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Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 1) 154

Those aren't errors in the GPS, but the data it's working with.

I'm curious what you'd rank as an 'error in the GPS'. I completely glossed over other classes of 'error'; such as the GPS guessing which way you are facing on a road when you start a trip so you drive six feet and then it recalculates a new route based on the fact that you are going the other direction but that's just 'bad data too'. Or then there are the times its positional reckoning is off -- so it tells you to turn but you are actually a block away from where it thinks you are but that's just 'bad data' too.

Are those errors in the GPS, Or in the data its working seems to be a distiction without a difference to me.

We validate what the GPS is telling us to do, but we don't ignore it's instructions and plan our own path. If one can't turn left, they pass the turn and wait for the GPS to figure things out.

As often as not, it simply reroutes you around the block back to the same intersection you couldn't use the first time. If you are lucky it'll at least have you approach it from a new angle so you can legally turn... i've been unlucky on many occasions. And if the road is simply closed for construction or something you are boned when it does that.

If you can't get in the correct lane in time, again, no panic, just keep driving until the GPS recalculates.

Yeah, that's usually where the GPS starts insisting you make illegal U-turns at major intersections, or emergency vehicle access roads, etc...

Comment Explain Trump (Score 3, Interesting) 363

If the universe is a simulation then one can speculate on the purpose of the simulation. A good bet, based on our own world, would be it's a role playing game. If so the "players" are presumably the Elites in the game. A logical conclusion for any non-player character, such as yourself would then be that your highest calling in life is to become a groupie. That role is the only role that has any meaning beyond window dressing.

Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 1) 154

Anyone who has been navigated by gps system though knows they make mistakes all the time. from failing to be sufficiently clear, to directing you to make a left turn across a busy 9 lane highway, to sending you down a side-street with speedbumps instead of the main street one block over, to telling you to turn left at 3pm at an intersection that is only legal to turn left at after 6:30pm... to pulling a u-turn on a divided highway...etc etc.

I don't dispute you though... because people DO seem to turn their brains off, but it makes no sense because we KNOW the computer can screw up too and will.

Comment I use chrome (Score -1, Troll) 137

So I've learned to live it. I run it on a mac. I suspect it's infected somehow. I've removed all the non-google extensions but still it seems like when I click on images I get pop-unders. SO I think something is editing my html on the fly.

Now it's sort of hard to tell if this is some virus I picked up that's now embedded in my instance of chrome or if this is just the normal behviour of a sucky broweser.

That is to say this doesn't happen in firefox or chrome because they are good at blocking this sort of crud. Chrome isn't.
Chrome is also very CPU hungry. It hasically uses an 110% CPU on a quad core Rspberry pi3, and puts the load at 2, when it's doing absolutely nothing.

But the main reason to hate chrome is, like people say about cell phones, it's a tracking device that also lets you browse. Every time I use this thing all my ads are riveting accurately targeted. When I dump the HTML to see what's on the page, no matter how random a website I choose I always find my google e-mail address embedded in it. If I log out of google, in hopes of not being tracked, then dump pages I always find some family member or myself in the HTML.

it's hideous how it tracks you.

I don't have anywhere close to this unnerving tracking with Safari or Firefox.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 244

Your quite right, flying is a PITA and a huge waste of time in general.

But sometimes, no, a video call just doesn't mean a fraction of what 'boots on the ground' means when you want to close a deal; or otherwise make an appearance.

And also for personal reasons... I know lots of people who have made 5 hour flights to attend a wedding or funeral and then flown back home the same day too. And getting some work done on the plane was part of making that 'work'.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 244

Day trips to Jordan? Short hops to Turkey? Did you even read the summary?

Did you even read the title?

"UK Flight Ban On Devices To Be Announced"

From the UK, Turkey and Jordan are well within the range of a day trip for a businessman. You can catch a 6am flight, be in Turkey for lunch, attend meetings; do dinner with a vendor, and then fly home again in the evening. Or perhaps fly from Turkey to Italy or vienna, crash in a hotel, and attend a 2 day conference there before flying home... really this isn't exactly implausible.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 244

small personal space when they whip up their laptop to do that presentation they should have done 2 weeks ago in the office.

Or they flew into London for a 2 day conference, then had a dinner meeting blowing their evening; but they plan to catch up their email, and review tweak the presentation they DID write 2 weeks ago in the office that they are presenting to a supplier straight after they land and want it fresh in their head because that's what a prepared person would do.

First the airlines crow about giving us internet access on flights, and then they take away our laptops?

There was a time not all that long ago when laptops didn't exist and you couldn't do that kind of work anyway

Wha? Did you just watch a movie where they just drank cocktails and screwed flight attendants? Where are you getting your information? In the 'long-ago before-time' they had briefcases with paperwork in them, and they'd review presentations, read and annotate contracts, write notes, review financial reports and ledgers, and do all sorts of work while in flight...

Taking away laptops in 2017 actually gives them less ability to do work in flight than they could have done in 1970 because now the contracts and presentations, charts, and graphs are on the laptop instead of in a folder.

It's not like coach...

Wait... What? So first class and business class are allowed to have their laptops; its just coach that has to sit there twiddling their thumbs. And what are you talking about... a modern ultrabook is lighter and less bulky then the folders of paper etc people used to carry around.

Comment WTF (Score 5, Insightful) 244

Wow... just nuts.

Everyone doing short hops / day trips for business is going to howl... that's basically their entire luggage. One laptop bag. Now they have to all pack them and check them? That's a huge waste of their time.

And everyone doing long hauls and bigger trips - the laptop is the entertainment for the cabin, to get work done in the cabin, and above all nobody wants to put their several thousand dollars relatively fragile laptop in checked baggage where the TSA gorillas and baggage handlers will either play frisbee with it or just steal it.

How is anyone ok with putting up with this nonsense?

Comment Re:My how times change. (Score 1) 267

There's a TON of digital currencies and other schemes and ventures out there; say you bought 100 'shares' of each of them, your 'bitcoin gains' ... might offset your losses elsewhere or not.

When the winning move is to bet on the right scheme/venture...well... good luck with that.

If you can do that reliably, let us know which penny stock or startup will be a billion dollar company in a few years. Because the odds are about as good.

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