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Comment Re:My state/county can barely afford asphalt (Score 1) 168

So you're saying that to avoid checks means getting a cell phone, paying for data, going somewhere where there's cell phone reception is more advanced then just handing someone a piece of paper.
I don't want to spend a $100+ on a phone then another $50+ a month just so I can transfer some money to someone.
I mostly use checks for my sons school, it's easy, just give it to him to take to school, happens perhaps 3 times a year.. Doesn't matter that we have no cell coverage at home, don't have to wait half an hour for the banks page to load over the dial-up connection, only to discover it's down again (looks up until you try to do a transaction)

Comment Re:Not legalization. (Score 1) 255

Think beer and wine. The average person is allowed to produce X amount for personal use. They are not allowed to sell it but no-one cares if you give a few bottles away or even do a friendly trade for labour, as in help me do this and there's a beer in it for you.
The industries also have a relatively low barrier to entry. There's tons of craft beer producers now and wineries likewise. Sure there's regulation but as long as it is low and applies to everyone equally, that's fine.

Comment Re:Movie theaters (Score 3, Insightful) 342

That's so true. When slavery is legal, it would be immoral to help slaves escape. When the law insists on segregation, it would be immoral for a black person to sit at the front of the bus. When the law says Roma must report to the gas chambers, it would be immoral to not report or to help someone not report.
So many immoral people.

Comment Re:how long does the battery last? (Score 1) 314

My phone company (Telus) updated the switch down the road. Now when the power goes out we get 8 hours before the phone dies due to it having one battery. This in a place that is low on the list for electricity getting restored, often 3 days and no other options such as cell phone coverage.

Comment Re:Your cable TV provider? (Score 1) 314

No copper thieves where you are I guess. Here it seems to be monthly and the phone company (Telus) is as slow as shit. Last time it was over 8 hours before they started working on it, this for an area with no cell coverage or cable coverage so no emergency service. Yay for privatization and deregulation.

Comment Re:mind-blowing ubiquity weathers the pulse (Score 1) 348

How long are thumb drives readable? Google doesn't seem to have a firm answer, at least for a thumb drive just sitting there. does point out that the memory is based on static charges that probably will leak away in as little as 10 years which wiki also agrees with.

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