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Comment Re:Adjusting the tempo of Slashdot? (Score 1) 201

Lately it feels like looking for insight on Slashdot has become quite difficult, though I miss the humor more. I think that may be a problem with tempo. Not certain, but I speculate that the traffic volume is down, but the story tempo has remained unchanged. If that speculation is correct, then most stories fail to reach critical mass for discussion before they fall off the front page and effectively become invisible. Even worse, it would appear to be a negative feedback loop, in that less interesting discussions drives the traffic volume even lower.

I've seen the same. Slashdot has too many stories per day for the size of its reader base. Post count is starting to look like Soylent these days.


Most super wealthy are like that. They are surrounded by yes people, enablers and what not. They end up with a superior attitude, even if they are the biggest morons in the world. The news media, entertainment media, social media just fawn all over them, which makes it even worse. Personally, if anyone treats an underling bad, I don't want to have anything to do with them.

Comment Re:This is why you can't use a good keyboard any m (Score 1) 263

People often don't realize how insanely annoying they are to others.

The emerging standard in open plan offices is "wear headphones, idiot, it's noisy", with anything short of shouting being dismissed as your problem. Makes sense to me. You can't expect to constrain everyone around you.

What really pisses me off is the lack of dignity (and privacy is a big part of dignity). The older you get (and the more oddball health issues you accumulate), the more this matters - to everyone around, not just you. I'd prefer to know much less than I do about my co-worker's colostomy bag, for example. Thanks, management.

Comment Re:What kind of environment did the founders have? (Score 1) 263

When "everyone gets the same space", senior managers have a desk for show, and spend all day in a permanently-reserved conference room bigger than their office would have been. (It's not really a scam, even, but all senior managers do is meetings anyway, and at a certain point everyone else comes to you for meetings.)

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 39

Eh, while most media companies have almost no editorial vetting of stories (beyond "do they fit the narrative"), that's still a little bit better than Facebook's word-of-mouth. Stories in no way related to politics are somewhat more accurate than random guessing, unlike FB and clickbait sites. Oh, and the sports page remains a bastion of accurate reporting and separation of op-ed form factual. Funny how that works.

Comment Not surprised one bit (Score 1) 325

Those that wanted one, already have their "fashion statement" Others, the smart ones, figured, three hundred bucks or more for a stupid watch, said "NO WAY". When you can buy a DUMB watch, that tells time for 20-30 bucks, and you carry a smartphone 99.99% of the time, plus the dumb watch battery lasts thousands of times longer than a smart watch, why bother. Smartwatches were a DUMB idea.

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