations for ordinary geomagnetic storms (say up to G5-) were its responsibility, but preparation for catastrophic events such as G5+ Carringon Events was not within its capability and should be undertaken by government.


Comment Re:Overstepping Constitutional authority (Score 3, Informative) 169

= = = If there is no Law that permits the executive branch to prepare for space weather, than the President is not permitted to order it. = = =

So back in the early-mid 1990s when the Internet was a new thing to most people/organizations and US Government agencies started using their discretionary funds to build websites to provide information to Citizens, that was impermissible because there was no law authorizing it? Interesting. In fact, I'd be surprised if even today there is a specific law authorizing Executive Branch agencies to "build websites" or "use the Internet".


Comment Re:Like it would have mattered (Score 1) 176

I don't have a link for the specific article, but Washington University reported that they would have 8 portable cell towers in operation to supplement the usual service ( ). That compares to the 1992 debate, when they had the phone company install 3500 temporary phone lines and converted athletic building showers into film developing cubicles [1]


fn1: still the 1904 Olympics gym and locker room at that time with heavy-duty tile everwhere

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