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Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 1) 115

Real journalists care about their reputation.

Nice one! Of course, actual journalists threw all that overboard in a desperate attempt to get the Right Person elected. Lost both credibility and the election.

Journalism has been "fiction inspired by true events" for decades, maybe forever. Journalists believe their job is telling the peasants what to think. The truth is one of many tools for that job.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 115

Terrible management if that happens. No doubt that's the case here.

Any big network has a dedicated monitoring system with all sorts of plug-ins. Certificate monitoring is just another plug-in. You (if competent) write the plug-in once, and the notification is just the normal for the whole system. You (if good) write a system to auto-renew all your certs based on these scans and notifications, and alarm if the auto-renew fails for long enough..

We had a team that did that where I work. It was particularly amusing when that team's certs all expired - they had chosen to leave themselves out of their own system, for some reason.

Comment Re:Not a reason to make allowances at all (Score 1) 235

Something like 30% of victims become pedophiles themselves. So while this goes some way toward explaining his toxicity (only some-way mind you, since plenty of victims choose not to become vile, despicable people, unlike Milo), it certainly does not warrant "making allowances for."

"Pedophile" != "child molester". Not sure which you meant here. But didn't he say something like "I was molested and it wasn't that bad"? (I don't actually know.) I'm no psychologist, but from what I understand that's a sort of mental illness caused by trauma.

Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 2) 115

However, if you only put cameras to the places of the city where crime is most present, it will just simply move. Therefore its a good idea to place cameras into every part of the city.

Studies of crime in places where cameras are as close to "everywhere" as is practical, such as prisons, Navy ships, and London, show that criminals know where the blinds spots are. A heatmap of crime looks exactly like you'd expect: you can tell where the cameras are from it.

Comment Re:Reckless endangerment (Score 1) 204

It varies a lot by state (and even more outside the US). The intent to kill isn't a hard requirement for attempted murder - sometimes the line is drawn at an intentional action that could reasonably cause death. Seems like the sort of charge an ambitious prosecutor might try on.

Also worth noting: if maliciously calling in a fake 911 call is a felony, then in most states it would be murder if someone actually died as a result.

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