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Submission + - auDA proposes change to domain registration at the second level ( 1

dwywit writes: As a business customer of Netregistry in Australia, I've received a request to vote 'Yes' on an auDA proposal to allow businesses to register domains directly under the .au country TLD, i.e. instead of I've got two domains, and all I see is a cash grab, forcing me to register another domain to pre-empt a squatter. My domains are registered mainly to provide business email and pre-empt squatters, not to generate income via web traffic, so, is it going to be worth it to register another domain? I'd be OK with it if 1. I was given first refusal on my existing company name, and 2. the price didn't exceed existing pricing. The email requesting a 'Yes' vote claimed that this process has been "remarkably successful" in .uk and .nz, but that might mean remarkably successful for domain registrars, and additional costs for businesses.

Submission + - Video storge for time capsule

dwywit writes: I've been asked to film this year's ANZAC services in my town. This is a big one, as it's the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign, and dear to our hearts here in Oz. The organisers have asked me to provide a camera-to-projector setup for remote viewing (they're expecting big crowds this year), and a recording of the parade and various services throughout the morning. Copies will go to the local and state library as a record of the day, but they would also like a copy to go into a time capsule. I have two issues to solve: 1. a storage medium capable of lasting 50 or 100 years and still be readable, and 2. a wrapper/codec that will be available and usable when the capsule is opened. I have the feeling that a conversion to film might be the only way to satisfy both requirements — it's easy enough to build a projector, or even re-scan the images for viewing. Has anyone got a viable alternative? Cloud storage isn't an option — this is going underground in a stainless steel container.

Submission + - AFACT appeals iiNet copyright ruling (

dwywit writes: AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) has lodged an appeal against an earlier ruling ( that cleared ISP iiNet of liability for alleged copyright violations carried out by iiNet subscribers.

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