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Comment Re:Double Standards (Score 2) 348

In Canada, the only rights foreign persons don't have are political, voting and holding office, and mobility rights including entering and/or staying in the country and earning a livelihood. Landed immigrants have most of the mobility rights but can still be deported.
I'd think most countries would be similar.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 1) 445

Except it's never happened in the hundreds of times this process has repeated. False premise. Go away.

Huh? Whole classes of people have been removed from the labour system due to automation. Overall employment has dropped from close to 100% to less then 50% with groups like the 5yr-15yr olds completely removed, and the 15-25 yr olds also being routed into education instead of going to work (and no dole for them, they have to borrow). At the other end the same happened with large numbers of people being retired instead of working. In the middle, the ones considered too disabled to work have multiplied. At various times the female half of the population have also been encouraged to not work, the 20th century idea of the stay at home housewife was a reaction to automation removing many jobs.
Then there are the under employed, people that would love to work more, but are lucky to get enough work to work 75% of the time.
This is all due to automation meaning that there is not enough work for everyone to start working at 5 years old and work until death, which in previous times, with luck, was sometime in your 70's.

Comment Re:As if current voting systems (Score 1) 219

Did you vote in the last Federal election? While every other Federal and Provincial election has been much as you described, last was different here.
Never did get voter registration cards, also no Elections Canada people with lists trying to make sure everyone is registered (could use the list to double check registration) as the government stopped Elections Canada encouraging people to register.
Checked online, both myself and wife came up as registered with the correct names. My wife mostly uses her maiden name, her ID is in her maiden name and doesn't have an address, the hydro bill is in her maiden name so she brings that along with her ID. Get to the polling station and it turns out she's registered under my last name with no ID in that name besides our marriage license, spent 2 hours with poll workers on the phone to Ottawa trying to straighten it out, eventually she got to vote. Lucky the polling place wasn't busy.
My son didn't have good enough ID so never voted. Provincial ID is $75 here and the place to get it is 40 miles to the east with no bus service (yay for austerity). He wasn't interested enough to find a way to get ID and I didn't have time to take of of work to take him to get ID. Another 19yr old disenfranchised.
There were other numerous problems caused by the need to have an address on your ID. People who live places without addresses, people such as university students whose ID had their home address instead of their temporary university address to name a few.

Comment Re:BY THE POWER OF CHRIST I COMPEL YOU!! (Score 1) 209

> definitely infringes on the right to avoid self-incrimination.

The Canadian section 13 is not the same American right you're, ostensibly, citing.

13. A witness who testifies in any proceedings has the right not to have any incriminating evidence so given used to incriminate that witness in any other proceedings, except in a prosecution for perjury or for the giving of contradictory evidence.

Basically limits incriminating yourself to one proceeding.

Comment Re:You might be right, but "what is your name?" (Score 1) 209

In Canada, the right to not self-incriminate is not as strong as in the US. We can't excuse ourselves from testifying by pleading the 5th, or actually the 13th here. Testimony can't be used in other proceedings.

13. A witness who testifies in any proceedings has the right not to have any incriminating evidence so given used to incriminate that witness in any other proceedings, except in a prosecution for perjury or for the giving of contradictory evidence.

Comment Re:NEVER give out your passwords (Score 1) 276

but if you're visiting a foreign country you have no rights

The Canadian Charter of Freedoms specifically says that almost all the same rights apply to everyone in the country. Exceptions being the right to vote and hold office in a legislature, which are reserved to citizens and mobility rights, which are reserved to citizens, including the right to leave and reenter the country, and permanent residents. Equality rights are limited to individuals, eg not corporations etc.
You'll find that most countries constitutions are similar but many residents believe it they only apply to citizens. Of course the border is a grey zone as you haven't entered the country yet.

Comment Re:Obligatory Star Trek: TNG episode (Score 1) 250

Wouldn't we have had more Uranium and even Plutonium? A few billion years ago there were natural reactors operating as the Uranium was richer, as in enriched. The most radioactive elements/isotopes are becoming less common.
The problem would be lack of fossil fuels, humanity did fine with wood etc up until less then 500 years ago but the industrial revolution (and even currently) was powered by fossil fuels. Whether an advanced civilization could evolve using wood and alcohol, I don't know but it seems possible.
Anyways, it seems that advanced animals are always going to evolve later then plants. At that the theory is that all that coal got deposited due to animals having not evolved enough to eat lignin (sp?). The hard one would be the second technological species to evolve as the easy picking have been picked.

Comment Re: And we see history (Score 2) 250

Trek plays in 1 galaxy not the universe. Its a laughable small place. Also saying we are the only inteligent lifeform is just fucking arrogant and trump-like. I dont buy the Rare Earth theory. Cant wait for Webb telescope to launch. I hope we will see 1000's of earth like planets.

Its not just Earth like planets, shit, in our solar system it seems there were 3 Earth like planets. Its an Earth type planet staying Earth like for billions of years. Our one example is about 4.5 billion and who knows, that might have been quick evolution, and its hard to imagine it being much quicker as the solar system has to form and quiet down, atmosphere become oxygenated and who knows what else.
I also wonder about the importance of the Moon, Earth like planets with a large companion are probably much rarer then plain Earth type planets.

Comment Re:Obligatory Star Trek: TNG episode (Score 3, Interesting) 250

It really takes an extraordinary amount of luck, over an extraordinary amount of time, for sentient life to form.

I prefer the term technological life as it our use of technology (along with our story telling) that really sets us apart. Currently on the Earth we have a few examples of life that may be sentient.
Octopus, where their environment really puts them at a disadvantage, but the killer is no family/tribe so no passing on knowledge. Every Octopus is born alone and starts over from scratch. Humanity has been building on our ancestors knowledge since before we were human and the fact that we're story tellers sets us apart.
Dolphins may be sentient, but no appendages for tool use as well as that wet environment. Some birds such as Ravens and Parrots may also be sentient, but once again not built for tool use and probably not much knowledge passed on.
Who knows about previous life. The dinosaurs were around for ages and some may have been sentient but without the means of passing on knowledge. Same with lots of previous life, especially the ones that had the bad luck to be flattened by a meteorite, volcano or other natural disasters.
And as you say, just the luck needed to have a planet that stays inhabitable for the billions of years required for evolution.

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