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Comment Re:Instant Noodles don't cause obesity elsewhere (Score 1) 230

Cold water fish, which tend to be oily, and herbivore meat, aren't what I'd describe as meagre, calorie-wise. Of course, they might not have eaten a lot of it, but that's not connected with the gut's ability to extract nutrition.

The gut flora has got to be significant here - starchy carbs are a big component of many diets - italian, for instance - and there's got to be something more to study there.

Comment Re:They did it to themselves (Score 4, Insightful) 264

You're correct about the morality of it, but it's been a sound business model since planned obsolesence was first thought of.

It's a better long-term business strategy to keep selling another unit to a customer - frequently and repeatedly - rather than make a product that is 1. long lived (reliable), and 2. economically repairable.

Farming hardware - tractors, harvesters, etc - has traditionally been *very* reliable and long-lived. In other words, what you might call "overbuilt". They have a hard time comprehending why their computers don't last longer than 3-4 years. I have to try to explain modern economics to them.

Comment Re:but (Score 1) 96

Short term solution:

1. Pink noise generator, through a parabolic reflector aimed at the camera (microphone)
2. Small laser pointer aimed at the camera lens, or if that's a problem legally, a small array of superbright LEDs facing the lens - use some on white, and a few on red, green, and blue.

Longer term:
Call the authorities at the slightest hint of a breach of regulations. Pay for a friend to stay at the guest house and take notes of any code violations - health, building, electrical, etc, then hand that over to the Council inspectors.

Comment Re:Do we still need nuclear? (Score 1) 88

If you were to replace electric heating with gas/wood, and electric cooking with gas (or wood), your daily kWh (of electrical demand) would plummet. Any electrical heating element is a killer for off-grid use.

Is air-conditioning part of the consideration? Are you planning to live somewhere that you might do without it? Is your off-grid house going to have some passive cooling designs?

If you want to go off-grid, you've *got* to change your outlook. In order to avoid spending more money on PV, batteries, and backup generator fuel, your whole approach to energy use must change. Do an energy aufit of your current usage, and decide how much of that could be made more efficient, e.g. LED to replace incandescent lighting.

FWIW, my house of 2 adults and 2 teenagers used ~9kWh daily when I last did an audit. No aircon, no electric heating or cooking, all wood and gas. All but one of us use a laptop instead of energy-hungry desktops, and we don't do without anything else, except blackouts.

Comment Re:Don't let the door hit... (Score 1) 88

Never dealt with Asus, I suspect.

I'm rather displeased with Toshiba, too, but not for that reason. They've pulled out of the low-end and consumer laptop business, which is a shame, because in 10 years I've only had one customer with a fault that required talking to Toshiba customer support.

Now I've got to find a new brand that has similar reliability. Perhaps I'll give Lenovo a try - wouldn't touch HP with a ten-foot pole.

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