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Submission + - Carriers again eye BlackBerry as Apple alternative (

zacharye writes: Research In Motion will benefit in the near term from the ongoing launch of its new BlackBerry 7 smartphones, which are being described as the vendor’s strongest devices in some time. Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu upgraded his rating on RIM stock to Buy from Neutral, increasing his price target to $35 from $28. Wu sees near-term opportunity in RIM, and he thinks new BlackBerry handsets like the Bold 9900 will be well received...

Submission + - Electronic Tattoos Tap Bio-Gaming, Med-Monitoring (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers recently showed a bio-electronic monitor that goes on like a temporary tattoo, but allowed games to be controlled with subvocalization commands. Their funding is public, so the first real-world electronic tattoo apps will probably be for military surveillance, but the inventors are targeting the device for all types of bio-monitoring that now requires messy paste and electrodes. Since it looks like a tattoo, my bet is that cool-looking stylized versions will start appearing soon.

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