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Comment Re: Not grid connected (Score 2) 85

Into a pump for underground compressed air for later use, into a pump to push water uphill for later use, into a resistive load, i.e. a heating element in a large body of water, into some large flywheels, or in the last resort, "feather the props".

Obviously, options 1-3 above add to cost, and option 4 is somewhat wasteful, but it's not a technical problem.

Comment Now Assange has got more to worry about. (Score 1, Funny) 146

The USofA can't have other nations doing something serious to reduce consumption. This will give the US govt solid reason to invade and conquer Sweden.

If Assange gets extradited to Sweden.........

On the other hand, it's a reduction in taxes, it'll give the GOP a stroke trying to figure out whether to support this or not.

On the gripping hand, Sweden has a fairly robust welfare structure, and that's SOCIALISM!

Comment Re:Inkjet? (Score 2) 387

That is an option, but there's too much risk of a label peeling off inside a drive, leading to unhappy customers. I've seen the results of a label coming off the disc.

It's not really a problem for me, the relative high cost of inkjet printing is something I factor into the price of the job. The mid-range Canon inkjets with 5 cartridges produce superb results.

Comment Re:uninstaller unrunnable in safe mode (Score 1) 387

HP "support". Customer wanted Windows SBS2011 on his new HP server, so I checked the compatibility matrix on the HP website. All OK.

Server arrives, drivers disc states "suitable for Windows Server 2008". Hmmmm. I call HP tech support for advice, and they tell me that server model is not supported for SBS2011. Being a suspicious type, I'd saved the URL for the compatibility matrix page, and I read it aloud to the service tech, who proceeded to remain silent for several moments. He then admitted that the situation was beyond him, and escalated to the call. I finally got someone from 2nd-level support tell me to "just try the 2008 drivers". Great, so they hadn't actually tested this machine with this OS.

Don't even ask about installing SBS2011. OK, I'll tell you. I had to pick apart the installation scripts and run some of the commands separately to make it work. When I called the supplier for help, they quoted me AUD$1400-$1800 PER DAY for a Microsoft specialist. When I pointed out this was an installation issue, and they had a responsibility to provide support, they didn't actually laugh, but they didn't help, either. Don't buy HP, and don't trust Microsoft "partners", either.

Comment Re:Very cruel (Score 1) 429

I'll have to try that next time I see a paper-wasp nest. I've tried ti-tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, all in an attempt to interfere with their own sense of smell, but they didn't work for long. I finally took a can of carb cleaner and a lighter and incinerated the little bastards.

Mud wasps and hornets I'm OK with. They're just not aggressive like the paper wasps. I leave them alone, they leave me alone. Look sideways at a paper wasp, and he calls all his mates to come and attack.

Comment Re:I'm not seeing good explanations here.... (Score 1) 128

An old axiom tells us to "follow the money". If FB, Google, etc are in favour, look at large corporations whose primary business is NOT internet-dependent, e.g. Exxon, Rio Tinto, Nestle, etc, and ask what they think.

If they answer "No", or "Meh, doesn't really affect us, it'll be business as usual", then it's about FB/Google/etc wanting more control.

If it's "Yes", then it's about ALL of them wanting more control.

I haven't seen any good reasons to cede control. The system isn't perfect, but the alternatives are no better.

Time for peer-based DNS?

Comment Re:We're all giant security flaws from birth (Score 1) 81

Same applies to much of IT - without electricity(food), it stops, without cooling(special care), it slows or stops, without careful nurturing in a special environment (alpha testing in a closed system), it won't mature (grow).

And yet, short of death or severe damage to certain parts, we're self-healing without completely halting basic operations - you can break an arm and still walk, and we have redundancy - you can lose a kidney and still pee, you can lose an eye and still see.

It's scary because it's our *lives* that are under threat, not our access to facebook.

"Your computer crashed? Reboot it. If it keeps happening, call a specialist or replace it."

"Your pacemaker crashed? You're dead."

Also, terrorists. What's to stop IS from doing it once or twice (or as many times as they can), killing someone by faulting their pacemaker, and claiming publicly "We killed him!"

We shouldn't underestimate the public panic that could cause. Look at what's happened to many of your "freedoms" since 9/11.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 349

Tell that to the CFO at my last employer.

Disclaimer - I recommended changes to nearly all of this:

This was in the Windows95 days. AUD$97 million budget, data fed to a master excel file from linked files in each department. Of course it was IT's fault when excel crashed and corrupted his master file, despite having told him that excel was not up to the job. He ordered a new laptop with more memory.

There was definitely a sense of schadenfraude some years later when he was "named" in an auditor's report. For those not in Oz, being named in an auditor's report is one step away from prosecution.

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