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Comment Re:I hate theories like this. (Score 1) 289

What are you talking about? JavaScript must always necessarily be slower than native code due to its abstracted nature. If it needs an interpreter, or virtual machine, or any other intermediate process between the program code and the CPU, there will be overhead.

Having the CPU execute native code directly will always be faster.

Now, there's an argument to be made that a higher-level, more abstracted language makes people more productive, and by extension, program code more expressive. But this is a different trade-off and objective than building a high-performance application.


Comment Re:Back in the day (Score 1) 289

You're thinking of OLE (Object Linking & Embedding). COM (Component Object Model) was designed with distributed enterprise applications in mind, complete with a transaction coordinator and language-neutral'ish interfaces. It's the DLL paradigm taken to its natural position in the 7 circles of hell.

It was Microsoft's attempt to steal CORBA's thunder and nearly got away with it.


Submission + - Annual Carol vs. The World! Championship Underway (

dzfoo writes: Left Turn Only Productions and the Intellivision® High Score Club have announced their second annual Christmas Carol vs. The World! high-score championship. Play the game Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost Of Christmas Presents and submit your top score to the judges for a chance to win. The contest lasts for the entire month of December, and anyone can participate for prizes at all skill levels.

From the press release:

After the fantastic success of the high-score competition following the game's release in 2012, they have decided to turn it into an annual event. This year, the prizes include not only a specially designed custom edition of the game, but also commemorative merit badges and a first for any game competition: personalized mugs with hot-cocoa mix—a propos to a Christmas challenge during winter time.

More information about the contest is available at the official site.

Comment Re:AltaVista (Score 1) 176

When you say, "back in the day," when exactly do you mean? AltaVista was indeed a great service in the mid-to-late 1990s, until it succumbed to spam, porn, and advertisement corruption, like the rest of them.


Comment Re:AltaVista (Score 1) 176

That's been a piece of revisionist history, propagated by Google itself during the mid '00s, as a branding tactic. Google was a mere geek's toy during its first couple of years.

People started switching because the other search engines were full of spam, porn, and advertisements, and along came Google with its PageRank algorithm, which proved very effective at the time.

People suffered through all other search engines' "portals" for years and would not have switched if the only thing Google had to offer was a "page free from clutter."

Of course, eventually Google turned into another advertisement-riddled, cluttered portal, full of spam and irrelevant junk. The more things change...


Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 618

Well, you can't switch arguments mid-way.

All those people that you claimed replaced their smartphones with tablets when they go to conferences, used to bring laptops before smartphones. Weren't you paying attention?

So it went from paper pads, to tablets, to smartphones, to tablets.

That means that at least some businesses did dump laptops in favor of smartphones for at least some functions.

I know you are trying to be all smarty-pants with your straw-man argument pointing out how tablets are not going to replace laptops completely, in every facet of business--but nobody is claiming that.

What some of us are saying is that, there are some functions for which laptops and desktop computers used to be regarded as the most appropriate tool, and now tablets are taking their place.

Not only that, but tablets are being put to some uses by businesses to which laptops or smartphones weren't even considered.


Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 618

The trick is providing something that is truly useful without cannibalizing Laptop/Desktop sales.

And therein lies the business problem: the use case for tablets overlaps and even extends beyond that of the traditional PC. Moreover, they seem to fulfill the promises of ease of use, portability, multimedia capabilities, and personal adaptability that PCs have been making for two decades now. As such, the tablet market appears to be bigger than the one for traditional PCs.

If a business insists in ignoring this to avoid the cannibalization of their current PC cash-cow, a competitor will come along and do it for them.

Oops! I guess they already have.


Comment Re:So we've covered Robotron. Let's cover more. (Score 1) 618

You do know that the iPad supports Multi-Touch, right? You could use both thumbs at the same time. In fact, as someone already answered above, some games offer multiple buttons that when pressed performed different functions--exactly like games such as Defender used to do.

For more complex games such as first-person-shooters, it is not uncommon to have one side of the screen offer a "move" control and the other a "tilt head" control. It's even more versatile than that: some games even make the distinction between a press-and-slide (move) and a tap (fire). And it all works wherever your thumb happens to land.

Clearly you have not tried any of this or you would see how obvious and intuitive it can be, and clearly you have no imagination to even conceive its possibility.

So, go ahead and continue believing that iPads suck at anything other than watching cat videos. I don't think anybody would care too much that you are missing all the fun and cool stuff.


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