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Comment Re:Why the ACTUAL FUCK are you still using Faceboo (Score 2) 79

because a nice feature of fingerprinting is that changing one of the variables changes the fingerprint, which means spoofing useragent and rotating between a couple dozen every 5 minutes is enough to throw browser fingerprinting off.

Translation: I've made my browser even more unique, therefore they have no idea who I am!!!!!1!!1111!1

Comment Sorry but Apple Maps has already surpassed Google (Score 2, Insightful) 42

They don't have the engineering talent to catch up to Google's lead on maps

Apple maps at the outset did not have as good base data as Google. But even then it gave better directions than Google did - it directed me to my house via the route I already drove already because I knew it was the bast (that's the best way to judge map apps, but asking for directions for places you already know well and seeing if you agree).

Nowadays Apple maps data is every bit as good as Google has, and I would say they repair errors found much faster than Google. The past five incidents I've reported (bad roads or wrong information about places) I received a notification that the errors had been corrected in a day or two.

Apple also has surpassed Google in transit directions, offering directions that include how to go through the station...

Google may have started a lot earlier but you are totally forgetting the funk and lethargy that large organizations fall into over time. Apple has a very different corporate structure that is letting the Apple Maps team advance much faster than Google has been improving...

Apple may not be ahead with Siri but I don't think they are that far behind either. What makes you think Google has engineering chops no-one else does? The massive successes of Google Plus or Hangouts?? They are both pretty much at the start of a very, very long race there and it is anyone's game...

Comment Not thinning, gasping (Score 1) 35

The simple truth is that the smartwatch market is chocking, because of one reason - the AppleWatch is consuming all of the revenue. Unlike with phones companies simply cannot sustain losses as long on something inherently more niche like a smart watch.

Apple however is doing just fine, they've said sales are ahead of expectations. They have had a really good OS update and the watches are more usable than they were... Apple also pretty intelligently realizes that fitness users are currently a primary market and did some tailoring/partnerships along those lines.

Comment U.S. is more land than three states (Score 1) 443

"3 large states" wouldn't be controlling everything. The people in those states would be, and they represent a majority of our national population.

So then if the people in those three large states say they want to fill all of the rest of the states with garbage dumps? Or maybe cut down all the trees or Oregon... That would be fine right, because after all the majority wanted it? It didn't affect the majority states...

The reason why we have mechanisms to ensure equal representation from all states is so that we have responsible stewardship of lands that mean something to the people who live there, not just some remote place to dump on.

Are you saying you don't like democracy?

Indeed anyone who thinks about it should realize Democracy is terrible, majority rule is always a poor plan. That is why we have REPRESENTATIONAL democracy so that reasoned responses can occur instead of a few millions poeple's hot take on whatever.

Are you saying you hate the environment? Because massive environmental issues would be the result of a handful of states calling all the shots. My virtual signaling outweighs yours.

Comment Obvious proof (Score 1) 180

Did you head Buzz Aldrin was going to the south pole? Neither did I.

You know what this means - aliens are real, they are here, and Buzz was taking a clandestine trip to visit the secret diplomatic base we have set up for them in Antartica. The combination of his age and certain exotic gases they use to acclimate to our atmosphere led to an unfortunate reaction so they had to rush him back home for a cleansing.

It's ironic that will all of the advanced technology the aliens have and all of the information they have obtained by probing and dissecting enemies of the state, they still don't know enough about human physiology to fix Buzz there.

Good luck Buzz!

Comment Re:Um... so what? (Score 1) 106

The right level is one that serves the needs of the city; enough for the passengers, not so many that they cause congestion; not so many that the drivers are impoverished. These problems happen in cities where there is no taxi regulation.

The random level that a free market finds doesn't serve anyone except possibly by chance.

Comment Here's a real hint (Score 0) 443

Asking for a recount is different from refusing to accept the results of an election.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! OMG do you realize how that looks in print???

Here's a little hint for you: The recounts are only for three states where if all of them were overturned, would give Hillary the election... and she just joined in the recounts.

in our system of government the results of the election are not officially determined until the EC meets.

So you even *say* just once sentence later that asking for a recount at this point will potentially change the election results... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

The nuance of elections often escapes true believers

How droll; I am an independent, have been registered so my entire life, and have been thinking and studying the EC longer than you have been alive.

*I* find the nuance of politics often escapes the hopelessly naive, or terminally foolish.

Comment Re:Counterpoint (Score 1) 332

I also agree with that, which makes me wonder - has there ever been a successful development team that did not deviate from the company standard process - agile or otherwise?

I would submit that all successful teams do so because they come up with a process that works for them, either discarding bits of the company one that do not work, or going their own way entirely. Perhaps what drags many teams down is the weight of absolute compliance.

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