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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 262

Some better-quality anime has a formula that works quite well with a 10-13 hour series: the first third to half of the series is episodic, while they introduce the characters and establish what "normal" is - key in some SF or fantasy setting. The serialized story is then maybe 8 hours of content. That works well and doesn't get stale, and you know who the characters are and how the setting works before the real conflict begins.

I wish that formula would become more common - I really like it.

Comment Re:Would femdom be OK? (Score 3, Insightful) 336

It isn't about BDSM. It's about his beliefs in the hierarchy of men and women - i.e., that men are evolutionarily superior and predisposed to lead; women are happiest as slaves or at least subjugated to men. Nobody cares less about the whips and chains, we've all tried spanking.... things...

Is this going to be the D&D moral panic all over again? One can roleplay things one does not actually believe. Heck, whoever invented the AD&D take on Drow was doing both sorts of roleplaying simultaneously - how's that for efficiency.

Comment Re:So to sum up (Score 4, Insightful) 336

If this guy had been talking about transsexual/gay/bi-sexual BDSM

Apparently the BDSM rejects such labels as too narrow and arbitrary. LGBTBBQ stuuf doesn't even register on the BSDM weird-o-meter. This has actually caused some bad blood between the communities.

"Why can't you support the gay cause? Don't you know how much we suffer?"
"Oh? You think you know suffering?"

Dibs on the popcorn franchise.

Comment Netflix, is to movie theater & production (Score 1) 262

Like newspapers, are to the internet. You don't have to go to a movie theater, to enjoy a movie. You can stream it from your own home and, hollyWEIRD hasn't had any good scripts, that I'd want to waste my money on. Reboots, remakes, part 4,5,6 of the SAME thing. Hollywood has become BORING with what they come up with, not to mention paying zillions to these "actors" that without memorizing a script, can't string 2 sentences together. TV/cable is the same problem. You DON'T have to get it from the "big three" or cable/satellite anymore.

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 290

Anyone who talks about subjects the MSM wants to suppress is now a troll.

Hey, Kunedog, if by MSM you mean folks like CNN and the NYT, please stop describing them that way. They've fallen out of the mainstream - they're the old-school media now. Top-tier YouTubers and bloggers have more sibscribers and more views than the biggest newspapers or CNN. MSNBC and most newspapers have less reach than hundreds of second-tier bloggers and YouTubers.

Newspapers and Cable news channels are quickly becoming "something old people pay attention to", and the balance of power has already shifted to new media. In a generation the old-school media will be a quaint curiosity, like printed books.

Comment Re:Facts discount your opinion (Score 1) 290

While the first part is true what you omit is that if people can not monetize videos they won't make them

Not true, but it does create a barrier to entry. Two of my favorite YouTube channels are Patreon-funded, because they don't shy away from offending people. One is a political commenter, one is Jim Fucking Sterling, son (if you're going to make a game review video while waving a 3-foot long dildo sword, you're under no illusions about YouTube monetization). I have no idea how Red Letter Media wins vs the copyright trolls, but I have a feeling they'd be just fine if they lost their YT ad revenue.

But those are established names. Especially in political commentary, it would be very hard to "break out" if YouTube were demonetizing you from the start.

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