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Submission + - EVE Online Melting Down (pcgamer.com)

Ogre332 writes: There are stories about the current controversy in EVE Online like this one and this one popping up at numerous gaming sites. As a player, the one thing I can say is that the majority of the news reports are getting the story wrong. Players could care less that someone wants to spend $80 on a vanity item for their avatar. Players are pissed that CCP has blatantly lied about their intentions and have responded to these customers concerns by basically telling us they know what we want better than we do. If you consider that a recently leaked internal CCP newsletter added a significant amount of fuel to the fire, then a purported e-mail from CCP CEO HilmarPétursson was like throwing on a keg of gunpowder, and a response to some of these items in the form of a dev blog was not well received at all. People are claiming they are canceling their accounts left and right. Personally, I canceled both of my accounts last night and know of at least 3 friends in game who have canceled a total of 7 additional accounts. This may very well be the end of EVE Online as it was originally conceived.

Comment Re:Why not have both? (Score 1) 202

Fair enough, but Microsoft already has a social network with a p. large installed user system (MSN and Hotmail). They would just need to tweak it and add functionality (the same thing Google is doing by adding Wave to Gmail). That is where the big difference is; whereas Google codes stuff that works, and generally works better than what came before (or adds something of value at the very least), Microsoft rarely does.

As far as Facebook goes, I think that ultimately they are just poorly positioned to become a "paradigm of the internets", if you will. It is just too easy to add Facebook-like functionality to Google's already rather impressive set of tools. Plus, anyone expounding on the virtues of social networks should visit this sometimes.

Comment Re:One Step Closer (Score 1) 71

You forget things all the time. Are you still you when you do? Your consciousness shuts down for prolonged periods (sleep). Are you still you when you do? If we are nothing but software, then we're going to have to get used to the idea that any identical (or maybe even nearly identical) copy running is in fact you, mind-bending though it may be.

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